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Snake Compatibility

Compatibility Serpent eastern horoscope

The compatibility of the two Snakes is almost perfect. When such couples turn to me for astrological advice, they usually do not want to solve problems, but to answer questions about the direction in which to develop further.

In this article I will talk about the features of such a union and will give my recommendations.

Partner characters

Snake man enjoys the attention of women. He is attractive and able to charm anyone, so he does not suffer from a lack of fans.

A great companion and talented manipulator.

Snake Compatibility

He has many interests, he can easily find an approach to any person, it is pleasant and comfortable to be near him. But with all this he is not arrogant, his character does not spoil the excessive attention, he always remains courteous and polite.

Despite the positive character traits, it is difficult for a Snake man to build relationships with women, and only the Snake girl is able to truly win his heart, take thoughts and inspire her conquest.

Snake girl loves herself very much. But this is not selfishness, but adequately high self-esteem.

She loves and knows how to take care of herself, so she always looks great. He believes that every girl should observe a neat and well-groomed appearance.

She always stands out from the crowd thanks to her unique style — this applies to clothing and communication. Very charming, can support any conversation, used to fascinate everyone around and receive many signs of attention.

Raised, she has excellent manners.

Snake Compatibility

With all this, she is also a very wise woman who can give reasonable advice, help, support. Thanks to this wisdom, she is able to build a truly happy and harmonious relationship without quarrels and conflicts.

The compatibility of people born under the sign of the Snake is very high. And that’s why:

  1. From the relationship they want the same thing — strong love and affection for life. They are looking for a like-minded, lover, support and support. It is important for them that with their chosen one they could not be afraid of the trials of life, withstand any pain together, overcome all sorts of obstacles, stay with each other in grief and joy.
  2. They have similar life goals, priorities and principles. Easily manipulating others, they always remain honest and sincere with each other.
  3. Calm and friendly character helps both to easily solve any household and love problems, and avoid scandals. Therefore, their union can be called almost perfect.

Love compatibility

Snakes in love are very selective. They will carefully look to the person before they open their hearts to him.

But when they meet each other, all principles break down. Immediately they see a soul mate in a partner and fall in love, realizing that they can find true happiness.

What is characteristic of their relationship:

  1. Understand each other perfectly. Due to this quality, quarrels are rare, and plans for life and goals often coincide.
  2. Admire partner sincerely. They like everything: appearance, character, and diversity of interests. At the same time, they are absolutely not jealous, because they are confident in themselves and in each other.
  3. Their relationship is a constant enjoyment of each other and the maximum pleasure from each moment spent together. At the same time, they do not dissolve completely in the second half, they always leave space for their own interests.
  4. Do not rush to life together, wanting to extend the romantic period as long as possible. They do not want to burden themselves and their partner with their life before they decide to have children and get married.
  5. Marriage of convenience is not about them. In love, they are completely disinterested and feelings value above all.

Marriage and family

To the family approach consciously. Do not rush to the wedding. But when they finally create a family, it becomes very strong and happy.

They are friends, lovers, and equal partners for each other.

Snake Compatibility

What are the features of family relationships between Snakes:

  • Both clearly formulate their life goals. And if they differ, they do not interfere with the partner to achieve what he wants. If they match, they help and support each other in everything.
  • Above all, they value loyalty, betrayal and betrayal never concern their families. Entirely and completely trust each other, in their relationship there is no place for suspicion.
  • Both desperate workaholics, hard-working and motivated people. Therefore, their home is a bowl, and financial difficulties will never touch them. But well-being is achieved at the cost of incredible effort.
  • Ambient often envy their luxurious life, constant travel, expensive cars. It seems to them that the Snakes all got easy, not realizing that the merit is in the incredible efforts of both.

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Compatible in bed

The temperament of the Serpent is calm enough, therefore their relationship cannot be called particularly passionate. They are stimulated primarily by the partner’s intellect, and not by a pumped-up body or elastic chest.

They can very rarely have sex, taking pleasure, especially in spiritual closeness.

But at the same time they are very open. We are ready to meet the desires of a partner, experiment and try something new.

Prefer quality, not quantity.

If Snakes do not enter into a love relationship, then they may well become excellent friends. Loyal and faithful, ready to support each other in everything, help and give good advice.

They can be very strong allies who will overcome any obstacles by joint efforts. They have similar hobbies and hobbies, so they spend time together with great pleasure.

Over time, friendship may well turn into love, but in practice this rarely happens. They either fall in love immediately or remain forever buddies.

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