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Snake and Tiger Compatibility

Snake and Tiger Compatibility — Great Chances

Compatibility Snake and Tiger — what is it? There is no single opinion of astrologers on this score.

Their verdict: the fate of the relationship is unpredictable and depends on many factors. Let us analyze the relationships in such pairs.

general characteristics

People born in the year of the tiger have a very strong and stable character. They are not afraid of difficulties and hardships, boldly striding towards any obstacles.

These are natural born leaders who value their opinions and authority highly. They are always in the spotlight.

Snake and Tiger Compatibility

Snake people are hardy and patient natures. These are people of thought — they love to contemplate and reflect on the meaning of being.

They are cunning, inborn manipulators, they achieve their goals with resourcefulness and are distinguished by a delicate approach to business.

Tiger and Snake are not very similar to each other. They have little in common: interests, views on life and relationships differ.

Therefore, it will be difficult for them to find a compromise in conflict situations and build healthy relationships.

Tiger Man and Snake Woman

Between them can almost immediately start a stormy and dizzy novel, full of vivid emotions. Love veils the eyes, they are full of passion and want to spend as much time as possible together.

But gradually the rose-colored glasses fall off, and they understand that they are not made for each other, mutual understanding disappears.

Snake and Tiger Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. They rarely reach family and marriage. Relationships usually break up much earlier. But if they begin to build matrimonial plans, they certainly won’t be bored. Unfortunately, all bright emotions will be with a minus sign, and the union is full of contradictions.
  2. A man loves to be the center of attention, he is the soul of any company. He is not going to limit himself to the attention of the opposite sex, it is necessary for him, like air.
  3. A woman is unlikely to be satisfied with this state of affairs, she will ruin both herself and the chosen one with jealousy, will try to eliminate both imaginary and real opponents in every possible way. A man will have to constantly listen to reproaches and defend their right to independence.
  4. For a man, the most important thing in life is to be realized, to find a favorite business and develop it to incredible heights. Only then will he be happy. If a woman is experienced and wise enough, she can take advantage of it. Learn to support a partner, leave attempts to bind him and turn into henpecked. In this scenario, the relationship can grow into a strong family and last a very long time.

A woman is quite capable of creating a strong rear at home, a warm and friendly atmosphere, which is a pleasure to return to. But for comfort to be eternal, a man must stop giving reasons for jealousy and appreciate the efforts of the chosen one.

Snake Man and Tiger Woman

This alliance is more prosperous than the previous version. Partners have a great chance to build a strong and happy relationship.

Snake and Tiger Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  • A woman is moderately soft, very flexible and able to make concessions. She fully recognizes the power of a man, supports him, creates at home an amazing atmosphere of harmony and love.
  • In a man, she wants to see, first of all, strength and love for her. Only if she sees strong feelings from her partner, will she agree to marriage and the birth of children. Yes, and she never gets married on the calculation, she needs to experience love for this. Therefore, the relationship in the pair is always sincere and full of feelings.
  • It is also important for a woman that a man is able to provide it. It will be responsible for the material well-being of the family. If he is incapable of this, a break is inevitable.

Friendly relations

Snake and Tiger may like each other and start a love relationship, but here the friendship between people with these signs is very rare. The maximum that is possible — even and friendly gatherings, but infrequent.

They are not able to make friends because of the difference in temperaments, characters and interests. Between them there is no hostility, but also strong sympathy, too.

If the Tigers are active and love to be in the center of attention, then Snake is important home comfort and creative activities, during which no one interferes.

Sexual compatibility

The union of the Tiger and the Snake can be very complex and controversial, but in bed both are always well and comfortably. It is sex that becomes the end of any conflict.

Very often, their relationship and at all boil down to a holiday romance or a fleeting affair.

Here are just a Tigger after a great night, it may seem that feelings have flared between them. The snake does not feed such illusions.

Despite this, the relationship can last for several years, until the sex does not get tired of both.

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Compatibility in work and business

They are not able to do business successfully. Therefore, they should not create a common business: such a thing sooner or later will end in complete failure.

They find it difficult to find a common language, they will forever argue, wrangle and sort things out.

Everyone wants to be in charge, but not one will wish to cede power. Because of this, they may lose control over affairs, engaged in perpetual confrontation and competing with each other.

It is the Snake that will first lose interest in joint projects and try to abstract. She can betray, find more accommodating partners that she can manage and impose her decisions on.

It is especially sad if they become fellow workers responsible for any one project. They quarrel finally, forgetting about work duties.

Someone alone will suffer — he will be reprimanded or completely dismissed. And most likely the scapegoat will be just a simple and straightforward Tiger, and the cunning Snake will be able to get out.

Only if both of the same sex or zodiac sign belong to the same element, there is a chance of success.

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