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Snake and Dragon Compatibility

Compatibility of the Snake and the Dragon: predictions of astrologers

Compatibility of the Snake and the Dragon in the eastern horoscope promises partners a rich and interesting relationship. They don’t have to be bored for sure, but it’s hard to predict what such love will lead to.

Let’s try to understand the predictions of astrologers.

general characteristics

Snake and Dragon are always fun and interesting together. When they form a pair, life becomes incredibly rich, dynamic and emotional.

But emotions will not only be positive, there is also enough negativity. Astrologers believe that the finale of relationships can be completely unpredictable.

Snake and Dragon Compatibility

Both partners are wise, ambitious and extraordinary personalities. Each of them is a bright nature, attracting attention, causing many disputes.

They either adore or hate, but nobody remains indifferent.

Despite the conflicting characters, some astrologers believe that the Serpent and the Dragon can build fairly happy relationships. If only because they immediately begin to understand each other at one word.

And sometimes words are not needed at all, just a glance is enough.

Both highly value the family, they want children and do not like to make quarrels out of the hut. Although these quarrels happen quite a lot, because both are strong personalities with a clear life position and their own unique opinion on any subject.

They will probably compete with each other forever. But despite this, the stars favor them and promise a happy future.

It is only important that both were determined to reckon with the opinion of the partner, striving to preserve love and harmony by all means.

Snake Man and Dragon Woman

This union astrologers promise if not the happiest future, then a long enough relationship. They can result in marriage and the birth of children.

And the older the partners, the more experienced and wise they are, the higher the chances.

Snake and Dragon Compatibility

What is characteristic of this type of union:

  1. It is very important that people are already mature enough to have relationships that have filled the cones in the past and are not ready to repeat previous mistakes. They are no longer looking for emotion and adrenaline in their chosen one, but want peace and even, harmonious relations.
  2. Quarrels between them will flare up every now and then, but this is not critical. Both are able to negotiate and calmly resolve the conflict. A dirty linen in public is not tolerated, so from the side of their relationship they may seem almost perfect.
  3. A woman needs to take for granted the fact that her inner strength does not always have a good effect on comfort in a pair. She will have to learn to be softer, more flexible, feminine, to show her weakness and not to try to surpass the chosen one.
  4. And, although the Snake man has always believed that he prefers strong women, he will appreciate the weakness and softness of his second half, he will understand how much better he feels next to her when he does not need to compete. He will have to be a knight, protection and support, to take responsibility and develop his masculine qualities.

Most likely, the relationship between them will develop easily and simply. And it is quite wonderful if they create a common cause.

It can be a business, a charity project, or even a child. Everything they do together will flourish.

Dragon Man and Snake Woman

The fate of such a union is also given quite pleasant predictions.

Snake and Dragon Compatibility

What is characteristic of the relationship of the male dragon and the female snake:

  1. If the difference between them is about five years old, the relationship can be almost perfect. They equally look at life, respect moral norms and traditional cultural values.
  2. A man is capable of sincere feelings and gives his darling his love, receiving in return warmth, care and incredible attention to his beloved. However, such an idyll does not occur immediately, but after some work on relationships.
  3. Both can periodically glance in the direction of the opposite sex, although they do not think about treason. It’s just important for them to know that despite being busy, they continue to like and attract views.
  4. It is important not to give cause for jealousy, not to respond to signs of attention, otherwise the relationship will quickly fall apart. Trust is what is especially valuable for both.
  5. They will have to face a variety of challenges in the path of life. Stars promise not a very simple life together. But it is important to take all the problems as lessons of fate, to take the necessary experience out of them and move on. Then nothing and no one will destroy their love.

And be sure to share a working relationship with personal, if they work in the same company. It is advisable not to work together at all to neutralize an additional source of inevitable conflicts.

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Union cons

Despite the relatively favorable compatibility, there are many problem areas in the relations of partners. If you know about them, you can learn to quickly and painlessly neutralize any conflict and quickly complete the negative stage of communication.

What can be attributed to the minuses of the Snake-Dragon Union:

  • They are both very strong characters, stubborn and do not like to give up. Because of this, there may be a lot of quarrels, because everyone will try to win back the right to make decisions and be in charge. Conflicts can reach bright and emotional scandals. Fortunately, assault on both is impossible, so the showdown will be limited to smashing dishes.
  • Energy boils in them so much that if it is not found a way out, an explosion can occur. Bored in one place, one of the pair will start a scandal over nothing, and it will be bad for both.

Obstinacy, obstinacy and unwillingness to find compromises is the most important embarrassment of their relationship. You have to have a lot of patience, a desire to work on yourself and grow wisdom.

Only then will they save love and make the union harmonious, calm and truly happy.

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