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Signs for the new year 2019: how to meet, and what to do for good luck

Signs for the new year 2019 Pigs: how to meet, and what to do for good luck

New Year is always a magical holiday, when it seems that all our dreams can very easily become a reality. Or maybe it does not seem?

I suggest you continue to deal with signs for the New Year 2019 Pigs: how to meet and what to do for good luck.

Signs for the new year 2019: how to meet, and what to do for good luck

What to prepare in the New 2019?

The approaching year of the Yellow Hog promises to bring well-being to all zodiac constellations. Gilt appreciates the sincerity of everything and will be more supportive of those people who like to have fun.

Most of the New Year will take on its main symbol, which means you should make maximum efforts in order to achieve the location of the new mistress of the year.

The 2019th year will be rich in events: both good and not so much. According to the Eastern horoscope, it is Piggy who occupies the most final position in the zodiacal circle, so she collects everything that the previous animals did not manage to cope with.

That is why in the New Year it is worth doing to complete all that was started earlier. As for new beginnings, it’s not a fact that they will bring you success.

If you are planning to start a new business, it is worth planning in the first months of the year. In general, astrology experts advise leaving it until 2020, as the Rat energy is more suitable for new beginnings and innovations.

It is predicted that in 2019 many children should be born. All born in the year of Mumps, distinguishes natural cheerfulness, curiosity, active life position, as well as loyalty to its principles and conservatism.

The 2019th year of the Pig promises to be successful and prosperous! It is ideal for making money and investments.

All his twelve months will be filled with joyful events, love and well-being for all signs of the Eastern horoscope, as Piggy is able to attract success and success in all areas of life.

Find out what the coming year will bring you specifically

Consider what the 2019th promises to be for all individual signs of the Eastern horoscope:

  • For Rats — you can safely prepare for happiness and prosperity;
  • for the Bulls — also very favorable time. Do not miss the attractive opportunities for earning a substantial amount of finance;
  • for Tigers — in 2019 you need to learn how to find a compromise with other people;
  • for Rabbits — a great time, Rabbits can not so fearfully, as usual, expand their horizons;
  • for Dragons — Pig acts on this sign in such a way that it begins to overestimate its life priorities;
  • for the Serpent — in the coming year will have to show belligerence and persuasiveness;
  • for Horses — definitely the new year will be luckier than the previous year Dogs;
  • for Goats — the main sign of the year — an accident, but your ambitions are realized;
  • for Monkeys, randomness also strongly influences;
  • for Petukhov — this year, if you want to become successful, pay more attention to your relationships with other people;
  • for Dogs — in 2019, success will come to you only if you are content with your own strength;
  • for Pigs — definitely, the coming year will be yours! You need to first set the right priorities, and then get to work to achieve positive results.

Proper meeting of the New Year

Esotericists are confident that if you perform a special kind of action, plus adhere to New Year’s superstitions, then your situation in 2019 will change in a better direction, you will be able to become more successful by winning favor from the Yellow Earth Pig. What are these signs?

Let’s figure it out.

  1. Basic shade for New Year’s dress and decorative elements — yellow. It is applied not only pure color, but also its various variations.

In addition to the yellow dress for New Year’s, you can choose and pink color — a symbol of the skin tone of a homemade pig. This shade attracts material wealth and well-being to life.

Signs for the new year 2019: how to meet, and what to do for good luck

You can also use brown tones: After all, this is the skin of a wild pig. Having dressed in brown on New Year’s Eve, you will secure a solid shoulder behind your back, you will feel protected and safe.

Last shade suitable — green, the personification of harmony and comfort.

The use of the listed colors is shown not only in clothes, but also for home improvement — be provided with a tablecloth, napkins or dishes of such tones. They are also great for jewelry.

  1. Great idea — put a pendant on the neck depicting a pig. You can also use the symbol of the year for other decorations: in earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches. In this case, there is no urgent need to buy exactly the jewelry, it is quite possible to stay on the usual jewelry.

Wear a talisman with Gilt constantly. With the help of massive jewelry on your hands, you will attract finances to your home, plus arrange a personal life.

  1. Since the pigs are omnivorous animals, the New Year’s table is allowed to be served with any dishes. The only exception will be the pork itself for obvious reasons. Best of all, if you prepare all the dishes for the New Year’s Eve with your own hands.
  2. A prerequisite for celebrating the New Year is a positive frame of mind. Do not forget that the meeting of the holiday will be like this, and the whole year will pass, therefore, plan this event in advance. It is not so important exactly where you are going to celebrate the New Year — much more important is the mood in which you will do it.
  3. A very powerful talisman — a statuette depicting the patroness of the year. It is recommended to place it in the living room so that the Pig attracts joy to your home and teaches you to truly rejoice in all your successes. In addition, Piggy will be able to protect all those living in the house from evil energy, contribute to the disclosure of opportunities and talents, provide a stream of material benefits.
  4. The effective method of how to attract money in a home is to buy one or several piggy banks with the image of a pig. Stay at the pink-colored piggy banks. They should constantly lower the money. It is best to buy a piggy piggy bank from porcelain, although a plastic version is also suitable.
  5. Another important detail is that your home should be clean for a New Year celebration. Although pigs are often called dirty animals, in fact they tend to be clean, and the dirt is used by them to remove the parasites from the skin. Therefore, thoroughly clean your apartment or house before the upcoming celebration.

On the New Year itself, place the piglet figurines on the table.

Signs for the new year 2019: how to meet, and what to do for good luck

The review will take on the 2019th year of Mumps for good luck, finance

On the eve of the New Year, even those who, in principle, are not inclined to superstition, begin to think about the right meeting of the holiday, as well as signs to attract good luck, money, happiness.

There are some working and time-tested recommendations to ensure success and luck for the whole subsequent year. I suggest you familiarize yourself with them:

  1. You are dreaming that in the New Year your life will be new (in the best sense of the word) — successful, rich — then celebrate New Year in new and clean clothes (and also in underwear). It is also highly recommended to be puzzled in advance with the question of your New Year’s image — transformation is highly advised, for example, creating a new hairstyle. And if you have already thought about this for a long time, then know that just before the New Year, the time for this could not be more suitable. So do not hesitate, but dare.
  2. There is another New Year belief — when you sit at the table, try no less than seven meals or drinks — so you provide yourself abundance for all the next twelve months. But with drinks it is better not to overdo it, especially with alcoholic ones.
  3. According to another sign — put seven coins under the seat of your chair — then all next year you will literally bathe in finances!
  4. Also remember that wanting to always have money in the New Year — eliminate all debts before the new year’s eve. Without fail, return everything you took. And if, on the contrary, they owe you, then ask your debtors to pay by December 31.
  5. To be with the money throughout the year, as soon as the watch starts beat 12 nights, make a wish and squeeze a coin with your left hand. Then throw the money in a glass of champagne and empty it. In the future, it is permissible to make a hole in a coin and carry it with you as a monetary amulet.
  6. An interesting way to attract money luck in the coming year is offered by Eastern astrologers. Recommended for him put a red bag at the bottom of the fridge in which three copper coins are put, but necessarily in such a way that tails would look up.

The sign is explained simply — today the refrigerator acts as a symbol of a barrel of rice, which in the times of Ancient China symbolized wealth and prosperity.

  1. When the New Year comes, do not wash the dishes immediately, as soon as the guests leave your home. Do it from morning to dinner on the first of January.
  2. Another good monetary sign — in the morning of the first of January, washing your face, wipe your face not with soap, but with coins. Then the money will be with you all this year.

Signs for the new year 2019: how to meet, and what to do for good luck

Interesting rituals for attracting money and love

If you feel a shortage in the first or second areas of life, then I advise you to take advantage of the rituals further.

A simple rite of passage how to attract money

Yellow Ground Hog is an animal that strives for comfort and prosperity, which means that the 2019th year is just a wonderful time to improve its material condition. And to help to adjust the monetary area of ​​life you can simple ceremony, performed on the New Year.

According to him, before the New Year holidays should be stocked up with piggy-piggy bank of a yellow shade and place it in a viewing place in your home. And in the time period from first to thirteenth of january Every day, throw at her a handful of coins received from the change in the stores, and at the same time stroke the pig on the sides.

After January 13, the piggy bank moves to the desktop — it will become an amulet for attracting monetary success in the New Year.

Love attraction ritual

Many lonely people tend to weigh the Christmas tree with hearts and other symbols of love. In fact, esotericism suggests that this does not play too much of a role — much more important is that you yourself must firmly believe in the best.

It is also recommended in the New Year, when the chimes are beating, to make a wish about love and it will certainly become a reality.

And it is also recommended for the attraction in your life of love to prepare for the New Year’s Eve some thing or a romance symbol image. For example, you can stock up on a pendant on which there are connected hearts, place a picture of a couple in love over the New Year’s table, put a scarf or a shawl with hearts on their shoulders and so on.

Signs for the new year 2019: how to meet, and what to do for good luck

Residents of eastern countries believe that if a person strongly wants to find his soul mate, then on New Year’s Eve, when the chimes beat twelve, he must hold his cinnamon stick with his hands and make a secret wish. Then the wand keeps itself all the time and is carefully preserved throughout the year as a talisman, which in the new year will attract a great and bright feeling to you.

At the end of the topic

  • The astrologers’ forecast for the 2019th year of the Pig is quite favorable — it promises success to all signs in business and happiness, if they make efforts for this.
  • In the New 2019 year, the preferred shades are: yellow, pink, brown and green. Use them in clothing and interior.
  • On the festive table discard pork.
  • Clean the apartment well, pay off all the debts and most importantly, believe that the New 2019 will bring only success and well-being to your life!

And finally, check out an interesting video about what to do in the New Year’s Eve can not:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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