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Short and funny comic predictions for the future for guests: for the New Year, Christmas, holidays

A way to diversify a feast or a mass event is fortune telling. Comic and funny predictions addressed to a particular guest or made up according to the situation will be interesting to all those present, they will carry away and give an opportunity to laugh.

Everyone wants to believe in the best, so a positive attitude for the future, presented in a playful or comic manner, will be useful.

Predicting fate, you can dress up accordingly. It is possible to reinforce the situation by creating a characteristic entourage.

For example, having included suitable melodies, in advance having prepared a necessary requisite. But the main role in any situation will be played by the texts themselves.

Every guest wants to hear something pleasant and funny if the holiday atmosphere predisposes to it. For each category of participants there is a specific feature of divination:

  • children — believe in a miracle and are ready to follow what they heard;
  • students — want to hear praise or jokes about classmates;
  • Colleagues — on corporate events they like to have fun and be distracted from work, this is able to rally the team;
  • friends — love to joke with each other, any kind of humor is appropriate, but it is recommended to choose short and funny facts about the future;
  • mothers — always happy about the success of children, a positive future outlook.

If the guests gathered at the table are different, for example, by representatives of different generations, then preference should be given to general predictions — neutral, not affecting each one individually. Among like-minded people and close ones, black humor, vulgarity and memories of life stories can be admitted.

Short and funny comic predictions for the future for guests: for the New Year, Christmas, holidays

Divination may be appropriate in the following cases:

EventPeople to whom divination is dedicatedExamples of predictions
New Year
  • To all present;
  • Santa Claus
  1. one. "I feel, A gift from Santa Claus will be fresh until March 8th."
  2. 2 "In the new year it will happen to you that your cheeks will not be red from the cold."
  3. 3 "See see. Now I do not see. Get away man, I already asked you"
old New YearTo all present
  1. one. "Most recently, the New Year has come, but we can not hold it."
  2. 2 "Another dish will be ready soon. let me scan the kitchen. This is a goose!"
Christmas / ChristmasTo all present
  1. one. "Today you will guess the future husband, the probability that the name will coincide with reality, — 1.25%."
  2. 2 "To prevent this year’s health, all those present need to buy vitamins and a sweater with deer"
School — the beginning of the school year
  • Students;
  • the teacher;
  • to parents
  1. one. "To get excellent grades in mathematics, you need to know what the leg and the hypotenuse are, and much more."
  2. 2 "Immediately after the lesson there will always be a change where you can relax and tune in to a new lesson."
School — the end of the school year
  • Students;
  • teachers;
  • to parents
  1. one. "Summer is ahead, and you will miss your students very much."
  2. 2 "Soon the school will become empty, I see how you pass by and miss"
  • Newlyweds;
  • to guests
  1. one. "Tomorrow you will wake up for the first time official husband and wife."
  2. 2 "Already tonight all the guests will be waiting for an invitation for the second day."
  3. 3 "A hangover is not far off. Be ready!"
  • Birthday Party;
  • parents and relatives;
  • friends and others invited
  1. one. "Today you are a year older."
  2. 2 "You are a birthday mom (point finger), exactly. years ago that day you gave birth to him."
  3. 3 "You all came to congratulate the same person, because he is not indifferent to you — sometimes you come to him to borrow money"
  • Director;
  • to colleagues
  1. one. "I can not believe the thoughts that come to my mind, the salary will be doubled next month."
  2. 2 "Oh, I feel, soon the premium will fall on the head, everyone must dodge to the left, and then there is a risk of injury."
  3. 3 "Annual report just around the corner. "
March 8
  • To women;
  • to men
  1. one. "I know who will give you flowers. It’s not me."
  2. 2 "I see a gift moving in your pocket. He is ashamed that he is without flowers."
  3. 3 "I feel a man standing behind you. Man go away"

Short and funny comic predictions for the future for guests: for the New Year, Christmas, holidays

The holiday will be exactly the way it will be planned, if you prepare in advance ways to conduct divination. All auxiliary equipment should be funny and amusing.

Some accessories need to buy in advance or do it yourself.

To come up with the text for predictions is easy, especially if you know all those present personally. Surely each of them has its own funny story, which many people know about.

The common cause or incidents that occurred at the past feast will be the reason for the jokes.

It is recommended to come up with phrases for everyone present, if there are few guests. This will allow everyone to get involved in the game, and no one will go unnoticed.

Together with the comic predictions, it is important to consider the form of their presentation. They can be parting off or warning, often with their help it is possible to present reality in a milder form. This method can be used for schoolchildren or a work team.

In the company of loved ones, the jokes can acquire a vulgar character or become black humor, provided that all the guests are ready to accept it.

The presenter, the owner of the house or the hero of the occasion may announce to the guests that he has invited an astrologer especially for them. This hero of the party will never be left without attention, because you want to know the truth, even if knowingly suspecting about its playful form.

The invited guest can be a professional animator or one of those present.

At an unexpected moment, the host of the evening, or the most groovy party of the celebration, can offer fortune telling anyone. This can be explained in the following formulations:

  1. one. "In fact, I am Koschey the Immortal and have the gift of prediction, but no one pays my salary for 300 years. Ready to consecrate the future to everyone for a modest reward."
  2. 2 "My great-great-grandmother was the most famous witch, and they say that she gave me her gift by inheritance. Let’s just say for the sake of interest, but what if it’s true ?!"
  3. 3 "We have known each other for a long time, but to this day no one knows the truth that I am clairvoyant. To prove their abilities?"

In most situations when close people or groups of schoolchildren or colleagues gather, there is no need to look for a special reason to start divination, everyone is ready to joke and have fun.

Most often, humorous predictions are made by date of birth, signs of the zodiac, but you can bring something new. By asking a person to portray a star, you can characterize him: sporty, flexible, etc. Everyone will do it in their own way, therefore the presenter must be a good improviser, able to find words for any situation.

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