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Sexual compatibility of the signs of the zodiac: how to find the perfect partner

Sexual compatibility: who best suits you

Compatibility in bed is an important component of each pair. We all want to find a person not only with a similar worldview for long philosophical conversations, but also with a similar temperament for carnal pleasures.

I propose to find out the sexual compatibility by the Zodiac constellation in this article.

Sexual compatibility of the signs of the zodiac: how to find the perfect partner

Sexual compatibility signs of the zodiac

Aries (March 21 — April 20)

Representatives of the fire element are arrogant, passionate and energetic lovers. They can show their egoism in bed, but still try to give pleasure not only to themselves, but also to their partner (partner).

For Aries are not typical complaints of potency, on the contrary, their sexuality can only be jealous.

Until reaching the age of thirty, it is worth looking closely at the Lions and Sagittarius. All of them belong to the trine of Fire and are distinguished by increased passion.

After hot Aries ripen morally, they begin to think about marriage. At this time, Tauruses and Virgos are the most suitable for them, and they are capable of teaching the sound practicality that the former need so much.

By age 40, Aries should learn self-control. In this they will be able to help Libra (differ in advanced intelligence and sensitivity) and Gemini (another intellectual in the Zodiac).

Taurus (April 21 — May 21)

Venus’ pets are able to enjoy any carnal pleasures: tasty food, sweet sleep and good sex. Perhaps this is not the most temperamental lovers, but they know a lot about getting pleasure for themselves and for their second half.

In sex, they prefer not to act quickly, but confidently.

Till thirty years the most ideal partner for Taurus is Capricorn and Virgo — his neighbors in the element. However, they are often not able to fully satisfy the desires of each other.

Sexual compatibility of the signs of the zodiac: how to find the perfect partner

When they turn 30, they become more puzzled by their spiritual development. On this path they meet Gemini and Aries.

The first will contribute to an increase in intelligence, and the second — will fill with energy of life.

Upon reaching 40 years of age, Tauruses achieve long-awaited well-being, they are already capable of the most profound, spiritual relationship. What will Scorpio help them with?

Gemini (May 22 — June 21)

Subordinate Mercury terribly tired routine. They constantly strive for new things, discoveries, in particular, in love moments.

It cannot be said that sexual energy beats the key from Gemini, but it’s difficult to get bored with them, they will always invent something interesting. It should be noted that in the first place they always have intellectual or spiritual intimacy, and not physical.

Who will suit them:

In principle, absolutely all the signs of the zodiac are combined with this constellation. As for the most acceptable sexual partners of youth, it is worth paying attention to Libra and Aquarius.

Having reached a more mature age, Gemini, at last, begins to grow up, getting rid of his former anxiety. In this case, he will succeed in creating a successful alliance with Taurus (the personification of stability and spiritual harmony) and Aries (many hot nights).

In just 40 Gemini is beginning to be interested in intellectual Sagittarius.

Raki (June 22 — July 22)

Cancer is not the most temperamental sign of the zodiac, but it is distinguished by high sensuality, tenderness and tact.

Who suits him in sex:

In their youth, astrologers advise to look closely to the representatives of their own, the Water element — that is, Scorpio and Pisces. They are all looking for close, passionate and deep emotional connections.

Having matured, Cancers often enter into alliances with Gemini and Virgos, who have a lot of vital energy and are able to carry with them into the world of emotions and passion.

By the age of 40, the ward of the Moon needs to fully manifest his nature, having learned self-control. At this stage, it will suit Capricorn — a highly organized and partly intellectual sign.

Lions (July 23 — August 23)

Lions love to be in first place in all areas of their lives. The bed is no exception to the rule.

Fiery Lion knows a lot about love joys and will try to impress his partner.

Sexual compatibility of the signs of the zodiac: how to find the perfect partner

Who has the best sex compatibility:

In the years of his youth, it is most successful to enter into alliances with his “brothers” by the elements — the same hot Aries and Sagittarius.

With age, Lviv has already attracted more family life and relationships. Relying on practicality and intellectual compatibility, you should look at Capricorn and Gemini.

Over the years, Leo gets rid of his vanity, eccentricity, and is perfected spiritually. Then couples with Libra and Scorpio will be lucky.

Virgin (August 24 — September 22)

As a rule, Virgos do not strive to make many casual connections, preferring to wait for true love. In carnal pleasures, they are capable of prolonged abstinence, if required.

With whom they can go to bed:

According to tradition, in youth the most successful will be ties with representatives of their own element — Taurus and Capricorn. Such relationships are characterized by sensitivity and stability.

Having lived for 30 years, the Virgin often realizes that she was too strict with herself and others. Now, among the successful candidates for her appears sexy Scorpio.

A little later, after 40, the Virgin is fully developed spiritually. In this case, she will have good compatibility with Sagittarius — an intellectual, an idealist, who has all the positive qualities of Virgo, but who has no restraining her.

Scales (September 23 — October 22)

Libra is characterized by incredible romance. They adore both beautiful courtship, and exciting flirting and intimate adventures.

Compatibility in sex, with whom is better:

In his youth, Libra easily finds a common language in bed with Gemini and Aquarius, also included in the air element.

A little later, in 30 they ripen, showing more practicality. Now they appreciate a more sedentary and homely lifestyle.

And here to share with them life is not averse to Scorpio and Aries.

For 40 and until old age, when Libra has already reached the peak of spiritual development, they are able to curb themselves, idealists and romantics of Pisces and Strelets are suitable for them.

Scorpios (October 23 — November 21)

Scorpio takes a deserved first place in its sexuality and passion. He is well versed in physical love, distinguished by indefatigability, ingenuity, tenderness, perseverance and ardor.

Sexual compatibility of the signs of the zodiac: how to find the perfect partner

Who suits him:

Initially, it is worth looking for partners among your element, creating pairs with the same emotional Cancers and Pisces. Good compatibility with Capricorn and Virgo is also possible.

Subsequently, becoming even more powerful, Scorpio can find solace in the arms of Libra and Taurus, who are very patient and endure his attacks.

When, by the age of 40 and later, Scorpios improve themselves personally, they learn to curb themselves, they really reach an understanding with Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Strelets Troops (November 22 — December 21)

Competitors in the bed at Sagittarius is very small. Thanks to his strength, tirelessness, love for experiments, he deservedly gained fame as a good lover.

Who do you pair with?

At the age of thirty it is worth building relationships with Leo and Aries, as independent as he is. Even in this period, Taurus and Fishes may come to them.

With life experience and past years, Sagittarius improves his mind, which becomes very restless. Not surprisingly, the hot sign of the zodiac can find solace in the embrace of the intellectuals of Virgo and Gemini.

For forty years, when the pupil of Jupiter has already reached the peak of his spiritual development and has known himself, he shows the maximum of his authority and independence. Taurus and Libra, who easily get along with powerful personalities, will be able to tolerate it.

Capricorns (December 22 — January 20)

Although Capricorn creates the impression of a cold and detached person, it is fully revealed at proximity. His temperament is not too hot, but he acts confidently in sex, shows his most tender feelings, which brings his chosen one (darling) to the peak of pleasure.

Sexual compatibility of the signs of the zodiac: how to find the perfect partner

Who will satisfy him:

Young Capricorn is to seek happiness with Taurus and Virgos. Unions of related characters are easy, some passivity, but stability.

Over time, getting rid of natural rigor, will be able to create a pair with Aquarius and Scorpio. The first one will teach Capricorn nobility, kindness, humane perception of life.

The latter is distinguished by intelligence, cunning and causes genuine admiration.

In more mature age, for forty children of Saturn it is typical to achieve the goals set in youth. At this stage, they are successfully combined with Pisces and other constellations that teach them to sacrifice, thereby increasing their spirituality.

Aquarius (January 21 — February 19)

Aquarius — very non-standard personalities in everything, in particular, and in bed. Perhaps their nature is not as passionate and hot as the signs of Fire, but they will strike the partner with a special perception of sex, their unpredictability, variety and interesting fantasies.

The ideal partner who he is:

Young Aquarius can comprehend the art of love in the company of Gemini and Libra. For such relationships, however, characterized by instability and variability.

Having gained experience, Uranus’s pet is more interested in serious relationships, marriage. Then he will approach the Virgin and Aries.

Virgos are intellectuals who immerse Aquarius in a practical world. And Aries are incredibly ambitious personalities who teach how to defend their position.

Over forty Aquarius reaches a certain success in his career and on a personal front. During this period, it is observed its excellent compatibility with its opposite constellation — Leo.

Increased diplomacy will allow to avoid many mistakes in relations with the Lions.

Fish (February 20 — March 20)

Fish have a special erotic charm, because they look so touching and defenseless (especially the weaker sex of the constellation). In sex, show incredible sensuality and tenderness, which allows you to win more than one heart.

Who fits best:

Young Pisces create harmonious pairs with Crayfish and Scorpios. The whole trinity is a water element, characterized by heightened emotion and passion.

Fishes are fascinated by powerful Scorpions and childishly cute Crawfish.

Having matured, they can enter into relations with Libra, who conquer them at the expense of their grace and sense of harmony of the surrounding world. Also, the favorites for them are the Aquarius, opening their eyes to many things and helping to deal with emotions.

A little later, the wise-grown Fish, which has become more stable emotionally, discovers a new ideal partner and friend — Virgo. Although the signs are opposite in the zodiacal circle, they are able to find mutual understanding and teach a lot to each other.

In addition, they equally perceive intimacy — with indifference, which is also important.

Finally I want to add that you can not always rely only on the sign of the zodiac. There are many exceptions to the rule, and if you are really good with your loved one, is it really so important, are you compatible with him by horoscope?

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