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Selenite: Zodiac Sign Properties

Selenite: how much power the «fragment of the moon»

Selenite is an unusual mineral from which the glow emanates, attracting people’s attention to it. From the moment of his discovery, paranormal abilities began to be attributed to the crystal.

That is why magicians and psychics so often use it in their practices.

In this article I have prepared for you a detailed review of selenite and all its characteristics.

Selenite: Zodiac Sign Properties

Historical information about the mineral

The crystal from which the mysterious radiance emanates is named after Selena (in the mythology of the ancient Greeks, this is the deity of the lunar disk). True, the name «selenite» officially exists only since 1817.

Until that time, the common mineral was known as the «moon kiss», oriental alabaster or Egyptian stone. The name «moonstone» has been preserved to this day.

But from the Greek «selenite» is translated exactly as «moon». Although in mineralogy, crystals are called differently adularas.

Interesting fact. The name of the selenites is influenced by the place in which they were found, and also by the color variation of the rock.

For example, the stones found on the shore of the White Sea are called belomorites, and the black shades are given the name Labradors.

Moonstone has an interesting history of its origin. So archaeologists in the process of excavation found that selenite was used as early as the 8th century BC.

Then they made dishes and decorations from it.

Also, of course, amazing minerals took part in ancient magical acts. In particular, adulyary were an integral attribute of sacrifice.

With the passage of time, the gem did not lose its popularity, as evidenced by the chronicles of the Middle Ages. They mention the use of crystals in the production of church objects.

After reviewing the canvases of famous painters of those times, you can observe on them a lot of selenite interior items.

A little later, by the second half of the 19th century, adulyar begins to be in demand among the inhabitants of Russia. The snow-white rock was found in the Perm area and was used as a decorative element of the Winter Palace (city of St. Petersburg).

Since then, every Russian house has tried to have at least a small statuette of this amazing stone.

Selenite: Zodiac Sign Properties

Where do Selenites get?

The Cave of Crystals (Mexico) is a place of deposits of the most massive selenite crystals. But since the gem is an ornamental stone belonging to the group of feldspars, its mining sites are located everywhere where clayey sedimentary rock is present.

The “pieces of the moon” that were found on the island of Sri Lanka possess the greatest value in the jewelry world.

A sufficient number of semi-official copies can be found on the territory of the Russian Federation, Austria, Canada, the United States of America, Germany, France and Egypt.

Color versions of gems

Natural selenite, as a rule, has a beautiful milky-white color. However, in nature it is found in other color variations and may have pink, blue, pale lemon hues.

Very rarely, but still green crystals are found and the most rare version is black selenites.

Considering the structure of the stone, it should be noted its transparency and sufficient softness. At the same time, the treatment of selenites is not particularly difficult: they are easy to grind and polish their surface.

Note! The characteristic feature of a natural adular is the presence of a silky shine and a dramatic overflow of the color palette (it becomes more noticeable if you look at the gem from another angle).

How to distinguish crafts from the original

Selenite is classified as semi-precious minerals. There are many places of its extraction on our planet, in connection with which, the cost of an Adula is not too high.

It may even seem that there is no need to forge such an inexpensive gem. But even so, you risk running into artificial variants of selenite imitations.

Synthetic selenite is a silicate watery mass in which impurities are present (necessary for longitudinal inclusions, so that the stone looks like a natural one). Subsequently, the mass is converted to the state of an artificial crystal, and then also, like the original, is subjected to polishing and processing.

If you do not want to run into a fake, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • suspiciously low price — despite the fact that selenite of natural origin is quite inexpensive, the price of a fake will be generally ridiculous (which should make you suspicious);
  • strength indicators — natural selenites are soft, fragile and easily scratched with nails, unlike their synthetic copies;
  • the size — Of course, it is not possible to take this figure into account in jewelry. However, when it comes to, for example, figurines, it is realistic to distinguish where the original, and where artfully forged versions of the figures. In the first case, the figurines can not be more than 30 centimeters (a fragile stone simply does not allow making more massive versions).

Also, of course, pay attention to the place of purchase. Do not trust the dubious stalls — a very high probability of running into unscrupulous people and not buying at all what you want.

For jewelry or decorative items made from natural selenite, go exclusively to official jewelry stores (at least, they have the appropriate certificates and they guarantee the quality of the goods).

Selenite: Zodiac Sign Properties

Healing properties of selenite stone

The healing abilities of moon crystals were known to ancient Greek healers. The latter believed that it was a mineral given to people from above, from the gods.

He was called «the crystal of Apollo» and used to give a person vitality, improve his health.

Hindu mediums with the help of adulars treated nightmares, provided restless patients with harmony and peace in nighttime dreams.

Lithotherapists are still actively seeking the help of selenite crystals. It is believed that the stone contributes to spiritual healing, fixes a restless mind, eliminates aggression, anger and increased irritability.

Interesting information. According to the old belief, if you put a piece of crystal under the rays of moonlight — it will begin to emit tears that have healing properties.

Found Selenite stone application in Tibetan medicine. So the healers with the help of crystals performed a wellness massage, put lotions, did inhalations.

They also treated the pathology of the gallbladder — they removed stones from it.

In ancient Egypt, gem was rubbed to the state of powder, as a rejuvenating agent. Local beauties applied it to the skin of the face and body in order to maintain tone and elasticity.

And with the Sumerians, the Selenites treated fractures and bleeding wounds.

How is the mineral used today?

  • lithotherapists improve the reproductive system with crystals, heal infertility;
  • get rid of psycho-emotional and mental overstrain;
  • used to treat inflammatory processes in the kidneys, bladder;
  • eliminate headaches, reduce blood pressure (selenite, ground to a state of powder, contributes to a decrease in temperature);
  • positive stone on the gastrointestinal tract;
  • helps to put nerves in order, eliminate depressions, apathy, despondency, gives a positive perception of the world;
  • if you look at the crystal for a long time, your visual acuity will increase;
  • Another gem helps strengthen bones and teeth, increase joint mobility, and elasticity of ligaments;
  • heals pulmonary diseases, fainting, epileptic seizures.

In addition to all of the above, selenite crystals treat endocrine system pathologies, useful for anemia (anemia). Shown wearing products with minerals with increased mental loads.

The magical power of the moon gems

It used to be that selenite had a greater effect on the weaker sex. Later, its impact was also established on representatives of the strong half of humanity. Moreover, its influence will be different for the first and second:

  • girls — give refinement, reverie;
  • guys — will make more resolute, courageous.

Choosing for yourself earrings, a ring or a suspension with selenite, you will eliminate fears, mania from your life, learn eloquence, develop a sixth sense and awaken various abilities hidden before this.

Selenite: Zodiac Sign Properties

Interestingly, in India, sacred significance was attributed to the crystal. Ancient beliefs say that only Mesopotamian priests could wear the mineral (they put crystals under their tongues).

And in the Full Moon ritual actions were performed, during which the curtain of upcoming events was revealed. The predictions of the Hindu priests survived to the present day thanks to the efforts of the chroniclers.

Modern esoteric attributed to the gem such mystical characteristics:

  • a stone with constant wear develops a strong will and a brilliant memory;
  • Selenite has a positive effect on family life: it revives faded feelings, smoothes out conflict situations;
  • mineral owners become more optimistic, sentimental, dreamy;
  • if you wear a crystal in silver, you will develop your creative abilities, strengthen your imagination and fantasy;
  • still the crystal makes people more cautious, warns them of a foreseeable danger;
  • allows you to identify liars and all those who have unclean intent.

Selenite is a moonstone, so it will be of particular benefit to all those who were born on the Full Moon.

Astrological compatibility

The National Jewelers Association has compiled a list of gems that affect the human body. It is not surprising that selenite instantly appeared on this list (it was first published in 1912).

However, astrology experts rush to warn — the crystal will benefit not all zodiac constellations.

Mineral Selena is perfect:

It will also bring help to any constellation, if its representative belongs to the sphere of culture / art. It will be useful for priests.

Since selenites are associated with the lunar disk, they are ideally suited to Cancers (for which the Moon is the planet-patroness).

The acquisition of selenite products is recommended to all those who suffer from a lack of finances. The mineral will influence the worldview of its owner, as well as take the money problems to second place.

Over time, it will contribute to the attraction of well-being and prosperity.

The person realizes that it is impossible to put only money on the first position in his life. It is necessary to learn to shift the focus of their attention to spiritual values, and not to material values ​​- then the soul will be fine, and the financial state will noticeably improve.

Now you know the properties of the stone selenite, the sign of the zodiac to which it is most suitable. I would like to finally say that although lithotherapy is very good and is capable of benefiting the body, one should not neglect official medicine, relying only on the help of minerals, rituals and conspiracies.

Take care of your health with different methods, most importantly, do it with the mind.

In conclusion, I suggest you to watch a video about selenium:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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