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Secrets on how to fall in love with a male calf

Learn how to fall in love with a Taurus man: the best tips.

You have entered into a relationship with a man-Taurus, have strong sympathy for him, but it’s too early to talk about love. Many women in the head begins to have the question: «How to fall in love with a man-Taurus?».

The answer to this can be found in this article.

Taurus man — what is he?

Taurus men like women very much and it is not surprising, because they are very special gentlemen. Representatives of this sign are distinguished by honesty, intelligence, personal charm, gallantry, and these are not all characteristics of Taurus that deserve attention.

In the love sphere, you can only dream of a male Taurus! His behavior is very romantic, he is able to appreciate and sincerely admire the fair sex, cares for women very nicely.

Males Taurus always make enough original compliments and give their halves valuable gifts.

Secrets on how to fall in love with a male calf

The ratio of a Taurus in love to his woman is striking in its trepidation and tenderness — such a man will give his beloved affection and romance to the maximum. But at the same time, male Taurus is distinguished by jealousy — if they managed to win a lady, then they consider her as their property and are not ready to share it with someone else.

Also, such representatives of the stronger sex are very impressed by the feeling of jealousy towards themselves — they are pleased to feel that they are significant in the life of their woman. Taurus is distinguished by loyalty, honesty and lack of cunning, you can trust such a partner, but keep in mind that he does not tolerate manipulation: games and intrigues are not his, he will not allow anyone to deceive himself.

In an intimate sense, Tauruses are gentle and strong lovers, who, however, do not like to experiment. These men are not interested in adventures, for them bedding is the first thing an exchange of affection and warmth, Tauruses are just crazy about gentle touches and hugs.

Because of their temperament, Taurus in sex act slowly, enjoying every moment, speed and temperament — not their fad.

If you can interest a Taurus man and lure him into your network — he will become a faithful and enviable husband for you, though it’s quite problematic to do so. This gentleman is distinguished by the seriousness of intentions, so he will carefully study his darling for a long time before making her an offer.

In family relationships, male Taurus loyal, conservative, willingly take on the role of a real earner and owner. A Taurus man is an ideal family man, father and husband, with him it’s really possible to create a stable, prosperous and strong family.

How to fall in love with a man-Taurus

In the initial stages of relationships, wanting to attract the attention of a male Taurus, it is important to pay a lot of attention to their appearance. Taurus likes it when a woman is beautifully dressed, but it is worth clearly distinguishing the line between good taste, femininity, sexuality and vulgarity and challenging outfits — the latter definitely will not cause positive emotions in Taurus.

If you meet with such a man — make sure that your outfits are stylish, but in any case not defiant. This is due to the fact that Taurus is highly susceptible to public opinion, and if at least one person is unflattering to speak about his girlfriend — this will be a clear reason to think and can lead to conflict situations.

Taurus men are distinguished by their thoroughness. Astrologers do not recommend to rush them — after all, they act according to their internal rhythm, but at the same time they manage to do everything they need to be in time. It’s just that such men are used to building a slow but reliable and solid foundation in any areas of their life: friendly, working or love.

Taurus in each case is distinguished by restraint and patience. He goes on his way, charging his surroundings and loved ones with reliability and self-reliance.

If you realize that a Taurus man is exactly what you need, subject to mutual sympathy, you should seriously consider your further actions. In most cases, it is very difficult for Taurus men to take the first steps, so it is allowed to take initiative, even if there is no active action from the fan.

Representatives of this constellation are attracted by witty and «light» women, lively and bright. Taurus does not appreciate the subtle humor, giving his preference to a somewhat rough and even «black.»

In no case is unacceptable to make fun of Taurus themselves.

Taurus very carefully examines the appearance of his darling, in particular, the figure — it is important for them that she was chiseled and if by nature God did not reward you with ideal forms and correct proportions, then at least it is important that you keep yourself in shape. Taurus is patronized by the planet Venus, which is responsible for beauty, which is why they are so obsessed with the appearance of their partner and very well notice any flaws and changes in it.

Secrets on how to fall in love with a male calf

How to behave so that a male Taurus falls in love with you

Taurus is very eager for the manifestation of attention and care towards themselves. At the same time, they hate threats and demands.

At the initial stages of the relationship, it is necessary to convince such a man that he is in complete control of the situation and everything will be done exactly as he wishes.

Attention Taurus can attract such girls and women:

  • ambitious;
  • attractive externally;
  • strong morally;
  • those that cause admiration from others;
  • sensitive;
  • attentive;
  • natural;
  • economic;
  • good;
  • educated.

How to behave is not allowed categorically

In the case when the affair with Taurus is in full swing, try not to make a mistake, because they can very quickly force such a man to make a decision about parting.

Therefore, if you want to fall in love with a Taurus man and want to captivate him for a long time (or even forever), do not do the following:

  • do not insult him with relatives or strangers;
  • do not be overly obtrusive;
  • do not abuse kindness;
  • it is unacceptable to behave disrespectfully and inattentively;
  • one should not underestimate his ambition;
  • you cannot compare him and your ex;
  • it is also impossible to fully agree with him, Taurus likes it when a woman has an opinion;
  • you can not care for him;
  • You can not be disrespectful to his close environment.

And remember that for men, Taurus is very important constant surprises in bed. Sex plays a huge role for them and if a lady can satisfy him in an intimate way, plus she will listen to his wishes — it is unlikely that he will be able to leave her.

Secrets on how to fall in love with a male calf

Compatibility of male Taurus with signs of the zodiac

Compatible with Aries

Serious and strict Taurus strives to find its opposite. And Aries women — energetic, light and cheerful will perfectly complement such a man.

But for harmony in the relationship will have to work hard.

Compatible with Taurus

In a pair of female Taurus and male Taurus will reign serenity and calmness. Surrounding people will never discuss such a couple, as they simply do not give reasons for this and look like an exemplary and happy family.

Compatible with Gemini

The union promises to be very “hot”, but, unfortunately, only at the beginning. So far, the Twins are interested in a partner and generously give him their love, and the Taurus man resigns himself to the changeable mood of the partner, her frivolity and sometimes insane acts.

And then — it all depends on the beloved.

Cancer Compatibility

This is a variant of the ideal couple, where both partners are distinguished by economy, commitment to comfortable living conditions, a passion for cleanliness and comfort, as well as common interests.

Compatible with Leo

Women-Liones are distinguished by arrogance, demanding of others, stubbornness, lack of patience and pride, which makes the relationship in such a pair rather complicated.

Compatibility with Virgo

You can talk about a fairly successful alliance and high compatibility in such a union. Taurus — quite rational in life and domestic issues, different economical and economical, and the Virgin correspond to them, trying to make their home nest as cozy and comfortable for life.

Compatible with Scales

Stubborn Taurus attract women Libra. Although this is quite a difficult alliance, in which both partners look at life in completely different ways, but relationships in such a pair are still possible.

Scorpio compatibility

About this meeting, you can say that it is like a thunderbolt. Between a male Taurus and a female Scorpio such a strong love can flare up, which will certainly provoke interest from others.

Their relationship promises to be passionate, as well as filled with love and affection.

Compatibility with Sagittarius

In this case, you can talk about love at first sight. Taurus is so fascinated by a Sagittarius woman that they begin to literally dream of her, dream of her, and think over her conquest plan.

Capricorn Compatibility

Several tough Taurus men highly appreciate the softness, calmness and credulity of Capricorn women. And attentive, consistent and sober-minded Capricorns make Taurus more self-confident.

Compatible with Aquarius

In a pair of male Taurus and female Aquarius, we can talk about quite a difficult relationship. Due to the different approach to life and the complete antithesis of each other around, this pair seems to be completely unequal.

But even so, thanks to the patience of Taurus and the sound mind of Aquarius, it is possible to create love.

Fish Compatibility

Several naive female Pisces are in search of a prince on a white horse. They strive for a comfortable setting up of their nest, which in general is very attractive for Tauruses.

Relationships in such a pair will develop in the classic version, when the husband, like a stone wall.

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