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Scorpio woman: what she really is, in love and relationships, what is her character

Scorpio woman: character description, compatibility in love and relationships

Scorpio woman — strong and domineering nature. Such ladies are able to excite the minds of men and disturb other women throughout their lives with their presence.

According to the astrological characteristics, there are traits in their character that can help the Scorpios, if they wish, to conquer the whole world or plunge into the abyss. And only they themselves determine their own destiny.

Such women go to the goal, no matter what, for them there are no prohibitions and conventions.

Brief description of Scorpio women:

  • fatal;
  • charismatic;
  • resolute and persistent;
  • magnetically attractive;
  • emotionally closed;
  • energetic and purposeful.

These are passionate, beautiful and wild women who are sure to achieve their goals. By nature, maximalists, in all aspects, love risk and adventure.

We are ready to give up everything at once for the sake of new emotions, and therefore are subject to all sorts of temptations.

Scorpio women have male traits, but this does not infringe upon their female qualities. From nature, they are endowed with charm and charm, which they successfully use to their advantage.

Such women are often called fatal, as they are able to drastically change the fate of any person.

Whatever the Scorpion girls want, we can say with confidence that they will achieve everything. This helps them a lot:

  • sharp mind;
  • developed intuition;
  • almost paranoid industriousness.

They are decisive, calculate their every step and do not allow mistakes in anything. Always control internal emotions, so even close ones sometimes do not realize what is happening in their soul.

It is more difficult for women than for men of a similar sign.

At the time of failure and being in a depressive state, women are able to lose self-control and send energy in a negative direction. Then all the power previously directed to success and financial achievements is transformed into self-destruction.

Therefore, womenScorpios need help and support from close and dear people, no matter how strong they may be.

By nature they are vindictive and vengeful personalities. If Scorpios hinder someone, they sweep a person out of the way without pity.

However, they do not forget the good deeds: they will thank their well-wishers in full.

Scorpio woman: what she really is, in love and relationships, what is her character

Born under the constellation Scorpio inherent excessive love of luxury and money. It is useless to contact them for financial assistance from outside.

You will not name the greedy and prudent Scorpion women, but they spend all the money solely on personal needs and on their loved ones.

Girls love to give their relatives generous gifts. In search of the next presentation, they are ready to spend all their energy, simultaneously buying up various trifles for themselves.

These are true shopaholics.

All the interests of Scorpion women are concentrated around their own persona. To others they do not care.

They are unlikely to make a company to her husband at a fishing party or a friend at a party if they do not like it.

Bright and extravagant, ladies-Scorpios are extremely modest in their hobbies. In their free time, they prefer:

Most Scorpions are not predisposed to sport. They usually spend their leisure time quietly and peacefully.

Scorpio woman: what she really is, in love and relationships, what is her character

Scorpio women in society behave with dignity, showing intelligence and secular manners. They are interesting in communication, always have their own opinions and think outside the box.

Their beauty is not always expressed outwardly: Scorpions attract with charisma and magnetic gaze.

Typically, Scorpion women have an hourglass body shape — with a large chest and thin waist. From the proud posture, the raised head and the royal manner of movement, you can immediately understand the essence of their character.

Representatives of this sign are too concerned about their image, as they always strive to look brilliant. But they often lack taste, so they draw on new ideas from the pages of fashion magazines or imitate their acquaintances. Wardrobe make up carefully and thoughtfully.

Winter things are beginning to acquire more in the summer. In terms of spending prizhimisty, never will overpay.

Scorpios love everything bright and catchy. In their style, rigor is more than compensated by color, which allows them to be in the center of attention. Favorite colors — pink and rich garnet.

These are true coquettes and fashionable women. At a young age, they prefer miniskirts and blouses with a seductive neckline.

Having matured, they move to elongated skirts with deep cuts and fitted jackets.

Scorpios do not like free cut, as they strive to emphasize the dignity of the figure in every way.

The image necessarily contains precious items, often gold. In terms of jewelry, Scorpios tend to overdo it.

Make-up is not abused, knowing a lot about natural beauty. These are female chameleons, who intuitively feel how to behave and dress in order to subdue men.

Scorpio woman: what she really is, in love and relationships, what is her character

These representatives rarely get sick, but even when they get sick, they quickly recover. The danger lies in them: having lost their vigilance and self-control for a short time, women can become addicted to alcohol. Particularly should be monitored:

  • urinary and reproductive system;
  • heart and vessels;
  • back;
  • intestines;
  • larynx.

Typical Scorpion Diseases: Hepatitis, eye pathology, genital inflammation, common cold.

The health of women is adversely affected by the inability to release all bad things. They are recommended to be less nervous and rest more often in order to preserve youth and beauty for a long time.

Women of this zodiac sign are not able to restrain their ardor in communicating with friends. Their leadership inclinations prevail: it is they who will decide where to go on vacation and what to do with joint pastime. Scorpios easily win over other people, but are not able to maintain friendships for a long time.

Among their buddies are only those who allow themselves to manipulate.

Surrounded by other women, such ladies feel like queens, constantly pointing and giving advice. If a friend does not obey, then loses "royal" location. A strong friendly alliance is made up exclusively with pliant and weak-willed individuals, especially as versatile people are constantly drawn to the women of Scorpio, and "close" for them is not a problem.

They are completely confident in their own abilities and do not need real friendly support.

Scorpio woman is dangerous in the role of a friend, because she is capable of meanness. If desired, she will easily lead away the man she liked with her friend and will not regret what she did afterwards.

Scorpio women remain forever in the memory of men who are in close relationships with them. But for some these are the happiest days in life, and for others — anguish.

In love, it is typical for such women to completely dissolve in emotions, but they rarely express this verbally.

For the Scorpions, the intimate side of relationships is of utmost importance. They are unusually temperaments in bed, so the partner will need a lot of strength to meet the tireless person.

During an intimate contact, the woman stops thinking about herself and completely surrenders herself to pleasure.

From the very beginning of sexual relations Scorpio seeks to take control of everything and adjust to its personal needs.

Scorpios prefer charismatic, active and interesting in communicating men. Next to them they will not tolerate whiners and weak-willed guys with pessimistic views on life.

Being veiled men for them is paramount. The social status of the chosen one is also important.

A strong, confident and passionate person — that’s the ideal Scorpio.

Women of this zodiac sign are attracted to men who need to be sought. This is due to their male nature of character.

Scorpions are optimally suited to energetic and non-conflict men, who will never be tired of the excessive activity of their companion and will touch little prickly attacks in their favor. Since the scorpion’s snooty and foolish temper is not enough for anyone to endure, iron exposure is required of man.

Key features of the ideal partner for a Scorpio woman:

  • calm;
  • prudence;
  • sensuality;
  • activity;
  • determination;
  • hard work;
  • practicality;
  • equanimity;
  • condescension.

The Scorpio girl will fail to create a harmonious relationship with passive, greedy, conservative and windy men.

Ladies-Scorpios are more like despotic, strong-willed and dominant members of the opposite sex. Mysteriousness and strength emanating from such women as a magnet attract vain men, for example Taurus or Scorpios.

If they, along with the fatal appearance, like the inner content of the woman, it is quite possible long-term and strong relationship.

The compatibility of Scorpio with men on the horoscope is presented in the table:

Zodiac signCompatibility in love, in%Marriage compatibility, in%Relationship characteristics
Aries100100Ardent, passionate and self-assured, Aries are just those men who are capable "to tame" Scorpio woman and find the right approach to her. It is a harmonious, but restless couple, due to the irascibility of both partners.
Taurus100100The most suitable option for marriage. Such men cause Scorpios respect. Taurus — strong-willed and strong personalities, who along with this have an imperturbable serenity. Equal worldview allows spouses to move in one direction.
Twins9050Unpromising alliance. In sexual terms, the partners are compatible, but the marriage is almost guaranteed to break up. Gemini is inconstant and prone to lying, and Scorpios are too perceptive and are not ready to put up with it. Conflicts in a couple are inevitable
Scorpio100thirtyThese are not life partners, but rather two militant parties. Their attraction is manifested only at the sexual level, where passions are raging. A serious relationship is hardly possible.
Crayfish9070Pretty good game, but the continuation of the novel depends on the woman. Crayfish are quite romantic and calm, able to obey and not conflict. The power of Scorpio can strengthen such a union or completely destroy it
a lion9050Signs are suitable for each other exclusively for love and short-term relationships, as by nature they are two conquerors. None of them will not give in to the other in battle. Despite the external brightness of the couple, scandals are inevitable in the family
Virgo9080Virgo — soft, honest, absolutely no fighting inclinations. Together with Scorpio can coexist quite peacefully, but boring. There is no particular passion in the couple, marriage is based on friendship and respect
Libra10080The calm and balanced disposition of Libra allows quite peacefully to cohabit with a demanding spouse. Thanks to constant male concessions and intimate compatibility, family life of characters can be long and strong.
Sagittarius8040Compatibility is manifested only in sexual terms, a long-term union is hardly possible. These are the two most conflicting signs that will wear down each other with jealousy scenes to the point of exhaustion.
Capricorn10090The Conservative Capricorn and the odd woman Scorpio are able to achieve an idyll in a relationship. From the first days such a man enchants a lady and inspires respect. Both partners value stability and reliability, therefore they have a harmonious union.
Aquarius10050Signs are ideally compatible at the sexual level, but things will not go beyond intimate relationships. The ardent temper of a woman is incompatible with the impermanence of a partner. These are independent and self-sufficient individuals who do not tolerate compromises.
Fish9080Relationships can be successful, since both signs belong to the water element, therefore they have common views on life. But an imperious spouse is not always satisfied with an imperious spouse. Despite the external softness of Pisces, the union often breaks up precisely on their initiative.

Scorpio woman is not so easy to win and fall in love, and even harder to keep near him. Nevertheless, such a lady is a dream for many men. To comprehend the science of seduction of representatives of this sign, you should listen to a number of professional recommendations:

  • it is unacceptable to lie and hide something;
  • it is impossible to indulge the girl in everything, as she does not tolerate weak-willed men;
  • you can not pretend and build from someone else.

A man who seeks to seize the attention of such a woman must be intellectually and physically developed. Flattery and false compliments are not welcome.

Scorpio values ​​deeds more than words. Material prosperity is also important for her: such a lady would not look at the person lower in status.

Only an equal or superior man is capable of falling in love with her.

Scorpio carefully chooses a husband, but becoming a wife will be an ideal companion for life. The husband can not doubt her loyalty and reliability.

Scorpio will not only be a good wife, but also a faithful friend, always help with practical advice.

A man will have to come to terms with her ability to sting with pain in words and deeds. So Scorpio checks his chosen one for strength.

If a man stands, everything goes well.

For endurance and patience spouse will be rewarded with kindness, respect and devotion to his wife.

Scorpios are magnificent hostesses, in which the house is always cozy and beautiful. Along with economy, they are predisposed to tranzhyrstvu, able in an instant to spend all the savings on some expensive thing for the house.

A married Scorpio woman loves to take a leading position, taking all the chores around the house and making decisions for herself.

To the maternal responsibility is responsible. Do not accept baby talk and extra tenderness.

He brings up children strictly, teaches them the lessons of endurance and stamina, teaches them to evaluate any situation soberly and once again not to show their emotions. He tries to maximize the talents of his son or daughter.

Such a mother has strong and self-sufficient personalities who are prepared for any trouble in life.

Ladies of this sign are quickly determined with their place in life, as they initially know what they want and what they will become.

Purposefulness, perseverance and impartiality allow Scorpios to reach unimaginable heights in their careers. Their assertiveness envy any man.

Often this leads to tension in the relationship with the team, but for Scorpions it does not matter: they believe that they are just jealous.

It is in the work of Scorpios fully able to unleash their potential. In the role of subordinates, they have a hard time, so women tend to occupy leadership positions.

Able to find a way out of the most confusing situation thanks to non-standard thinking.

The most suitable professions:

Enterprise and resourcefulness can contribute to trade and business. Business is the element of Scorpions.

The negative trait of such women is secrecy, for which many people dislike them. But there are professions where this quality will become a virtue: a prosecutor, an investigator, a criminologist, a politician.

Scorpions are constantly in the dynamics and do not stop there.

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