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Scorpio man — family and marriage, love and relationships

Scorpio man — a description of nature, love and family relationships

Scorpio is the most controversial sign of the zodiac in the horoscope. This is a combination of heavy character with an incredibly strong will and pressure.

The Scorpio man simply subordinates the environment to his will, like a fakir cobra. This is a born leader who does not tolerate any objections.

Which woman is suitable for Scorpio and can conquer his sophisticated imagination?

Scorpio man - family and marriage, love and relationships

Character and inclinations

Scorpio’s motto is all or nothing! This is fire under the guise of restrained skepticism. Scorpio is born a winner, so in no situation does he give up — he fights to the end.

Energetic and desperate determination help him to reach the intended peak. On an intuitive level, Scorpio feels that it is necessary at the moment to achieve victory.

A distinctive feature of Scorpio men is a tendency to excess in everything — food, drinks, sex, work.

Obstacles irritate the Scorpions, they will demolish any obstacle in their path. It seems that Scorpio lives in a constant war with himself and his surroundings.

The tendency to destruction and self-destruction laid in him from birth. The patron saint of Scorpio is the planet Pluto, the most mystical and unpredictable.

Scorpio perceives life as a sporting event, where he must be the winner.

Constant struggle inside and the boiling of passions can lead Scorpio to an adventurous path of life, and can make him a fanatic of moral norms. It is either a highwayman, a saint or an incredible intellectual.

It all depends on the upbringing and moral basis laid since childhood. Spoiled since childhood, Scorpio becomes, as a rule, an immoral person with a lowered bar of moral values.

Scorpio simultaneously attracts and repels people from themselves.

Many Scorpios literally vampire their surroundings, because they are constantly in a wound state. The donor cross is often carried by relatives and spouses. Vampirism is expressed in endless cavils to relatives, which exhaust them emotionally.

Cruelty Scorpions is so merciless that it exceeds all imaginable limits.

How can you fear the fearless Scorpion? He is afraid of only one thing — to lose power over the situation.

However, this fear is rarely embodied in reality, since the developed intuition of the representatives of the water element helps to foresee everything in advance.

Scorpio man - family and marriage, love and relationships

Love and relationships

What is a Scorpio man in love? This is a gallant cavalier who seeks to cast a spell on the chosen one.

If he fails, he sets in motion another weapon — poison. This poison completely paralyzes the feelings of the intended victim, and then Scorpio can enjoy a brilliant victory.

Under the mask of a cold indifferent (but not detached, but more cynical) person is an impressionable and even vulnerable soul.

If Scorpio has tricky joked you in the presence of strangers, alone, he will certainly admit his true feelings. You need to get used to it and take it for granted: these are the character traits of this strange sign of the zodiac.

Scorpio man — the most passionate and extravagant lover of all the signs of the zodiac.

The question of jealousy — one of the main for a man of Scorpio. The chosen one must be above suspicion so that her beloved one does not turn into Othello.

But your jealousy is better to hide away, otherwise life will turn into a continuous torture. Scorpio man is so charming that women can go crazy under his spell.

This is expressed in constant harassment on their part, which is unpleasant to observe the legitimate spouse. In this situation, the conviction will come to the rescue that the spouse is not interested in fans of easy behavior (not without reason).

The tendency towards authoritarianism leaves no one a chance to dominate Scorpio.

Scorpio men value intelligence, ingenuity and unsolved mystery in women. If these qualities are not listed, these women are simply not interesting to Scorpios.

Showing confidence in the spouse Scorpio pays off handsomely: he will be able to give just a fabulous love, which few people are capable of at all.

What women are suitable Scorpios? They must have a stoic excerpt. In addition, a woman should be:

  • sexually interesting;
  • good housewife;
  • obedient and accommodating;
  • soft and gentle;
  • financially independent.

Scorpio man - family and marriage, love and relationships

Since one of the main qualities of Scorpio’s character is propensity to scandals, the spouse must be able to put out the flashes of inappropriate behavior of his chosen one. If a woman does not know how to do this, life with Scorpio will not work out.

If Scorpio set a goal to achieve the love of a woman, he will do it painfully long and with the most eccentric methods. But to tame the Scorpion to yourself — it’s a failure. Firstly, Scorpios are not trainable.

Secondly, many of them openly do not respect women and openly call them stupid creatures.

Family and marriage

Family life with Scorpio is full of all kinds of colors — from light colors to the darkest. Only a balanced woman with a strong and strong-willed character can get along with this eccentric and temperamental man.

A lover of bullying and ridicule, Scorpio does not respect dependent and overly compliant women.

An independent emotionally and financially woman with a strong character who does not go into hysterics over every trifle can become a chosen one of the heart.

Do not expect to marry Scorpion and sit on his neck — he will be pushed around by each eaten piece of bread with a completely ruthless look. Scorpio appreciates only a worthy partner in life, a fighter for the best place in the sun.

Scorpio appreciates such women and is afraid of losing.

The characteristic of Scorpio in family life is unambiguous — a good family man. However, the cruelty of Scorpio to their loved ones finds a response in children’s hearts — growing up, they break off relations with their parents or are indifferent to them.

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