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Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

Compatibility of Scorpio and Libra — is there a chance to save relationships?

Consider the compatibility of Scorpions and Libra in a pair to understand how these zodiac signs fit together. This is important to know in order to avoid sharp corners in relationships and to build them better, making them more harmonious and happy.

general characteristics

Briefly consider the main indicators for which the compatibility analysis.

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

  • In the astrological table Scorpio is in eighth place, and Libra — in seventh place. Different parity indicates poor compatibility.
  • The water element of Scorpio badly combined with the air energy of Libra.

Compatibility in love

A pair of Scorpio — Libra is very common. These signs often enter into relations with each other, they are neighbors in the zodiacal table, and therefore attract.

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

But, nevertheless, it is not the happiest and harmonious union. Consider briefly its characteristics:

  1. Scorpio in the pair plays the role of «best friend.» From his side there is a big help to Libra: he gives the partner knowledge, shares his life experience and supports him in all situations in a friendly way.
  2. But this is the main «landing» of relations. Because Scorpio directs all the strength and power of its potential to the development of a partner, not himself, and begins to degrade. His return is greater than acceptance, because of this there is no balance and harmony.
  3. Scorpio, as a kind person, with great warmth and interest relates to Libra. They, in turn, respect Scorpio for the ability to make decisions quickly, without doubt and hesitation. But due to natural rationalism and prudence, Libra can use its water partner for mercenary purposes.
  4. Scorpio is very sincere about Libra, from an emotional point of view is given completely, and receives little in return.
  5. But there are common points of contact — both in a pair strive for financial independence, love and know how to make money, and strive for spiritual development. That’s just the approach to achieving all the benefits they have different. Scales are careerists, but they act on emotions. Scorpios are trying to weigh everything, relying on experience and intuition, and not on the horizon and knowledge, as his partner.

The total of these signs is small. Scorpio is more realist and pessimistic, prone to introspection and experience.

Libra is infinite dreams, lots of ideas and irreducible optimism.

We should also consider separately what can cause conflicts in this zodiacal pair.

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

  1. At the beginning of a relationship, everything is usually fine: the love euphoria is overwhelming. Scorpio fascinates the endless optimism of Libra. But when he learns a better partner, he begins to understand that behind a positive view of the world lies superficiality in decision-making, «rose-colored glasses» in assessing problems.
  2. The deceptive softness of Libra can also mislead Scorpio when he encounters the very first serious conflict. The air sign begins to show its rigidity, uncompromisingness and lack of diplomacy in all its glory.
  3. The scorpion habit of manipulating people’s emotions does not work in the case of such a pair. Therefore, they are lost, not having the usual pressure levers, and feel how the earth leaves from under their feet without the usual control.
  4. Scorpio is very suspicious. He will be extremely jealous, will see in the partner a potential cheater, a competitor (if they are colleagues), a provocateur (for example, in relations with relatives).
  5. Without receiving any emotional return from the air sign, Scorpio «will reach its sting» and will try to make it all its might to make the lover or the beloved one sick. Hence — violent conflicts and the first serious quarrels.
  6. The financial part of the relationship can also be a problem. Scales are very wasteful, mindlessly and spend a lot of money, which can very annoying rational Scorpions. About stable earnings also can not speak.
  7. Most often, the relationship ends at the initiative of Libra. They get everything they want and cool. For a partner it is very painful, and it comes to itself for a long time.

Watch the video about the love compatibility of these two characters:

Scorpio Woman and Libra Man

Features of such relationships:

  • All girlfriends will approve the choice of women. His humor seems sparkling to them, his charm inexhaustible, and his intellect enormous. In addition, he is very calm, not satisfied with the checks and tantrums.
  • A woman is very pleased to receive great admiration of a man, she is awash in his attention, which consoles her self-esteem and raises self-esteem.
  • But over time, she begins to “become impudent” because she understands that a man in love with his ears will not go anywhere. The first conflicts begin.
  • Over time, the relationship comes to a standstill: both are aware of how different their interests, feelings, are. For a while, the couple is still afloat due to the efforts of the man, but his emotions are gradually extinguished.

Therefore, in spite of the fact that these two signs enter into a love union most often, separation is inevitable in most cases.

Scorpio man and woman Libra

Such a union has more chances. Although misunderstandings and conflicts are inevitable due to the strong differences in the character and temperament of the partners.

A woman will have to talk a lot, and a man most of the time remains silent. At the first stages, it decorates his life, brings into it a storm of emotions and bright colors.

A man enjoys the ease and positive, feels the ease and freedom, ready to give and share their benefits. But sooner or later, he will notice that his girlfriend is too superficial, spends a lot of money, and even flirting recklessly with everyone around him.

Jealousy begins, doubts, in the end — a complete disappointment.

There is a chance to save the relationship if the girl becomes in control of herself and will not allow the fragile trust to break.

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