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Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Gemini — why this pair is doomed

Compatibility Scorpios and Gemini is not the most favorable. These signs are not very suitable for each other, although at the very beginning their relationship seems ideal.

Consider what can become a source of conflict, and what is the fate of such couples.

Compatibility in love

The union of Scorpio and Gemini is a never-ending series of tumultuous quarrels and no less tumultuous reconciliations. They part and converge again, giving each other a bunch of emotions, both negative and positive.

Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility

What is characteristic of such relationships:

  1. Between them there is a strong physical and spiritual craving for each other. At the initial stage of the relationship, they constantly spend time together. Long talk on the phone, if they can not be around.
  2. But due to the fact that Scorpios are ardent owners, and Gemini love freedom, conflicts cannot be avoided. In this pair there is a lot of jealousy, scandals and nerves, there is no need to talk about stability and harmony.
  3. At the very beginning of the Gemini relationship, the Scorpion’s intellect attracts, their ability to think rationally, to find clear and simple solutions to any problems. But gradually begins to repel unpredictability and emotional instability.
  4. The owners of Scorpios will try by all means to seize the leadership in a pair and constantly keep the Twins close to them. Violation of the personal boundaries of the freedom-loving sign will sooner or later make Gemini cool, and Scorpio will try its best to regain lost attention.
  5. If Scorpio falls in love, he throws all his strength to ensure a partner a comfortable life. He can sacrifice everything: time, health, relationships with loved ones. He will arrange unforgettable romantic surprises, give expensive gifts. But there is little confusion — it only entertains the Gemini, but is not valuable enough for them.

In general, such a union is not favorable. A good, stable and peaceful relationship between these signs is only possible in the business field.

They can become excellent allies or business partners, and they will only suffer from a love affair.

Causes of conflict

If you are already a member of such a star couple, it is important to understand which moments can become sources of conflict in order to learn how to get around sharp corners and reach an understanding.

Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility

The main causes of conflicts in the pair are as follows:

  1. Scorpio willingly fulfills all the desires of Gemini, tends to invest in relationships and is prone to give a lot. But the Twins do not appreciate it, they accept all the gifts of a partner favorably, but they do not try to give something in return, which is insulting.
  2. The twins tend to constantly change their decisions and moods, which plunges rational and purposeful Scorpions into panic and annoying.
  3. Scorpio’s sensuality and possessiveness irritates Gemini no less. They perceive it as an encroachment on personal freedom, therefore they are constantly trying to fight for their borders, and sometimes by harsh methods.
  4. Scorpio needs to know everything about the partner, so that he belongs to them completely. They will constantly begin to elicit all the secrets, desire and fears of a partner who does not want to share it at all.

The main problem of such a pair is the emotional incompatibility of their elements. The twins seem cold compared to the temperamental and sensual Scorpios.

The lack of response in the feelings in the end can lead to a painful separation.

A pair of female twins and a man-scorpion

This is exactly the union about which they say that opposites attract. At the beginning of a relationship, partners are very interested in each other.

But over time, they learn their second half better, and differences of opinion become the main source of conflict.

Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. A woman in such a pair is a source of inspiration and energy. She gives her companion strength for new achievements, with her he can go to growth: in career, business or business. Her light character, charm and sense of humor, as well as unlimited admiration — this is a huge impetus for development.
  2. But gradually, the man begins to feel that he is underestimated, not respected and disrespect him. This is the beginning of the first, first small, and then more serious quarrels.
  3. The problem point is also in the fact that a woman happily shares the successes of her partner, but during difficult periods does not support. When a man is not afloat, she begins to be disappointed in him and look closely at other, more successful candidates.
  4. A man will long enough try to keep the attention of his companion. The usual manipulations for him do not work, so he will try to show his “coolness” with conquests and achievements. But all in vain.

Sooner or later, Scorpio realizes that the person next to him is a tired and insincere woman, and will want to part.

Watch the video about the compatibility of these two signs:

Twins and Scorpio

A man in such a pair is hard to understand and accept that his woman spends a lot of energy on jealousy and conflict. He genuinely wonders why you can not just love and enjoy relationships in their entirety.

The problem points of this union are:

  1. At the very beginning of the relationship, the woman begins to deify her partner, infinitely admires him and believes in him. But this is the problem — she expects too much from him, therefore, over time, she is disappointed if he fails to meet her ambitious expectations.
  2. A girl may lack lightness, celebration, positive emotions and optimism.
  3. Also the problem lies in the fact that the partner of Scorpio must belong to her entirely. Because of this, she often encroaches on his freedom, which the Twins do not tolerate. A woman will check the phone and correspondence, in severe cases, even arrange surveillance.
  4. Sooner or later, the jealousy and obsession of a Scorpio woman will start to push the man away and he will decide to end the relationship, free himself from suffocating attention.

We summarize: the union of Scorpio and Gemini is not the most favorable. But it is possible to maintain normal relations in a pair, if each of the partners agrees to seek compromises.

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