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Sagittarius: general characteristics for men and women

Sagittarius: characteristic and description of the sign of the zodiac

Sagittarius — very bright and unpredictable nature. Next to him, it seems that all feelings lie on the surface, and deep down empty.

But it is not. External frivolousness is just a mask for others.

Let’s talk about the nature of the representatives of this zodiacal constellation in more detail.

general characteristics

Each Zodiac sign has its own unique features by which it can be easily recognized without even knowing the date of birth. Sagittarius is no exception.

Sagittarius: general characteristics for men and women

Characteristics and behavior:

  1. Very sociable and friendly. Social life is necessary for them, as air. They can’t stand being alone, a quiet evening at home for them is torture.
  2. Very direct, always briefly and clearly express their point of view, not trying to be tactful. Because of this, they may offend people, but they eventually succumb to the charm of Sagittarius and do not take offense for a long time.
  3. During the life they make a lot of useful friends, they always have strong patrons and assistants. Therefore, it is usually easy to soar to the top of the career and do not have a shortage of money.
  4. Energy Sagittarius is very positive. This positive aura, like a magnet, attracts good people into their lives, and a bad one does not give a chance to stay surrounded.
  5. They are famous for an excellent sense of humor, they are able to cheer even the most dull person in the company. It’s impossible to be sad with them, you are charging with a positive attitude and excellent mood for a long time.
  6. They consider themselves very diplomatic, although they are not, because they always chop the uterine truth straight in the eyes of the interlocutor.
  7. Sincerely do not understand when people are offended by them. They really do not mean anything bad when they speak harshly. Such a nature, close people can only reconcile.
  8. They love danger, risk, adrenaline. Most often, other signs jump from a bungee or with a parachute, decide on adventures and are not afraid to stumble. They are really lucky — all the adventures end well.

In general, despite some flaws, the Sagittarius is a very bright and positive personality, which you can fall in love with at first sight.

Male Archers

Very active, lively and charming Sagittarius is always surrounded by a bunch of friends and women. They easily fall in love, but they are just as easily disappointed if they stop receiving emotions from the second half.

Therefore, often their lives are a string of alternating relationships that do not last long.

Sagittarius: general characteristics for men and women

What is important to consider when dealing with men-Sagittarius:

  1. They will immediately want to get everything, not waiting until you are ready for rapprochement. It is difficult to withstand such pressure, but it is necessary if you want to stay in the life of Sagittarius for a long time and get the status of the only and beloved woman.
  2. Easily change, not counting the physical connection of betrayal. They say heartfelt affection and sex are different things. If a girl does not want to be deceived, she should immediately make it clear to the man that treason immediately equals the gap.
  3. They need constant bright emotions. They need to constantly amaze. Be unpredictable and different. The monotony and quiet measured life of Sagittarius is sickened, he will quickly get tired and begin to look for entertainment on the side.
  4. They do not tolerate serious conversations and seriousness in principle. You must share their easy, sometimes even frivolous attitude to life, if you want to keep the relationship for a long time.
  5. Do not be afraid that the frivolity of Sagittarius will eventually lead to financial difficulties in the family. Despite this simple attitude to life, they easily earn money, so this area of ​​life will always be stable.
  6. They offer help easily and part with the money, they will beautifully care for and give expensive gifts. But do not flatter yourself with such generosity: money for Sagittarius does not mean anything. But when they are inferior to you in something and are ready to wait for your location for a long time, you can be sure that they take you seriously.

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Female Sagittarius

Girls born under the sign of Sagittarius, never have problems with the opposite sex. So it seems to others: they see a lot of fans, expensive gifts and beautiful courtship.

But women themselves do not think so, because among the multitude of boyfriends they can search for a very long time and not find their only love.

Sagittarius: general characteristics for men and women

Characteristics of female nature Sagittarius:

  1. Incredibly charming and lively, very charismatic and sociable. He feels subtly how to communicate with a specific man. Good actresses. When necessary — flirtatious, when necessary — strict and unapproachable.
  2. Living Sagittarius drives men crazy. Unpredictability forces you to do crazy things in an attempt to win the heart of a vending girl.
  3. Hard-hearted, they can torture a suitor for years, giving him hope and letting him a little closer, then pulling away and becoming cold. These games in the «closer-on» make men’s hearts seethe with emotions.
  4. It is for the sake of girls Sagittarius men are able to perform incredible feats in an attempt to win the favor of a cruel beauty.
  5. In this case, the girl herself may seem frivolous and very superficial. But in fact, she always dreams of meeting true love and giving herself completely to her partner. Therefore, the man to whom she will get will receive an unchallenged wife and faithful companion.
  6. Because of the huge selection of men, girls often suffer. They do not really need so much attention, they need a safe haven, sincere and calm relationship. It is important to understand this feature and show yourself as a faithful and reliable chosen one.
  7. In dealing with such a girl should not give slack and clearly indicate their boundaries when she begins to become impudent. The slightest weakness is fraught with the fact that a woman will lose interest and switch to someone else.

With Sagittarius is always fun, positive and easy. They are energetic and charge this state all around.

Therefore, it is worth making friends with them, but always keep your ears open. Because seriously, they do not belong to almost anyone, choosing for the circle of close people only the most chosen, proven individuals.

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