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Rose color value

The color value of roses in bouquets

The meaning of the color of roses helps to understand what message the presented flowers carry. Each shade is endowed with its own special meaning.

Let’s open the curtain of the language of flowers and try to figure out what it means.

Yellow roses symbolize bright, sunny, positive energy. They personify all the most positive emotions.

In society, there is a perception that flowers of such a shade are presented for separation, but this is erroneous.

Rose color value

What do yellow roses say:

  1. They are given when they want to say: “I feel good and comfortable next to you. I feel the joy of communication and happy with you. «
  2. A bouquet with such flowers can also be a symbol of friendship. If you received it as a gift, it means that the relationship will be strong, partnership, based on trust and mutual understanding.
  3. They are usually given to spouses who have been married for a long time. In the language of florists, yellow flowers say that people are infinitely respected and valued each other, and relationships will be filled with love and happiness.
  4. In some cultures, yellow flowers — a symbol of freedom, action, dedication. Therefore, they can be given with the wish of success in business, business or career.
  5. This is the perfect option for reconciliation. When giving such a bouquet, you seem to say: «Let’s forget about all the wrongs and start a new life, without any claims and quarrels.»

Forget about the fact that such flowers are a symbol of jealousy or treason, betrayal or parting. This is just a stereotype that has nothing to do with reality.

Pink flowers — a symbol of innocence, romance and tenderness. It is customary to give a bouquet of them at the beginning of a relationship, in order to hint about their nascent feelings, to confess their love.

Rose color value

They talk about sincere sympathy, admiration and admiration for the chosen one. Indicate a willingness to care, express a feeling of love.

Also, pink color speaks of great taste, aesthetics, aristocracy and good manners. It is a symbol of elegance, courtesy, courtesy.

The person who gives you a bouquet of pink roses seems to say: «I bow to your charm, you are my muse, my inspiration.»

They can be given as a sign of gratitude for the service or assistance in an important business.

White flowers — a symbol of purity and innocence, chastity. This is the most common shade.

  1. Symbolizes pure joy, without envy and falsehood.
  2. Personalizes consent and love, loyalty and trust. The person who gives such a bouquet wants to say: «I put myself in your hands, trusting you completely and counting on reciprocity.»
  3. Speaks of admiration for beauty and character.

The white rose is a symbol of strong and pure love that nothing will spoil. Often bouquets with such flowers are presented to newlyweds — and this is an auspicious sign.

He promises a strong and happy life without betrayal and jealousy.

Blue and its shades

Blue rose is a rare option. It is a symbol of mystery, riddle.

A bright bouquet of roses of blue or blue shades give people extraordinary, special, unusual. The donor seems to say: «Your inaccessibility beckons me, I want to know you better, to unravel all the secrets of your soul.»

Also personifies the first love, charm and sincere, genuine admiration.

Black is the color of death and sorrow. Most often they can only be seen at a funeral.

But there is also an opinion that such flowers are suitable for rebellious people who go against the system and organize a revolt.

Red roses, by tradition, are a symbol of passion and sexual desire. Therefore, they are often given to beloved women.

The man who gives the lady of the heart a bouquet of red roses, non-verbally shows that he admires her, is in love and wants a rapprochement.

Rose color value

And if you combine in one flower arrangement both red and white roses, it will tell about the serious intentions of the chosen one in relation to the beloved. Such a bouquet shows that relationships can become long and happy.

Orange roses are presented with the best wishes. This is the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or holiday in honor of the anniversary of the business.

Flowers symbolize enthusiasm, dedication, energy and an incredible amount of ideas.

Orange flowers represent charm and pride that are combined and get along in one person. Therefore, can be a gift for the beloved.

But most often they are presented as a symbol of the completion of important projects, affairs, successful transactions.

With the help of these flowers, they express sincere gratitude for the help, they say: «I am warm to you.» They are decorated with corporate banquets.

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The number of flowers in the bouquet

The number of flowers in the bouquet speaks not only of the generosity of the gentleman, but also of his intentions towards the woman.

  • one rose — an invitation for a date or addition to the proposal of the hand and heart;
  • a wreath of roses — a symbol of innocence, pure intentions, sincerity, trust and chastity;
  • three flowers speak of a strong love, filled with bright emotions, passion and deep affection;
  • five — give best regards to the owners of the house, coming to visit;
  • nine — a symbol of huge admiration for her beloved, they say that this woman should be idolized;
  • Fifteen — you can give an anniversary;
  • nineteen — are given to newlyweds for a long and happy marriage;
  • twenty one — a declaration of love, a marriage proposal;
  • twenty seven — give to the spouse to show that she is the best woman in the world;
  • twenty-nine is a symbol of great and eternal love that will last a lifetime;
  • thirty-six roses — if they gave such a bouquet, it means that the whole next month every day will be better than the previous one;
  • a hundred and one rose is an offer to become a couple, to live together a long and happy life.

All these designations are conditional, but you can listen to them.

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