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Rooster and Tiger Compatibility

Rooster and Tiger Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rooster and the Tiger in the oriental horoscope is not too high. Simple relationships of people born under these signs, you will not name.

They will have to face many problems due to the lack of mutual understanding. The forecast of astrologers is disappointing: the Rooster and the Tiger are not even able to be friends, not like creating a family.

general characteristics

But perhaps everything is not so bad, and you should not rely on the forecasts of astrologers? Let’s try to understand the pros and cons of the union of the Rooster and Tiger, in order to understand how to solve all the problems arising in a relationship.

Rooster and Tiger Compatibility

What are the peculiarities of the characters of the partners and the nuances of their relationship:

  1. They meet at the moment when both are in dire need of love and support. The stars converge, and the fateful acquaintance takes place.
  2. At first it seems that they are able to live happily together without special worries, but this is only an illusion. Over time, the first conflicts and problems begin, making you wonder — is that the person next to you?
  3. They are very different, so it is difficult for them to agree. There is no mutual understanding at all, it seems to both of them that during a quarrel, trying to convey their position, they seem to be beating their heads against a blank wall.
  4. Only a very strong love will help them maintain relationships and avoid a break. But in order to learn to get along with each other and maintain a comfortable warm atmosphere, you will have to work very hard and for a long time on yourself and learn to accept a partner with all the flaws, both real and contrived.
  5. Tiger — selfish nature. He is unlikely to think about the needs and interests of the second half. In a relationship, he becomes a tyrant for whom unquestioning obedience is important. If the life partner refuses to become a “submissive sheep,” he will part with her without the slightest regret.
  6. The cock is very cocky and restless. It is important for him to be in constant motion, to try something new, not to sit still. The tiger is calmer and more conservative, it can hardly withstand the frantic pace of the partner’s life. Sooner or later they can get bored and decide on separation.
  7. The rooster believes that each person is obliged to engage in creativity, and put self-development in the first place on the list of tasks. Tiger believes something completely different: first of all — taking care of yourself and taking care of yourself, and then everything else. Relationships for him are generally in last place on the list of important matters.
  8. The selfishness of the Tiger and the activity of the Rooster almost never get along together. At first, relations develop quite calmly and comfortably, but over time the partners begin to annoy each other insanely. It seems to them that the chosen one is doing everything wrong, he is to blame for everything. And decide on a break. Parting is usually very painful.

To understand how to start working on relationships, it is better to listen to astrologers. Implement the advice of experts in life, and then live happily together and enjoy the second half of the company.

Tiger Man and Rooster Woman

It is very difficult for both of them not to overdo it in their emotions and claims. They have no sense of proportion at all, and it will have to be worked out.

Rooster and Tiger Compatibility

What is characteristic of this type of union:

  1. Partners are completely different, it is difficult for them to find common points of contact. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to understand each other, to convey to the second half of your desires or to say about the claims.
  2. The man is very jealous and suspicious. He will harass her darling with unreasonable claims, tire her with attempts at control. He will try to limit everything, but he cannot do it.
  3. In order for relations to be strong and last for a long time, partners will have to make tremendous efforts. The girl has to learn wisdom, become more economic. She should “build a nest”, create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house, in which it will be pleasant for a man to return.

A man can not tolerate noisy companies and parties, does not tolerate the presence in the house of strangers. Therefore, the girl will forget about the visits of girlfriends.

Male Rooster and Female Tiger

The characters of these partners are also very different, but their compatibility is higher. Astrologers believe that only in this embodiment, a couple can build a harmonious and happy relationship, create a strong and prosperous family.

Rooster and Tiger Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  • They perfectly complement each other. The disadvantages of the partner are not noticed, but they focus on the merits. Develop together, strive to become better every day.
  • The girl will be able to pacify the violent temper of her chosen one. Next to her, he can settle down, become calmer, more balanced, stop brawling over nothing. And energy will send in the achievements and career.
  • The level of compatibility will depend on the woman’s maturity and wisdom. And how much she is ready to devote herself entirely to family matters. If she has not “walked up” yet, it is better not to start a relationship in principle.
  • It is very important that the girl knows how to extinguish in herself or hide negative emotions from a partner. He will react to them with bewilderment, because he perceives the world only in a positive light. And you can not tolerate people who think differently.
  • There is one remarkable moment: as a couple, these people are able to develop mystical talents, learn to foresee the future and work with their energies.

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Union cons

The disadvantages of this relationship are complete, because the characters of the partners are very different and contradictory. Tiger used to live one day, he does not want to spend his energy to achieve some global goals.

Rooster such an approach to life is shocking.

The rooster is very bustling, he is constantly running around somewhere, in a hurry everywhere, trying to do everything. He lives in a furious rhythm, for which the Tiger does not have time, which makes him angry and tired.

And the desire of the Rooster to constantly push out his “I” and brag about his successes over time begins to be very annoying.

Tiger selfishness is also not the best food for love. It is important for him to be adored, admired, he wants to feel like a god.

Not every person will make such a life partner.

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