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Rooster and Snake compatibility

Rooster and Snake compatibility — perfect relationship

Compatibility of the Rooster and the Snake, at first glance, it seems low. But astrologers promise the couple a great future, despite the enormous difference in the characters and temperaments of the partners.

general characteristics

Snake people are endowed with excellent intuition. They easily read the partner’s emotions, predict his wishes and needs.

To surprise them is quite difficult, to deceive — almost impossible, because they see the people around them.

Rooster and Snake compatibility

Can be seen in the elect even those features that are hidden deep, about which others have no idea. They are very goal-oriented, they achieve everything they want, but they are moving towards the goal rather slowly, carefully considering each of their actions.

Even if it seems to them that things are moving insanely slowly, they are not turning away from the intended path. What is important is not the process, but the result.

Rooster personality is much faster. He makes decisions instantly and never hesitates.

In their actions, they are often guided by emotions, and not by reason. He is very straightforward, accustomed to cutting the truth-womb in the eyes, because of what others do not like him.

Not everyone likes to hear the truth about themselves, expressed so harshly and directly.

The rooster gives the impression of a person who is completely indifferent to what others think of him. But outward indifference is only a mask, behind which lies a thin and vulnerable nature.

Astrologers note the following points in the relationship of the Snake and the Rooster:

  • Understanding between partners is at a very high level. Without words they are able to understand all shades of emotions of the beloved. They can see not only the external qualities, but also look deep into the soul.
  • Both love money and know how to earn it. But money for them is not a goal, but only a means of attaining spiritual comfort.
  • Hardworking, the performance of both at a very high level. They do not care what to do, if only to pay well. No less important are career prospects.

Sexual compatibility is also very high, so they do not have problems in bed, and adultery is extremely rare.

Snake-Male and Female Rooster

This couple is nice to see. From the side of their relationship seems ideal.

Such novels show us in romantic films and love stories. And in fact, that is the case.

These are not showy feelings, but real and sincere ones.

Rooster and Snake compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. They are attuned to each other seriously. They fall in love almost immediately, and after dating the novel begins. They quickly decide to get married, create a very strong and prosperous marriage.
  2. Before meeting each other, they were looking for the other half, with which they could spend the rest of their lives. But the attempts were in vain. Only having met each other, they found true happiness.
  3. They are ready for the sake of the chosen one to do anything, to sacrifice themselves, their careers, and loved ones. Often these sacrifices are not required, but they realize that they can rely on each other like no other.
  4. Their relationships are dominated by complete trust, harmony, understanding and sincere love. They solve all life problems together, in conflict situations they seek to agree, not argue.

A man condescendingly treats the capricious and extravagant nature of his lover, he is very cool and calm always. Able to infect his balance and girl, so next to him she becomes more relaxed and calm.

Rooster man and Snake woman

Compatibility in such a union is also at a high enough level.

Rooster and Snake compatibility

What is typical for this type of relationship:

  1. A man will open for his beloved a completely new world unknown to her earlier. Next to him, she will develop spiritually and intellectually, her horizons will expand considerably. She will understand that all boundaries and frameworks exist only in her mind, and there are many opportunities around that need only be used.
  2. She is wise enough to create in a pair an unusually calm, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for both. She will not nag a man for his shortcomings, but will always admire his virtues and deeds. He appreciates and loves her for such behavior, seeks to do everything for the welfare of the family and the happiness of his woman.
  3. For both, it is very important that their opinion is valued and respected in society, so they strive to show that everything in their life is good.

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Union cons

Despite the almost perfect compatibility, in the union of the Rooster and the Snake, you can find a few drawbacks.

What moments are problematic in their relationship:

  1. Both personalities are very strong, and sooner or later I can begin to compete and compete with each other. It is important to have time to “catch” this moment and not allow the struggle for leadership, and agree on the distribution of responsibilities, responsibilities and roles.
  2. It is very important for a man that his chosen one does not achieve more than he succeeds. He will be seriously hurt if she surpasses him in something. Therefore, it is better for the wife not to push out her achievements, but to listen more and admire the achievements of the chosen one.
  3. The rooster is very talkative, and it can tire a calm and balanced Snake. But you have to give him the opportunity to speak out, otherwise he may simply explode from the energy boiling inside him. Or he can learn to throw energy into creativity, sports or work.
  4. If the Rooster is female, it may be too picky and petty. Begin to carp at the chosen one for nothing, blaming every day for the unmade bed or scattered socks. She should learn not to overdo it with claims, otherwise, sooner or later she will be left alone.
  5. The rooster loves the attention of the opposite sex, often flirts and can make short novels on the side. If the Snake finds out about it, trust will be lost, and the relationship will end.

If you know about these disadvantages, all problems can be quickly resolved by maintaining a happy and harmonious relationship.

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