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Rooster and Rat compatibility

Compatibility Rooster and Rat — why is it difficult for them together

The compatibility of the Rooster and the Rat is favorable in some respects, but not in all. Ideal understanding can hardly be achieved, but with a little effort, you can build a truly happy and harmonious relationship.

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The Rat and the Rooster have a quality that unites them and makes them look alike. This is a hot temper. They flash instantly when they do not like something.

Overly emotional, so the relationship between them will never be calm.

Rooster and Rat compatibility

Often they feel guilty about their lack of restraint and are no less violently reconciled after grand scandals. This is a strange couple, at first glance.

It may seem to others that they hate each other more than they love.

Regarding the nature of the partners, they include the following features:

  1. The rooster faithfully observes the laws and rules. He has a clear idea of ​​how to lead in each particular situation. These eternal borders do not allow him to show individuality, to break the usual course of life. Everything is clear and on the shelves.
  2. Not only does he restrict himself in everything, but he drives the invented frames and all his close people into them, so it’s very difficult to be around him if freedom and independence is not an empty sound.
  3. It is the Rat that eventually becomes close to the Rooster unbearably boring, cramped, she cannot breathe due to the constant pressure of the partner and his desire to control her in everything.
  4. They often quarrel in disputes, finding out who is in charge in the family. Both will want to take a leadership position, but they are not going to give in.

But in the sexual life everything will be fine. In general, they would like to spend most of their time in bed, because everything in it is always harmonious and full of understanding.

Male rat and female rooster

Responsibility for a favorable psychological climate in the relationship will lie primarily with the woman. She is wise enough to settle down a fickle and frivolous chosen one, make him radically reconsider his life views.

Rooster and Rat compatibility

But it will be crowned with success only if a man truly falls in love. Then he will be tuned to a serious relationship and will be able to change for the better for the sake of her beloved.

What astrologers say about this variant of the union:

  1. Girl-Rat by nature is a very ambitious and purposeful person. It will be difficult for her to drive herself into the traditional framework of relationships. She does not want to become an exemplary hostess and keep the family hearth. If a man forbids her to work and be realized in the outside world, she will certainly begin to rebel.
  2. If she still has opportunities for self-development and creativity outside the family, she can only show herself from the best side. It will be a calm and wise companion of life, next to which it is incredibly pleasant to be. It can, when necessary, adapt to the spouse.
  3. It is very important for both of them to understand that they will never be able to redo each other. It is necessary either to accept the partner completely with all the shortcomings, or to part. Attempts to reform a priori fail for such a pair.
  4. Relations in such a union are too emotional. Each quarrel, even on a petty occasion, turns into a stormy scandal that threatens to end with parting. In order to prevent this within the family, all the ardor and energy must be spent outside the home.

The girl will constantly wait for the choice of gifts and flowers, but will rarely receive them. Her life partner is absolutely not romantic, so you have to accept this. But he will fully prove his love with real actions, which will make it clear that you can rely on him in any difficult situation.

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Male Rooster and Female Rat

This variant of the union is more favorable than the previous one.

Rooster and Rat compatibility

What do astrological predictions say for such a pair:

  1. There are many chances to build a happy, long and strong relationship. Compatibility at a very high level.
  2. In order to preserve love, it is necessary to properly distribute roles in a couple. The girl must create comfort and keep home. It is to her liking and quite under the force. A man will remain a breadwinner who accomplishes feats in the outside world, and then shares the fruits of his labor with his beloved.
  3. The woman has a well-developed intuition. In addition, she is an empath — she feels subtly the mood changes of her partner and knows how to correctly adapt to them. Thanks to these innate qualities, she easily avoids conflicts and responds correctly to her husband’s behavior.
  4. She is able to find the right words in a difficult situation and support her man, instill in him confidence in herself, inspire real feats. He draws energy from her, feels comfortable and relaxes his soul next to her.
  5. She sincerely and deeply respects her husband, receiving in return a lot of gratitude and love.
  6. Their relationship in most cases are divided into two stages: a strong love, after which should be full of intransigence. Having experienced the first, passionate feeling, in one instant they pass to the second. They are looking for and find each other a lot of flaws, they want to leave.
  7. And only if they manage to survive the difficult second stage, they move to the next level — harmonious and easy, happy relationships.
  8. Most often the man spoils the relationship. He has an unbearable, very complex and sometimes unpleasant character. Especially annoying to his companion is the constant pressure, control and endless restrictions of her freedom.

It is not known what the fate of the relationship will be. After all, the rat’s love of freedom is faced with hyper-responsibility and the framework of the Rooster, which provokes a lot of conflicts.

Despite astrologers’ disappointing forecasts, chances are still there. The main thing is that the partners love each other sincerely, then any obstacles will be on the shoulder, and life tests will seem complete nonsense.

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