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Rooster and Dragon Compatibility

Rooster and Dragon Compatibility — Why They Split

Compatibility of the Rooster and the Dragon is not the most favorable, as astrologers believe. Despite the fact that the characters of the partners match each other, their relationship is usually full of contradictions.

Let’s try to figure out whether they have the chance to work together to build a happy and serene future.

general characteristics

Both the Rooster and the Dragon are not made for a quiet life. They like active pastime, bright emotions and new impressions are important.

Both love to be the center of attention, incredibly sociable and rivet the attention of others.

Rooster and Dragon Compatibility

True, the Dragon can win attention easily, but the Rooster has to put a huge amount of effort. Therefore, he may be a little jealous of his more successful partner.

Together, they are able to achieve great success in life. But rare couples stay together for a long time due to the complete incompatibility of characters.

They can not get along together, constantly scandalous and quarrel, because of what in most cases part.

Dragon annoying selfish Rooster. He does not understand how you can constantly look in the mirror and endlessly admire yourself when there are so many things and problems that need attention.

Rooster partner often seems a real bore. Therefore, over time, he begins to avoid communication in order not to listen to angry notations again.

It is not known how the fate of their relationship will be, if they let everything go to chance. Most likely, the gap will be inevitable.

Only tremendous efforts and work on themselves will save their feelings.

Rooster Man and Dragon Woman

The Rooster man is a very friendly and benevolent person. He easily finds a common language with everyone, it is pleasant to communicate with him.

Quickly becomes the soul of the company, finds new friends.

Rooster and Dragon Compatibility

Dragon Girl is a very independent and strong personality. Any business she started she will bring to the end, by all means achieve their goals.


What expects this couple in a relationship, according to the eastern horoscope:

  1. Despite the easy nature of the Rooster, his excessive love of leadership can be a stumbling block. He wants to control the chosen one in everything, and she is too independent to agree to this.
  2. But he is completely picky in everyday life, so a woman will not have to be killed at home. Where more the chosen one will appreciate her wisdom, lack of claims and reproaches, ability to support, trust and understanding.
  3. The perfect couple for the Rooster is a wise and mature, very calm woman who is able to silence in time and is able to calm the man during bouts of hot temper. She must also recognize his leadership.
  4. The girl also needs unlimited adoration of the chosen one, his love and admiration. If he gives her these emotions in the right amount, the relationship can be almost perfect.
  5. If there is not enough emotion, the girl will fight with the chosen one for leadership. A long and tiring period of competition, rivalry, after which the couple will part, will begin.
  6. Not wanting to yield to the chosen one, she will endlessly provoke quarrels and scandals with the smashing of dishes. Even the strongest marriage in this situation will crack over time, and the case will end in divorce.

Astrologers believe that this couple will always be on the verge of parting. Only endless patience, the desire to change and a very strong love can keep them close to each other.

But if the girl does not cease to compete with the chosen one, all attempts to save the relationship are completely useless.

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Rooster Woman and Dragon Man

The Man-Dragon has a very strong character, he is a purposeful and ambitious person. But at the same time he has a very complex character, so the girl is not easy to get along with him.

Rooster and Dragon Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a variant of the union:

  1. The man has a very unabashed character and explosive temperament. He can tire his darling with constant irritability and nervousness.
  2. When they quarrel, even the most silent conflict quickly develops into a stormy scandal with the smashing of dishes. And it happens through the fault of men, who are not able to control themselves and restrain their stormy temper.
  3. He often breaks a bad mood on close people, it is unbearably difficult to communicate with him. But at the initial stage of the relationship, everything goes quite smoothly. He seems to the girl incredibly interesting, gives her a lot of new impressions, her life becomes more vivid and rich.
  4. The girl-rooster is also quite a strong and independent person. At the same time, she has a very unbalanced character, she likes to play not the public and to shock others. She is amused by negative emotions and bewilderment of people.
  5. She loves noisy big companies, does not like to spend time at home, she needs constant communication. Eager to always be in the spotlight. Loneliness simply does not tolerate, it is immense.
  6. Appearance is very important for her, so she always keeps an eye on herself, looks well-groomed and stylish.
  7. The love of parties and small narcissism do not prevent a woman from becoming an excellent mistress, wife and mother. She does not forget about their female duties, so the home does not suffer at all.
  8. Jealousy can be a stumbling block in a relationship. A girl very painfully perceives the love of a chosen one for the attention of the opposite sex. And he himself is not hiding, constantly giving reasons. On this basis, there is a huge amount of conflict.
  9. They will have to learn to negotiate for a long time in order to maintain a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the relationship. It is necessary to carefully adapt to each other. The couple does not always have enough patience for this. Therefore, in real life, the union of the Rooster and the Dragon very often ends in parting.

Only at the initial stage, the outbreak of passion masks the shortcomings of their relationship. After several months, they get to know each other better and may be seriously disappointed.

Only a strong love will correct the situation and help preserve old feelings.

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