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Rooster and Bull compatibility

Compatibility of the Rooster and the Bull — the opinion of astrologers

Compatibility of the Rooster and the Bull is considered quite high, albeit with reservations. The characters of the partners are similar, the temperaments differ, therefore it is impossible to speak about perfect mutual understanding, but the union can be quite successful.

general characteristics

To understand what the relationship will be, you need to better know what the characters of the partners. Then it is easy to give a forecast about how the fate of their union will be.

Rooster and Bull compatibility

Opinions and characteristics of astrologers:

  • The bull is very strong and confident. Therefore, he can meet any obstacles, he does not succumb to difficulties and always achieves goals. Very practical and rational person. For him, it is important that work is appreciated, so it will never work for a small reward.
  • He does not like empty intrigues, aimed at a serious relationship. Great family man. He sees happiness in a happy marriage, wise wife, children and domestic comfort. And she is looking for a girl with relevant views and plans for life.
  • Very conservative. A person of borders and frames often severely limits not only himself, but also a loved one. Sometimes being around him is very difficult, and it will take tremendous patience.
  • The rooster is a more open personality, but equally strong. He sees a lot of opportunities around which he enjoys, seeking to develop and grow up the career ladder. Will not engage in that will not bring benefits in the future.
  • He is very straightforward and simple, can say everything he thinks, right in the face. At the same time, it often overdoes it without thinking about the consequences. Therefore, has a lot of problems in relationships with others.
  • Only this quality often prevents him from achieving success, but otherwise he is very hardworking, efficient, can generate ideas and motivate people to act.

And what can be expected of people born under the signs of the Rooster and the Bull, in a relationship:

  • When they meet, they will immediately feel a soul mate in each other, they will not want to let go of their partner, they fall in love quickly and deeply. They will try to develop relationships as soon as possible, turning them from a novel into a family.
  • The bull will become for the Rooster a reinforced concrete support, and the latter will give the chosen one a lot of impressions and emotions, turn gray life into a bright and colorful holiday.
  • Despite the fact that they have different temperaments, they get along well with each other. Calm Bull makes the hot-tempered and emotional Rooster more balanced and stable.
  • They rarely argue, because the bull has enough wisdom to nip conflict in the bud.
  • The rooster now and then tries to show his uneasy character. His powerful fiery temperament requires an exit, which is not always liked by the partner. The bull will have to be patient to get used to.

Male Bull and Female Rooster

In such a relationship, partners are facing tremendous challenges. We will have to get used to and get used to each other very long in order to keep love and make the union strong, happy and harmonious.

Rooster and Bull compatibility

First of all, they will have to learn to accept each other with all the shortcomings and not to try to rehabilitate their partner. Only then there is a chance to live together happily ever after, in love and harmony.

If they fall in love with each other, they will be able to overcome all the obstacles and pass the life tests that they measure. Gradually, they will begin to adapt to the chosen one, getting used to it, and losing the desire to conflict.

The problem may be the fact that the girl is not very confident in herself. Because of this, she will wreak havoc with feelings, and the chosen one — with suspicions of treason that will bring him to a white-hot.

It will take tremendous patience to calm a woman’s fears, to give her a feeling of complete security.

In order to maintain psychological comfort in relationships, a woman simply has to learn to trust her lover and rely on him completely. Only then will they both be happy and create a strong family.

Rooster Man and Bull Woman

Eastern horoscope promises strong and prosperous relations to such partners. They understand each other perfectly, behave as kindly and calmly as possible.

Rooster and Bull compatibility

It is very important that together they set common goals that are attractive to both. And they went to them, in spite of any obstacles.

Then there is every chance not only to be happy in love, but also to achieve great success in your career, business, and become influential people.

The woman behaves with the Rooster very wisely. Only she alone can balance his unruly character, and only she becomes able to trust.

A man transforms the life of his beloved, who, before meeting him, lived, in his opinion, gray and boring. He gives her a lot of emotions, shows a lot of new places, invites to travel, makes love active recreation.

They develop together, perfectly complementing each other. This is a union in which partners are constantly developing and becoming better every day.

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Union cons

To save feelings, consider all possible disadvantages of the relationship:

  1. If a man does not feel the support of his chosen one, he will easily commit adultery, without even trying to tell his lover that he needs her words of approval.
  2. Above all, he appreciates his own comfort, but does not always care about the interests of the second half.
  3. The girl does not want to become a classic housewife, she has ambitions, she wants to be realized in the outside world, to build a career. Her companion does not always approve of such behavior, adhering to conservative views.
  4. Both whole life strive for harmony and balance. But to reach them in a relationship is very difficult. Calm now and then breaks the emotional Rooster. A bull with time can be pretty tired of such a heat of passion. It is therefore very important to comply with the measure, figuring out the relationship.

In general, the Rooster and the Bull can be happy together. But the fate of their relationship directly depends on the desire of partners to change, develop, and put up with each other’s shortcomings.

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