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Review of love compatibility in a pair of dogs and dragon

Is happiness possible in a pair of dogs and dragon

Often people, when they enter into a relationship, want to know how high the love compatibility between them will be. Many in such cases are sent to the fortuneteller, astrologers or study the date of birth. And most of all I like the study of compatibility in the Eastern horoscope.

And in this material, I suggest you find out how successful the compatibility between the Dog and the Dragon is.

Review of love compatibility in a pair of dogs and dragon

Characteristic features of the sign of the Eastern Horoscope Dogs

Almost all horoscopes describe the Dog as a very restless sign, which is in eternal readiness to protect itself and its close environment.

People-Dogs are vivid individualists who have excellent intellectual abilities, a sharp mind and well-developed logical thinking. They are also a bit hard-nosed, always confident that they need to be completely happy, and even more aware that they absolutely do not need any price. «Buy» a man-dog is almost impossible, because his friendship and love should be exclusively deserved.

Even Dogs are distinguished by some isolation, she prefers to be in proud solitude than to be with anyone. But on the other hand, such people do not tolerate a state of solitude, they suffer greatly from it.

They need the right person next to them.

Eastern horoscope describes the Dog, as perhaps the most sincere and devoted representative of all signs, because she is almost not subject to greed, meanness, hypocrisy and envy.

The dog is so true that other people are often seriously afraid of her, as she is able to tell them the whole truth in person, even if the latter is not entirely impartial. For people, dogs are typical of strong cynicism in the statements and caustic nagging to others.

But the Dog also has one negative habit — it often gets stuck on trifles and details, which is why it risks being called “petty”, although in reality this is not at all true. The dog will never miss a single detail, thanks to which he very broadly understands different things, events and problems.

The dog acts as a serious skeptic, a pessimist, a critic who does not expect anything from life and is able to put up with any life situations. Representatives of this sign stand out for their increased endurance, moral strength, intransigence in the battle against evil, unpretentiousness, an excellent sense of humor, intelligence and wisdom.

Characteristic features of the Dragon

Dragon People are intelligent, freedom-loving, tend to grow up at an early age and, from childhood, realize their true purpose, which they will fulfill for the rest of their lives.

Dragons also characterize loyalty, tolerance and tact. In society, they are always distinguished by calmness, unshakable faith in themselves, friendliness, good manners and pleasant communication.

In most cases, the Dragons are profoundly decent people for whom lies are false with hypocrisy.

They have a very wide soul that is filled with noble feelings and aspirations. And yet — they have tremendous inner strength, which they do not hesitate to use in case of need.

The Dragon Man is a very talented creature, generously sharing his energy with those who need it. Throughout his life, such a person will strive to learn something new, but not with the goal of making a career, but in order to improve himself.

Any innovations Dragons perceive philosophically with serenity and without much emotion. They will prefer to wait a bit to see what happens next — good or bad.

True, if they observe a profit with the prospect of development, they will instantly support the innovation.

In addition to all this, representatives of this constellation are characterized by diligence, high working capacity, they do not accept flattery, lies and hypocrisy in love. And the same will be demanded from other people.

Generosity with generosity, plus a focus on the goal — these are the main characteristics of the Dragon. Such a person is accustomed to achieve everything at the expense of his own honest efforts and therefore, more often than not, his old age already has a fairly good condition.

Dragons by their nature are not too inclined to passion, but when they find their partner in life — they keep him loyalty and devotion.

Review of love compatibility in a pair of dogs and dragon

Characteristics of the compatibility of dogs and dragon

Eastern horoscope compatibility indicates that, as a rule, alliances of Dogs with Dragons are not very successful. The difficulty lies in the fact that these signs rarely have shared goals and are prone to mutual misunderstanding.

The dog is the only sign of the entire horoscope, not seduced by the greatness of the Dragon. The dog is accustomed to taking life with realism and disgusting manifestations of artificial gloss.

It is not excluded that the Dog is fully able to fall in love with the Dragon, but such love will bring her only suffering, because she will not be able to demonstrate all her tenderness.

Plus, in the depths of his soul, the Dog scoffs at his partner a little, and dragon has little attention in such relationships. He must feel love and acceptance of all his faults. But the last is given to the Dog with great difficulty.

Therefore, she often underestimates her faithful. All this, in sum, provokes various complexes, which are already more than enough.

Overview of a pair of male dogs and female dragon

Compatibility in the considered union is not very favorable. It is difficult for a man-dog and a woman-dragon to build love, because they have too different life orientations and needs.

But in a situation where their goal is a beautiful fleeting novel, the illusory happiness is quite real.

Although still the relationship in the pair will not be too stable. It is highly unlikely that the representatives of these signs will give one to another what they are so much interested in.

The Man-Dog dreams of home warmth with comfort, and the Lady of the Dragon is seduced by active social activities. And if she does not give the partner enough attention, most likely he will go in search of a more interested and affectionate girl who will give more time to family affairs.

Of course, if you mean just a light affair, then the partners can be quite happy. But they are unlikely to be able to live together all their lives and share family responsibilities in such a way as to make it possible to create a strong and long-lasting union.

Lady-Dragon is very independent, demanding and strong morally. She wants to receive recognition and respect from her man and agrees only to create equal partnerships.

However, such a development is not acceptable for a man-dog, as he wants to find support in a stronger partner, but at the same time remains free.

Overview of a pair of female dogs and male dragon

Speaking about the compatibility of the male Dragon and the female Dog, it should be noted that she is far from the best. The reason is that partners relate to life and core values ​​in different ways, which is why creating love relationships will be quite difficult.

Of course, if we mean only a short affair, in which the underlying psychological motives are not too interesting for each other, then it can be quite interesting and seductive for both partners. In this case, they can easily be content with just the tip of the iceberg.

Review of love compatibility in a pair of dogs and dragon

And speaking of long-lasting and strong relationships in such a pair, it should be noted that it is the superficial perception of oneself and one-sided perception of the role of the spouse in one’s life that is fraught with major difficulties in the relationship. The representatives of these signs are too different for them to create something in common.

They are much more attracted to the outer side of life.

It is impossible to say that such relationships can be stable. As a rule, each of the partners is simply not able to give the other what he needs.

So the girl dreams of care and warmth, and the man is interested in social activities. And if he does not pay attention to her, then she will be bored and will look for someone else who is much more interested in the family.

The ideal way to develop such a relationship is when the Dragon Man provides his girlfriend financially, and also deals with the satisfaction of her spiritual needs. He will make their life together more diverse and deal with important tasks.

Then the woman-dog for its part will show loyalty and reliability, but only with the condition of constant care and receiving sufficient attention from his faithful.

This is a common trend characteristic of the relationship of dogs and dragon. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules, the main thing is a sincere desire to work on relationships.

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