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Retrograde Mercury: what’s wrong can happen

Retrograde Mercury and its effect on humans

Retrograde Mercury usually does not promise anything good to people. When the planet begins to «retrograde», there comes a difficult period. But not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance.

Let us plunge into the world of astrology and try to figure out what to do during retrograde days.

How does retrograde mercury affect a person’s life?

Astrologers believe: retrograde Mercury directly affects people’s lives. They may not know about it, but they will definitely feel the change.

Retrograde Mercury: what's wrong can happen

We share conclusions and observations that astrologers have collected and saved for years:

  1. The planet starts retrograde 3-4 times a year, each of the periods lasts about three weeks. The energy of Mercury, interacting with people, makes them less attentive and more diffused. The ability to concentrate and focus on one business decreases, the risk of mistakes is high. This phenomenon is easiest to notice in schoolchildren — performance decreases, the grades temporarily become worse.
  2. Very negatively, the planet affects any new business and deals. Therefore, it is not recommended to plan and start something in the period of retrograde. Even new acquaintances are extremely undesirable, because they can bring many troubles and disappointments into your life.
  3. Many people have a period when they suddenly want to remember and analyze the past. If such a desire arises with you, that’s fine. You can make out all the mistakes made earlier and finally learn important lessons so that you no longer find yourself in unpleasant situations.
  4. But you have a wonderful chance to return a long-lost relationship with a person with whom you have quarreled or stopped communicating in the past. This is a favorable period for the restoration of old ties, so be sure to use this opportunity.
  5. During the period of retrograde, a person reaps the fruits of past actions and deeds. If earlier he worked hard and his thoughts were positive, he will get several times more. If he is lazy and harms other people, he will be overtaken by “retribution”.
  6. Be sure to go back to the long-deferred cases and bring the project to the end, complete all projects. Then they will bring a solid sum, and you will stop suffering from the fact that the load of unfinished obligations puts pressure on you.
  7. In retrograde time, those people with whom you did not hope to resume communication can appear again and again in your life. Therefore, it is a great chance to understand if you need them and to return them if you wish.
  8. Any errors that need to be corrected float to the surface and become visible. Therefore, you can easily detect and correct them, which helps to change life for the better.

The deterioration of attention and concentration, the emergence of people from the past, unfinished business and actions are what are clearly manifested in the period of Mercury’s retrograde. All these need to be able to use.

What to do when Mercury «retrograde»

Basic knowledge of astrology and understanding of the processes that occur in different periods will help you adapt to the energetics of the planets. That, in the end, will improve the quality of your life.

Retrograde Mercury: what's wrong can happen

What we recommend to do in the period of Mercury retrograde:

  1. If you have long planned to go to a psychologist or psychotherapist, do it. Your injuries, negative attitudes, blocks and beliefs can be most effectively worked out precisely in the period of retrograde.
  2. Disassemble archives of photos, old papers, records and letters. Throw something that has long ceased to be relevant. Leave the essentials and that which brings pleasant memories.
  3. Creative people who write: poems, books, articles, it is recommended to re-read their past creations. You can visit the inspiration, and you can improve your work.
  4. Do general cleaning. Destroy all old, unnecessary things. Wash all the nooks, looking into every corner.
  5. Think of unfulfilled promises, debts. It is time to pay the bills and answer for your words. During this period it is very important to pay off obligations: both moral and financial.
  6. Repair broken electrical appliances, fix problems with plumbing, electricity, solve all other household problems. You must try to put in order absolutely everything that surrounds you.
  7. This is a great time to engage in spiritual development: read books, go to church, practice meditation and various practices in order to better understand your own subconscious and ask yourself all the exciting questions.

Mercury’s retrograde time is an ideal period for self-digging and cardinal changes for the better. Do not waste precious minutes in vain, and you will be surprised what fruits will bring your actions.

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What bad can happen?

No wonder many people interested in astrology, have negative associations with the words «Mercury retrograde.» At this time not the most pleasant phenomena can be observed.

Retrograde Mercury: what's wrong can happen

  1. Household appliances are breaking down and breaking down, electrical appliances are “bewildering”. Particularly affected can be gadgets, whose functions include receiving and transmitting information.
  2. People become very emotional, impulsive, make decisions spontaneously. Unconsciously wanting to change, they can throw out extraordinary actions, which in the future will have to regret. Therefore, it is necessary to try by all means to “turn on” the brain and make decisions rationally.
  3. Particularly sensitive to the energy of the planets, girls can enter into relations with their unsuitable partners. It happens on emotions that in the future can lead to suffering and pain. Therefore, it is worth waiting for the end of the retrograde period before making any decisions regarding your personal life.
  4. This is the time when the secret becomes apparent. The unpleasant acts of many people are becoming famous. Unpleasant facts float to the surface, reputations are crumbling before our eyes.

We hasten to reassure: it is not necessary to attach too great importance to the movements of the planets. Mercury retrograde does not affect everyone, it is possible that you are not among the “lucky ones”. Therefore, listen to yourself — is your state of health changing, is something unusual happening?

If not, quietly live on, not paying attention to retrograde.

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