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Red panties on the chandelier to attract money and love: a description of the ritual

Red panties on the chandelier to attract money and love

The absurd and sometimes ridiculous magic of Simoron is aimed at fulfilling cherished desires. The red color of underwear is a symbol of prosperity and good luck in many nations. New Year in Turkey is always trying to meet in red underwear.

And red panties, hung on the chandelier, are capable of attracting love, money and good luck to a person’s life. The main thing is to conduct the ritual correctly, then the desired result will not take long to wait.

Any magic ritual or rite has an author. Rituals often changed, evolved over the centuries, supplemented with new details depending on the trends of modernity and time.

At the heart of the rituals of the Simoron system is the idea of ​​renouncing, for the duration of the ceremony, the usual norms of morality and generally accepted rules in society. One should not think about propriety and not analyze anything, but concentrate solely on one’s desire.

During the ceremony, you can perform any absurd actions, no matter how stupid and unnatural they look from the outside.

Externally, Simoron is similar to shamanism, but its followers do not pay attention to this, considering that if the end justifies the means, then there is nothing reprehensible in this. The system has many rites and signs associated with red panties. Cause:

  • Red color is a symbol of action, energy, activity.
  • Since ancient times, solemn ceremonies and important events have been associated with red flowers.

Red — the color of military victories, royal power, belonging to a high society, to the aristocracy. The purple-red color is the official form of UK peers, which has remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

Previously, brides were married in a red dress.

Place for cowards

According to the ritual of Simoron, the underpants should hang on the chandelier. It is not advisable to hang them in the bathroom, toilet or in the kitchen. It is believed that if you throw the panties in the living room, not all the guests will notice them.

But still, it is worthwhile to take into account those who live nearby, especially if they do not share the views of the Simoron, and choose the rooms that outsiders rarely visit.

If there is no chandelier in the house

Instead of a chandelier, you can use absolutely any piece of furniture in the room. TV, chair, floor lamp or cornice — it does not matter.

The main thing — cowards should not fall.

How many panties should hang

There is no exact period during which ritual cowards cannot be removed. In theory, the longer the better.

Red panties help fulfill dreams

There are many rituals using red panties. This item of women’s wardrobe can fulfill cherished desires and dreams, can bring to life good luck, wealth, love, find a good job and much more.

Although cowards should be worn, you should not use too shabby rituals — they will not be able to work as they should.

Red panties on the chandelier to attract money and love: a description of the ritual

In order for the magic ritual to bring the desired result, a number of conditions must first be fulfilled:

  1. 1. First, you should determine your intentions and articulate them clearly. In the case of money — how much money is needed and what it is planned to spend.
  2. 2. The next step will be to buy the right and necessarily red panties. They must be beautiful, like at first sight. After the purchase, they should be washed, so that they do not have the energy of those people who touched them before. Before the ritual to attract money, it is better to wash the underpants with citrus oil. During the wash you need to gently and gently handle cowards, because this is the main magic item for the near future.
  3. 3. On the eve of the ritual, the underpants must be put on and walked in them all day. At this time, in no case can one participate in conflicts, allow bad thoughts, treat anything negatively. Only pleasant thoughts about the upcoming result and future money. At the end of the day, the underpants should be washed again and hung to dry.


  1. 1. The next day, you can proceed to the most interesting stage of the ceremony. If you wish, you can record the ceremony on video, then to see and laugh with friends. Having turned on cheerful music and put on pants on your head, you need to start dancing. The ceremony should be properly tuned, and the reckless dance with voluntary movements is the best way possible. During the dance, it is advisable to present the racing money streams as real as possible, with no end in sight. The duration of the dance does not really matter, but at least five minutes should be given to this stage.
  2. 2. After the dance is over, you will have to do a little gymnastics and show flexibility and dexterity, since the goal is to throw your underpants on the chandelier with your foot. You can do it in any position: standing, sitting, lying, somehow. The main thing is that they hang on the chandelier, and not fall immediately. Do not be upset if you can not immediately complete the exercise. The more complex the process, the more powerful the result will be.
  3. 3. In the process of throwing pants on a lamp or chandelier you need to constantly repeat the plot: "Panties on the chandelier — money in the house!". When the cowards will be in the sacred place, utter the word: "Flooded"as if a river full of money is already visible. We must speak confidently and loudly. After that, the pants should not be removed within a month. Once a week, they are recommended to take off and put on even for a few minutes so that the underpants absorb the energy of the hostess again.

The best day to conduct the rite of money — Thursday, the day of the planet Jupiter. To secure the result, the ritual can be repeated on the first lunar day.

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