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Rating of women by zodiac sign: who is the best of the representatives of the zodiacal circle

A woman on dates and after marriage are two different characters. Therefore, so that the development of events within the family does not come as a surprise, it would not hurt to foresee it a little, looking at the astrological characteristic of the beloved. Despite the fact that such a description is common, a man will be able to more clearly imagine the qualities that should be expected in marriage from a future spouse.

Re-educating a mature person is an unrealistic task, but it may turn out that it is the husband who wants to redo it.

Beautiful, alluring, seductive, cunning, the woman-Scorpio does not give rest to the imagination of the fans, everyone wants to see herself next to her. To please her is a privilege, but it also means that you have to adapt to her uneasy moody disposition.

The girl is mysterious and unpredictable, so it will take a long time to establish a trusting contact with her. Under her influence, men are ready to gain and lose fortune.

And the principle of Scorpio is to blame for everything: "dominate".

According to astrologers, the incredibly delectable and magically intelligent lady Scorpio is the worst for family relationships among the signs of the zodiac. She will reveal the potential of her chosen one, bring up the best sides of his personality, but for this he needs to have the strength of character. Scorpio will require more than the spouse can give.

But the woman will meet his expectations as a partner, give an unforgettable experience in an intimate relationship.

Rating of women by zodiac sign: who is the best of the representatives of the zodiacal circle

To become the spouse of Pisces means never to guess about the secrets of the chosen one, planned matters, ways of spending leisure time. She, in turn, is able to offer a sufficient number of ideas for an interesting pastime.

Life with Pisces is like a drug addiction, because those who decide to end the relationship will not last a day without a beloved smile. It should be noted the mind, dedication and creativity of his wife to the creation of comfort in the family, raising children.

The husband, under any circumstances, must find out what is hidden in her head, and then engage in the realization of the desired at life. When this condition is fulfilled, you can relax, but remain for Pisces as a protector, master, seducer, best friend, not forgetting to encourage, amaze, and tremble.

The one who succeeds in capturing the shades of her mood will be happy with the Fish. If this is not done, she will be disappointed and just leave.

A man of such a woman should understand that she performs a valuable function in marriage — it is his ornament.

Rating of women by zodiac sign: who is the best of the representatives of the zodiacal circle

This is a real queen, demanding an appropriate attitude. She needs royal chambers, on the territory of which it is possible to obtain her permission to be a knight. But there is nothing better than a lioness as a bride.

Other women fade in comparison with her.

She is a star born to shine for an ambitious chosen one. The woman Leo is a motivator for the execution of everything conceived to her, she will not agree to anything less, and if a man wishes to link her fate with her, he simply has no other choice.

How far the Lioness will be for her husband is up to him. But it should be remembered that instead of dissatisfaction, this woman throws out anger, and after the divorce of the property acquired with her will not be enough to enter into relations with another Lioness.

Rating of women by zodiac sign: who is the best of the representatives of the zodiacal circle

Fighting girl-Sagittarius is ready to go for a man in the fire and in the water. She until the last second will fight off the crowds of their own fans.

In family conflicts, the anger of his wife under the sign of Sagittarius will manifest itself most clearly. Astrologers do not advise her "fight", because afterwards even a desperate plea for help will not save the loser "pardon".

Freedom is a bright feature of Sagittarius, which sometimes dominates the desire to marry. And interest in creative projects often takes precedence over devotion.

Sagittarius warns frankly that she does not need any riches of her husband, except for his passport. This is made of good intentions — confidence in the future. A joint life should develop as Sagittarius wishes.

While the wife gets what she needs, the relationship is beautiful. If the partner manages to cope with the originality of Sagittarius — their marriage will be closer to perfection.

This is a mysterious, mysterious, mystical, person who sees right through her man. The twins look into the depths of the soul, reveal any hidden secrets of the chosen one.

They see the shadow sides of the personality, manipulating, controlling, dominating a man. They are loving, sympathetic women, until their interests change.

Gemini woman is truly beautiful. She will surprise with ingenuity, but one should not forget about the dual nature of this lady, someone will not like her hidden side at all.

These women sincerely consider themselves happy. Of the men next to them can only be a strong personality.

Magnificence, self-confidence, intelligence and beauty make a man fall in love with them. But living with his wife Aries is like being on a volcano.

She is strong, so all weak men are not for her. She needs a hero, and not everyone will endure her wild character.

Aries — a faithful wife, and for this she expects reciprocity. As soon as she gets married, the couple begins an endless struggle for survival, but without a winner.

Strength of spirit and inner potential are trained in the pair.

If a man is ready to be in the role of an opponent of a woman who has never "bends" — he marries Aries. Those who decided, but not satisfied, are abandoned by their wives.

This is a charming, affectionate, sincere woman, but not adapted to family life. But she is a virtuoso culinary.

To a man who recognizes such a lady, life without her will seem gray, empty, lonely. Marrying Scales is an advantageous event on all sides, the girl is gentle, soft, compliant.

Never betray, the desired gets through the caress, loves romance, ready for experiments. Sometimes this is a slightly nervous woman.

Scales with all their appearance demonstrate the need for tenderness, attention, caress. The man himself soon imbued with this mood.

But graceful "cat" must always be heated so that it does not leave the next moment.

Scales make long-term plans that inspire the partner and everyone around him. Family members feel great as long as a woman tends to be kind and happy.

But much of the time she can spend in hysterics, suffering, sobbing. One cannot be interested in the reasons for this behavior, because Libra may be offended.

Virgo — the wisest in the rating of women on the sign of the zodiac. Although this does not mean "the best" wife, she is an exemplary friend and ally.

Her insight is alarming and sometimes scary. After all, she knows everything in advance, as well as the fact that both must look in the same direction, of course, the way the wife looks. Virgo will forgive everything, any mistake, because this was what she should have foreseen, and people are imperfect.

She will give her warmth, support with advice, direct in actions.

She is a friend, lover and judge in one person. And yet, the husband may need support when the wife becomes "to inflate" problem from scratch.

Later, she is able to realize her wrong, only her spouse will have a hard time.

To marry a Virgo, you need to become a model husband, understanding what is right and wrong for her. If opinions do not coincide, then it would be more rational to avoid what looks bad in her eyes, indulging her.

This woman is a perpetual motion machine, the embodiment of stability, constancy, devotion, a role model for children. Therefore, due to the contrast of characters, such women are often married to frivolous young men.

A Taurus woman is exacting and gets what she wants: a man will have to find out that she needs a house in the country, a yacht, and good nutrition. These are components of a set of motivating techniques.

Blackmail, criticism, the manner of Taurus to manipulate — just virtuoso. After being cohabited, the guy who married her becomes a successful businessman, a bright personality, for which she gets fourth place in the ranking.

This is possible if he is able to appreciate the qualities of his wife and not contradict her, despite the emotions.

The woman made her own recipe for happiness, including work on herself as one of the prerequisites. Common sense, sober calculation, and no illusions. You can live with her happily.

She is not tempted by feelings, false beliefs, getting married. In her view there is a clear arrangement of all that provides harmony in the family.

And the husband plays a significant role.

Capricorn will not leave his tenacious grip and force the satellite to reach the ideal. Thanks to this, marriage and peace and happiness to old age are guaranteed to prevail.

Her criteria of ideality are not given to everyone to understand, but those whom Capricorn chooses will most likely be able to do it.

Only Capricorn’s wife can easily combine home, children and work in life, and she does it so skillfully that everyone is grateful and happy. The order, mode, time paid bills, the perfection of an exemplary lady, and the passion in intimate life — that which will go to the elect who marries her.

A freedom-loving woman is listed as a wife, but at the same time she may not be around. No one does not exert pressure on a man, so Aquarius is listed second in the list of the best wives of the zodiacal circle.

It is not the first only because, in the principles of Aquarius, not to waste time on the maintenance of life: the wife declares that it is every man for himself in the kitchen and in maintaining the cleanliness of the home. And all that is worthy of attention — this is endless fun.

The wife under the sign of Aquarius is the ideal of the male dream: beautiful, young, her temperament is not subject to time. Even in old age she is ready to laugh like a schoolgirl.

But the partner will never be the only one in her mind. In her life there are several applicants with a proposal to get married.

Aquarius is a strong, intelligent, independent, and if ideas leave her head for a while, she becomes a surprisingly sweet and disinterested partner. In addition to all, she will not bother and distract her husband from his studies, but devote herself to her hobby.

Her boyfriend will only have to worry about one thing: how to relieve her of boredom in a relationship. If he can cope with this task, then Aquarius will be the best companion of life.

Leader in the ranking of wives on the sign of the zodiac Cancer. To win such a lady, you have to put a lot of effort into it. Married Cancer woman will show herself in the best light: she is the best hostess, a real intellectual and a beauty.

She easily maintains the house in perfect condition, her children are well brought up, her husband is full, her relatives are happy.

The goal of a woman’s life is family, and she will not regret the one who neglects her family. At such a moment, the spouse may regret his choice of this woman as his wife.

The advantages, which the Cancer wife is not deprived of in most cases, are in her following characteristics:

  • thrift, care;
  • sensuality, tenderness, sexual attractiveness;
  • empathy and empathy;
  • the ability to keep up the conversation;
  • culinary arts;
  • reliability — you can rely on it in everything.

Cancer will never lie, and she really likes being married. She makes every effort for the welfare of the union and remains with her companion for life.

Choosing a wife can be loving or cool, but it is important not to forget that no horoscope will take into account the unique personality characteristics. However, it is possible that the presented top-12 will help to clarify and discuss potential problems together with the chosen one.

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