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Rat and Tiger Compatibility — Business Compatibility

Compatibility of the Rat and Tiger — an ambiguous union

The compatibility of the Rat and the Tiger is very ambiguous. Relationships between partners may be established, but whether a long-term and stable union will emerge is unknown.

Negative traits of the characters of both manifest in all their glory. Let’s analyze in more detail.

Relationship Features

The rat is a pretty calculating nature. She will start a relationship with Tiger only if she sees benefits for herself.

Therefore, if they start a family, it will most likely be a marriage of convenience in which the Rat will become a consumer who does not want to give anything in return.

Rat and Tiger Compatibility - Business Compatibility

The features of the relationship between these signs are as follows:

  1. They have radically different views on life and arrangement of living together. For this reason, quarrels often arise, none of the partners wish to make a step forward. To save feelings, you have to struggle with your own character and learn to look for compromises.
  2. Both partners want to live based only on their own desires. Healthy egoism initially unites them, but over time becomes a stumbling block in a relationship. But no one will control the partner, restrict his freedom and demand submission.
  3. Love between them has a place to be, but the feelings are both rather sparingly. True, it does not really bother anyone.
  4. Rat used to plan everything. And when life does not go according to plan, unmotivated attacks of anger and aggression arise, which the Tiger cannot understand and accept. He himself prefers to obey the natural course of things and not think of anything in advance.
  5. Problems may also arise in the financial sphere of relations, because partners treat money differently. Tiger nature more frivolous, he does not like to save and save. The rat is important stability and financial comfort, to feel quite secure.
  6. They part as a rule because of financial problems. The tiger will find the chosen one too prudent and mercantile, and she, in turn, will never be able to accept his frivolous attitude to money.

In general, they can build a happy relationship. If they accept each other as they are.

This is a union of two opposites that attract.

Tiger Man and Rat Woman

This variant of the union is most successful. But the responsibility for harmony and the preservation of feelings in a couple will lie precisely with the woman, her ability to smooth out conflicts and accept the elect with all his flaws.

Rat and Tiger Compatibility - Business Compatibility

It is very important that she refrain from criticism, not try to re-elect the elect and did not impose his point of view on him. Then the future promises to be happy.

A man treats relationships easily, he does not notice most problems, he is able to make compromises if he is not provoked.

  • Both partners are keenly reacting to differences in the opinions of each other. They can begin to stubbornly, argue, defend their own point of view, not wanting to hear a partner.
  • Because of the inability to concede, separation can happen. Therefore, it is this moment in the relationship should be worked out first.

Sexual compatibility

In the intimate sphere of relationships, everything will develop well. Both go to meet the desires of a partner, love variety and experiments.

Therefore, in sex problems usually does not occur. And it is he who keeps them together even in times of quarrels and conflicts.

Compatibility in business

With regard to business relationships, they can develop safely. Both partners are good generators of new ideas.

They strive to try everything new, workable and hardworking. Money is earned easily and effortlessly.

From the outside it seems that the tandem of these two signs is a magnet for money. Any business for which they undertake, makes a profit.

It is desirable that the leading role played by the Tiger, and the Rat will be an excellent performer, responsible and hardworking.

Rat and Tiger Compatibility - Business Compatibility

Together they can solve any, even the most complex problems. Not afraid to set global goals and go to achieve them.

Quarrels can arise only on the basis of the distribution of profits. Everyone will try to grab a bigger piece, overestimating their own merits.

The problem point lies in the fact that Tiger does not know how to see prospects and does not want to invest in order to develop business further. He wants to take all the profits and spend immediately.

The rat looks to the future, evaluating the prospects. Because of this, partners often conflict, not wanting to look for compromises.

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Friendly relations

If they do not try to build love, they can remain wonderful friends. There is everything necessary for this: common interests, equal intellectual potential and the same aspirations in life.

It is not known how long such friendship will last. After all, the Rat is looking for all the benefits, she will try to manipulate a friend, wanting to get additional resources from him.

But she does not like to share.

If the Tiger understands that it is being used, the friendship will quickly end and develop into enmity, a quiet cold war.

Tips and tricks

In order to maintain harmony in relationships, it is important for partners to work seriously on solving common problems.

The first point is obstinacy inherent in both signs. They should stop constantly proving their own rightness, learn to listen to the opinion of a partner, seek compromises and work together to solve common problems.

It is also worth spending more time with each other, concentrating on relationships, and not on the outside life.

In general, the union is difficult, to preserve harmony and love will not be easy. But if both are ready to yield to something, there is a chance to stay together and live a long, happy life in love and harmony.

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