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Rat and Snake Compatibility — Relationship Problems

Rat and Snake Compatibility — Complicated Union

Compatibility of the Rat and the Snake according to the eastern horoscope is considered rather unfavorable. It is difficult for partners to get along together, there are usually many problems in their relationship.

There are many tests to be done to make the union happy and harmonious.

Rat: Character Features

It is difficult to make an exact psychological portrait of the Rat. This person is extremely unpredictable and ambiguous. They tend to act, giving in to emotions.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to predict how such a person will act at the next moment in time.

Rat and Snake Compatibility - Relationship Problems

Character traits of people born under this sign:

  • People mood, unpredictable and emotional. At first I do, then I think — this is about them.
  • In this case, the Rats easily adapt to external circumstances. This helps them easily find a solution to any problems they may have.
  • They are able to easily find a common language with any person. Soul of the company, they are happy to see everywhere.
  • Hardworking and executive that helps them to achieve career success.

The rat loves to be in the center of attention, she constantly needs to meet with friends and communicate. In this case, the failure in the relationship greatly hurt them and drop their self-esteem.

But, having gone through some difficulty on the path of life, the Rat quickly comes to his senses and becomes even stronger.

Snake: Character Features

Aristocratic and sophisticated natures, Snakes are always in search of beauty. They strive to improve themselves and the whole world around them.

They have an excellent sense of humor, have a light character.

Rat and Snake Compatibility - Relationship Problems

At the same time, Snakes of nature are proud and purposeful. This helps them to reach heights in their careers, they often occupy leadership positions.

In relationships, it is extremely important for them to constantly have an interest in a partner, to learn something new from him, so as not to get bored.

They are also excellent psychologists and manipulators. Egoists who receive from others everything they want.

Rat and Snake Relations

According to the eastern horoscope, these two will be difficult to get along together. Relationship problems can not be avoided.

This union is a true test for both. Only strong feelings will help overcome all crises and establish harmony.

Rat and Snake Compatibility - Relationship Problems

What is characteristic of such a union:

  • Between them is unlikely to happen love at first sight. They immediately feel that they do not fit together. Therefore, relationships can only arise under circumstances of insuperable force.
  • When they get to know each other closer, interest may arise. They have common topics for conversation, there are many interests that need to be discussed. They can find and similar traits of character, after which there is love.

Due to the incompatibility of characters in relationships, many problems can arise. Here is what you need to know in order to successfully resolve conflicts and build a harmonious and happy union:

  • Both signs — natures are extremely selfish. They tend to consume more in a relationship than to give. It is with this that you need to work first. They are simply obliged to learn how to share resources with a partner, and not just to expect all sorts of benefits from it.
  • Stubbornness and irreconcilable character is another stumbling block in the relationship of the Rat and the Snake. They find it difficult to find a compromise, but they are almost never ready to give in. Will defend their opinions to the last. It is extremely important to work with these qualities, learn to hear the chosen one, and not just strive to impose your point of view on him.

There are positive moments. If you focus on them and develop it, relationships can develop extremely well.

For example, the Rat sees in the partner great wisdom, appreciates his inexhaustible potential and realizes that this person is capable of reaching great heights. She can use it, but it is important not to bury her so that help does not turn into consumption.

Thanks to the Snake partner, the Rat will be easier to live. He will teach her to “think with her head”, to disengage herself from unnecessary emotions.

She should learn from his chosen one his wisdom, rationalism and practicality. Then all the adversities will seem petty, and any problems will be easily solved, it will be possible to avoid the traps prepared by fate.

The snake cannot fail to notice how persistent the Rat is, what purposeful character it has. Thanks to these features, she always realizes her goals and can achieve great success.

He should not interfere, but help his companion in self-realization, stop putting sticks in the wheels and envy her success.

By combining the wisdom of the Snake and the purposefulness of the Rat, they can create an unbreakable alliance, move mountains and overcome all the obstacles in the path of life. It is important for them to interact not only in relationships, but also in affairs.

Then fate will be favorable to them, because they will one hundred percent fulfill the common karmic tasks of the relationship.

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Relationship problems

As we have already written, such a union is considered rather difficult. And it is important to work on relationships, because by itself everything will not develop well.

What is important in such a union:

  1. The snake must stop controlling the partner. She is an ardent owner, which prevents the harmony in the pair. You must learn to respect your partner’s personal boundaries and leave him a certain degree of freedom.
  2. The rat is more likely to show their feelings and talk about them. Otherwise, she may seem like a chosen one too insensitive and cold, he will lack the warmth and intimacy, and with time he will be disappointed in the relationship.
  3. The rat must also learn to extinguish the irritation that will occasionally arise due to the slowness and inertia of the chosen one. You need to take it that way — it will not change. And these are not negative traits, but features of temperament and character.

This couple is desirable immediately, just starting a relationship, sit down at the negotiating table. And figure out what they want from each other.

Understand what moments can be problematic and decide how they will resolve conflicts. It is incredibly important to clearly indicate their desires, only then can the union become truly happy, filled with love and harmony.

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