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Rat and Rooster Compatibility — Relationship Problems

Compatible Rat and Rooster in love

Compatibility of the Rat and Rooster is considered favorable. Partners perfectly complement each other, which allows them to build harmonious relationships. But it is important to understand that even the most prosperous couples have their own fly in the ointment.

We will understand in more detail.

general characteristics

Rat and Rooster are well suited to each other. They are different, but this is exactly what is attractive.

Each complements the partner, helps develop, strengthen the strengths and neutralize the disadvantages. Relationships for them — this is a great progress not only in personal life, but in all other areas.

Rat and Rooster Compatibility - Relationship Problems

What is characteristic of such a union:

  • Both are rather hot-tempered and stubborn. This is one of the few qualities in which they are similar. But this is a virtue — they will not save offenses, but will express all the claims immediately. They can quarrel brightly, but when they let off steam, they will quickly make peace.
  • Often feel guilty when in a fit of anger slander is spoken about. Although the partner may already forget about the offense caused. At such moments it is important to get rid of negative emotions and just talk.
  • The rooster is a man of frames and limitations. In his life, everything should be measured and laid out on the shelves. This unnerves the Rat, which is used to living in chaos and perpetual disarray. If he does not learn to be more loyal to the nature of the second half, conflicts cannot be avoided.
  • Both partners do not like obligations, so at first they can not limit themselves in communicating with the opposite sex. It takes strong feelings to finally settle down. Otherwise, the fate of the relationship is unenviable.
  • Rat prefers to be a leader. And if the Rooster is not inferior to her, does not want to give in, she will try with all her might to “bend” her chosen one and make him accept her leadership position.
  • Sexual compatibility of partners at a high level. The passion between them does not subside almost never, even after the period of love passes and the relationship enters into a quieter phase.

Next, we consider different variants of the union and their features.

Male rat and female rooster

Responsibility for the favorable atmosphere in the pair will lie precisely on the woman. Her character is more organized, she is rational, she clearly knows what she wants.

Perhaps, of all the other signs, she alone can tame and fall in love with the Rat for real.

Rat and Rooster Compatibility - Relationship Problems

A man before a relationship with this woman was famous for numerous love victories, he treated the relationship lightly. But it is in the Rooster that he truly falls in love and becomes ready for a serious relationship.

It is important for a girl to learn to be wise and to pacify her uneasy nature, so that in a pair everything would go smoothly, there would be no serious quarrels and sharp conflicts. If she is able to tune in some moments under the chosen one, they will live together happily.

It is important for both not to persist, defending their point of view. And learn to hear a partner, take his opinion and respect each other.

Competition and the struggle for leadership will only ruin everything.

Any petty altercation threatens to end in a major scandal due to stubbornness and the very hot-tempered nature of both.

A woman will have to accept the lack of romance in her chosen one. She wants courtship and surprises, but she never will, because the male Rat prefers to prove his love more rationally.

Male Rooster and Female Rat

This variant of the union is more successful. Relationships can last long, eventually turning into a strong and happy marriage.

In a pair of traditional roles distribution. The woman is responsible for comfort and psychological comfort in the pair.

A man is a breadwinner who provides for a family and seeks to ensure that his wife and children need nothing.

Rat and Rooster Compatibility - Relationship Problems

The woman has a well-developed intuition. This helps to extinguish all conflicts that arise in the bud, so the partner rarely quarrels.

If a quarrel happens, they are able to quickly find a compromise, a solution that suits both.

Limitless trust and respect reign between partners. From the side this pair seems almost perfect.

They are full of love and gratitude to each other, do not notice anyone around and are ready to enjoy the joint pastime endlessly.

It is important for a man not to control and not to limit his darling unnecessarily. She very much appreciates freedom, does not tolerate frames, so it is sometimes necessary to let her go to her friends, to allow her to have her own social circle and interests.

In exchange for a good attitude of a man, the girl will give him constant support, will not leave and will not betray in a crisis, provide a reliable rear, create a quiet and cozy harbor at home, where it is nice to return after a busy day at work.

Despite the favorable compatibility, a man can spoil the life of his companion if he fails to cool his ardor. He has a difficult character, with whom he will have to fight in order to keep the relationship happy and harmonious.

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Union problems

There are some points that are important to consider in order to maintain psychological comfort in a pair.

What to look for:

  1. Both signs are incredibly hot-tempered. This character trait needs to be accepted, to understand that both are not without sin. And do not be offended after every stormy quarrel. Or learn how to release anger in other ways, not breaking on your partner.
  2. The rooster has a violent temperament, because of which it can look to the side. But he should always remember that jealousy is not the best soil for love.
  3. The rat is a freedom-loving nature. It is in no case should not be limited, driven into the frame. Otherwise, she wants to escape. The rooster, on the contrary, loves to control everything. This is the main ambush of their relationship.
  4. Everyone wants to leave for themselves a personal space in which the partner has no place. This is not bad, but if abused, relationships can reach the point where beloveds will only see themselves at the kitchen table and spend the rest of the time away from home.

If you work out the problem moments, the relationship will be extremely happy. But both should try, so that the efforts are not in vain.

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