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Rat and Monkey Compatibility — Conflict Relationships

Compatibility of the Rat and Monkey in a relationship

Compatibility of the Rat and Monkey in the eastern horoscope is considered one of the most successful. This is a union of two people loving each other who are capable of anything for a partner.

They sincerely share love, affection and care, receiving the same in return.

general characteristics

Despite the fact that on the part of their relationship may seem rather complicated and contradictory, astrologers promise a happy future for the couple. Over the preservation of feelings will have to work hard, but the result will be a happy, harmonious relationship in which everyone gets what he wants.

Rat and Monkey Compatibility - Conflict Relationships

What is characteristic of the union of monkeys and rats:

  1. They understand each other perfectly without words. Perfectly feel the mood changes of the partner and can influence it. Therefore, quarrels are rare and pass quickly.
  2. It is disastrous for them to spend time together around the clock. It tires unbelievably. Therefore, it is important for everyone to have their own personal circle of friends and interests.
  3. It is important for the monkey to understand that the Rat never surrenders to one hundred percent of the senses. It can offend, anger, upset, but will have to accept. After all, the mysteriousness of this sign was so attractive at the very beginning of the relationship.
  4. Both love and appreciate freedom. It is important to understand and not to limit the partner, not to seek to control it. Then the relationship will develop safely, and conflicts will bypass.

It is also very important for them to make a decent impression, therefore, in the eyes of those around them, they will seem to be the perfect couple, even if at the moment the relationship is in crisis. This is a plus, because partners do not endure quarrels from the hut, preferring to solve all problems only among themselves.

Female Rat and male Ape

In this version of the union has its controversial points. But the chances of happy love are still great.

Consider what is characteristic of this relationship.

Rat and Monkey Compatibility - Conflict Relationships

  1. They often argue, but never pass on claims, accusations, and taunts. Truth is born in their debates, so they are not destructive to relationships.
  2. The man in this pair is active. He is always positive, very sociable. This helps him to quickly find a common language with a partner and win her heart.
  3. She immediately realizes that this man is perfect for a relationship. He is set up for marriage and family, will not begin to weave intrigues, is serious, moderately responsible. This is paradoxical, because in relations with other signs a man manifests himself more often from the position of Casanova and Lovelace.
  4. At first, a man is frightened by how serious feelings he has for his beloved. He is used to treating other women with coolness — they quickly succumb to his charm, and he just as quickly loses interest.
  5. They usually go to marriage and family for a long time, precisely because of the doubts of the man and his insecurity. But if a woman sets clear boundaries and shows how to handle her, everything will turn out well.

Astrologers believe that marriage in this pair can be strong. But so that the partners do not get bored, it is useful for them to flirt with other people.

This will not destroy the union, but will only strengthen it. The main thing — do not bring to adultery.

Rat and Monkey

Compatibility of such a pair is considered to be extremely successful. Partners are able to build truly happy, harmonious relationships and carry their love through many years.

Rat and Monkey Compatibility - Conflict Relationships

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. Partners have common goals and hobbies. They are not only lovers, but also partners who move towards success together, supporting each other in everything. This allows you to keep relationships strong even in times of crises and conflicts.
  2. A man idolizes his chosen one. For him, he is an inspiration and a person who gives energy for achievement. It is unlikely that she will stare at other women, because his companion wins in all respects.
  3. The woman, in turn, appreciates the partner and respects him. She does not get tired to admire his success, is always grateful for the compliments and gifts, seeks to give all the love, care and affection, which only can.
  4. Both in a relationship develop, strive to become better. They support each other in everything, together they choose a promising vector for development. The strengths of partners are only intensified, and the shortcomings are not given much importance.
  5. They can create a successful and profitable business. This is a pair-exception that does not quarrel if it works together. And the responsible for generating creative ideas — a woman. And the man is implementing the plans, who takes on all the most difficult work.

Conflicts between them happen, but last, as a rule, not for long. Both have a great sense of humor, which helps to quickly reconcile without mutual insults and claims.

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Tips and tricks

Over any relationship, even with excellent compatibility, you need to work. Here are the recommendations of astrologers who will help save love:

  • No need to bury your head in the sand with the slightest difficulty. Learn to negotiate, seek compromises, act together.
  • Strive to give the partner as much attention as he needs. Otherwise, the interest will quickly disappear and the intrigues on the side will begin.
  • Learn to take a partner as he is. Do not focus on the shortcomings, do not seek to rehabilitate and change. It is still impossible.
  • Jealousy is not the best soil for love in such a pair. It is necessary to trust the partner one hundred percent.
  • Sometimes leave a man alone with him. He needs silence, immersed in his own thoughts and go into himself for a while. Do not annoy him during this period talk, just wait.
  • Before the start of cohabitation, it is better to immediately identify the distribution of responsibilities so that conflicts do not happen on this basis.

At the slightest conflict, sit down at the negotiating table and calmly try to find a compromise, a solution that will satisfy and suit both.

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