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Preferences and behavior of Aries men in sex

Aries man in bed: preferences and oddities

Aries man can be called the perfect lover. He is passionate, insatiable, and loves to experiment. He knows how to please his partner, but every girl will be able to satisfy his desires.

My young man is a representative of this zodiac sign. So far, we have not had intimacy, but everything goes to this. To find out which man is Aries in sex and what he likes, I decided to turn to the horoscope.

In this article I will talk about how to behave in bed with Aries, and that absolutely should not be done.

Preferences and behavior of Aries men in sex

What do Aries like?

Temperamental Aries is looking for a liberated girl for life, which is not against experiments. Incompetent, shy virgins are not interesting to him.

But if there is such a modest woman who wants to play by his rules, then he can make her a passionate lioness, who will be his ideal mistress.

It is difficult to surprise Aries man in bed, but it is still possible if you know what he likes and what he expects from a woman.

  1. Intimate atmosphere. For the guys of this sign of the zodiac important setting. The proper atmosphere will help him to tune in to sex and to express himself in full. You can create it with the help of muted light, sex music and scented candles.
  2. Impulsiveness. Aries do not like to plan sex, but prefer to succumb to a spontaneous outburst of emotions, and it doesn’t matter where it happens. Such a guy will be pleasantly surprised if his beloved will start “dirty” to pester him while watching a movie in a cinema, or in a fitting shop.
  3. Experiments Aries men hate monotony, so his girlfriend should be ready for anything: extreme places, sophisticated poses, sex toys, binding and even some violence. In addition, she herself should show imagination and be active in bed.
  4. Reciprocity. The guys of the zodiacal sign Aries can and love to give pleasure to their partner, but their efforts will quickly disappear if they do not see reciprocity. A woman should try no less than a partner, know his erogenous zones and deal with them skillfully.
  5. Sexual appearance. The girl should not only look good and carefully take care of herself, but also have several sexy dresses in the closet. A certain dressing game is like Aries, and the girl who also supports it will not want to lose.

A woman who is in a relationship with a man born under the zodiac sign Aries should always be ready for sex. About refusal and speech can not be, because it will not only offend him, but also make him ponder the question: “Does such a girl really need it?”. Also, his darling should worry about contraception, and preferably oral, because

Aries do not accept condoms and do not like to interrupt sexual intercourse in order to prevent undesirable pregnancy.

Preferences and behavior of Aries men in sex

Behavior in bed

Aries man in sex always choose the dominant role, even if initially the initiative comes from a woman, he will replay everything in his own way. Some of his antics may shock the partner or cause a storm of indignation. But if she begins to interfere with his actions, then it is possible that this will provoke an aggression attack from him.

A man should keep everything under control, and he is very annoyed if something goes wrong the way he wants it.

Aries guys in bed are prone to sadism. To satisfy their sexual desire, they may not at all show tenderness or respect for their partner.

Various rudeness during sexual intercourse in the form of slaps, pulling of hair, twisting nipples and so on gives unearthly pleasure, so if a girl is not ready for such a development, then it is better not to start relationships with representatives of this zodiac sign.

In adulthood, Aries men become less active and sophisticated in carnal pleasures, but at the same time try to keep themselves in shape so as not to lose their skills. In addition, they are beginning to realize that old age is already close, and they want first of all to prove to themselves that there is still gunpowder in the flasks. When Aries is over 50 years old, he perceives any criticism of an intimate nature painfully, becoming aggressive and insular.

His life partner must be careful in his statements, otherwise he may make his faithful temporal impotent.

Any posture in sex — behind, because it is in this position that Aries controls the whole process. If the girl also does not mind taking the dominant role or even playing the game on an equal footing, then you should choose the position «69».

It should be noted that the men of this zodiac sign really like group sex, so his partner should be prepared for the fact that one day someone else will be in their bed. If she is not ready for such experiments, then she should either more diligently satisfy the needs of her beloved, or move away from him.

Preferences and behavior of Aries men in sex

Compatibility with other characters

Not every woman can withstand the enormous temperament and insatiability of Aries men. It is not surprising, but women of Aries sexually do not suit him at all, because they also prefer to dominate rather than obey.

Also unsuccessful couples for such a man will be ladies born under the zodiac signs Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Cancer.

The most vivid and intense sexual relationships of Aries men are the stars that promise girls with Taurus, Gemini, Lions, Aquarius and Pisces. Representatives of these signs of the zodiac can adapt to the difficult character of Aries and will meekly fulfill all his requests, and he in turn will try to give them an unforgettable pleasure.

  • Aries male is a temperamental male who knows how to please his partner.
  • His darling should be ready for any experiments.
  • In order for Aries to think about treason, a woman should never deny him intimacy.
  • Even in old age, a man will be sexually active, so it is possible that he may have a mistress a few decades younger, provided that he is alone.

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