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Pisces and Libra Compatibility — Love, Relationship and Conflict

Fish and Libra Compatibility — Codepended Relationships

The compatibility of Fish and Libra in love is not the most favorable. These signs have different parity in the zodiacal table, their elements are not combined. They may fall in love with each other, but the relationship will be far from ideal.

Consider the features of such a union in terms of astrology.

Compatibility in love

The water sign of Pisces is characterized by a well developed intuition. But in relations with Libra innate gift to anticipate them brings.

At first glance, the Libra’s airy personality seems to them to be an almost ideal life partner, they fall in love almost instantly.

Pisces and Libra Compatibility - Love, Relationship and Conflict

What is typical for such pairs:

  1. If Pisces does not have sufficient experience in dealing with the opposite sex, it is almost impossible for them to escape from Libra’s innate charm. They fall in love instantly and try by all means to achieve the disposition of the indifferent Libra.
  2. Very often, Libra does not correspond to Pisces in terms of social status, financial status, or the place they occupy in society. But Pisces attracts and attracts the beauty and intelligence of Libra, so they tend to stay close all the time.
  3. Dominated in the relationship in most cases, Libra. This is a union like «a boa and a rabbit,» in which the «rabbit» undivided love, of course, in Pisces.
  4. At the beginning of a relationship, everything usually turns out quite well: there is enough romance for the eyes, a couple seems like an ordinary sweet couple of two lovers.
  5. But Libra very quickly realizes that Pisces is very soft and responsive, it is easy to manipulate them, and this is what the air sign starts to shamelessly do. They force the partner to sacrifice their personal interests, they use as they can.
  6. It is difficult for the fish to find emotional contact with Libra, the partner seems to be very cold, not ready to share experiences and feelings. In a pair of Pisces they give a lot, but their companion only accepts, taking it for granted.
  7. What is good about such a union is the natural diplomacy and gentleness of both. But at the same time, both partners have a strong and strong internal core. Therefore, if it comes to conflicts, they are usually resolved peacefully.
  8. Union can be harmonious, if you can achieve spiritual intimacy. But in most cases, Pisces and Libra are excellent business partners, especially if Libra takes the role of leader and ideological mastermind.

We summarize: such a pair has chances to exist. They can build long, happy, and harmonious relationships, but only as long as their cooperation benefits Libra.

Therefore, the union can be successful if they are colleagues or partners not only in love, but also in work.

Causes of conflict

The relationship between these signs is unlikely to be cloudless. But if you know how to behave properly in conflict situations, your couple has a chance.

Pisces and Libra Compatibility - Love, Relationship and Conflict

The main reasons for quarrels and disagreements in the Pisces and Libra union may be as follows:

  1. On the part of feelings and emotions, mutual understanding is usually completely absent. Scales seem to Pisces very cold. They are endlessly beating against the wall of this coldness, trying to share their experiences, but not receiving a return. Fish over and over again will begin to look for an approach to their inaccessible companion, but this cannot be done.
  2. Because of the bias in the emotional sphere, Pisces may take the position of «whiner». They can begin to humiliate themselves, literally begging for love from their partner. Of course, Libra will get bored quickly, they will become annoyed and lose all respect for their partner.
  3. There are a lot of conflicts in everyday life. Libra is a very chaotic sign, they never live in order, they do not like homework. Therefore, their companion has to take full responsibility for this part of life, which causes discontent. However, Pisces will rather grumble about themselves, but they will never say out loud about things they don’t like. Relationships are like between slave-owner-Libra and his slave-Pisces, there is no question of love here, but rather co-dependency.
  4. Scales, long and hard will not notice the wonderful qualities of his companion. But about the shortcomings will talk to him constantly. Therefore, relations with time can turn for Pisces into a very painful and exhausting, drawing out all moral forces, a union.

Watch the video about the compatibility of these two signs:

Woman Fish and Man Scales

At the beginning of a relationship between them is quite good. They can talk for hours, the woman with delight treats her companion, admiring his erudition, colorful stories and outstanding intellect.

Pisces and Libra Compatibility - Love, Relationship and Conflict

At a very early stage, the woman even seems to have met the ideal companion, because between them there was an aura of tremendous sensual attraction. But sooner or later, the enthusiasm of sociability and erudition will be replaced by disappointment with the coldness and inaccessibility of the partner.

A man will constantly trample self-esteem of his companion in the mud. He is too indifferent, cold, thinks only of himself and in such a union becomes extremely selfish.

He needs a woman with a stronger inner core, more selfish, unpredictable and unapproachable, and Pisces begins to choke him with his eternal delight and constant attention.

A woman from the partner requires reciprocity, compassion, willingness to listen and share their experiences. But she does not receive it.

Hence the constant mood swings and despondency, which are incomprehensible to men. He gets bored and he will definitely try to break off the relationship.

The gap initiative almost always lies on Libra. He quickly finds himself a new girlfriend, and his former chosen one will long experience the painful collapse of their relationship.

Man-fish and woman-scales

A man in this pair at the beginning of a relationship will long and persevere in seeking the disposition of his impregnable and cold chosen one. But in his courtship, he may be too intrusive, from which Libra constantly runs away.

The union of Libra and Pisces is, in principle, quite rare, because it is difficult for a man to interest such a girl. She sees her potential chosen completely different.

But can agree on a relationship, if in mind there is no one more suitable.

In a pair, a woman will dominate and dominate, which will quickly bore her, because next to her she wants to see a strong partner, and not to the madness of a boy in love who walks behind her with a tail.

We summarize: the union of Pisces and Libra has almost no chance of existence. And it is Pisces that will suffer from the gap, and their second half will easily go into other relationships.

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