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People born in the year of the Tiger: horoscope, characteristic and fate for women and men

People born in the year of the Tiger: features of character, horoscope, compatibility

According to legend, the tiger was the third animal that came to honor the Buddha. Therefore, the year of the Tiger is in the eastern horoscope after the Rat and the Bull.

In ancient China, the striped predator was highly esteemed for strength, courage and valor. The corresponding qualities were inherited by people born under this sign.

Such women and men are distinguished by perseverance and dedication, the desire to take the best from life. Hardness of character and self-confidence make it possible to achieve success in most undertakings.

Good luck accompanies the Tigers in everything.

People born in the year of the Tiger: horoscope, characteristic and fate for women and men

According to the Western calendar, the year of the Tiger corresponds to the zodiacal sign Aquarius. In the Chinese horoscope is listed in the group of animals Yang and ranks third among the 12 available.

  • lucky numbers — 1, 3, 4;
  • a good month is February;
  • favorable colors — orange, white, gold, blue;
  • Totem plant — bamboo and yellow lily;
  • element — Tree.

In the XXI century, the year of the Tiger on the calendar falls 8 times: 2010, 2022, 2034, 2046, 2058, 2070, 2082, 2094.

Characteristics of people-tigers is very different from those born under other signs. These are the only representatives who possess such lust for power and desire to dominate in all aspects of life.

Tigers are innate organizers who are able to interest and lead the masses by their eloquence and impulsiveness. These qualities allow them to achieve their goals, despite the obstacles.

Tigers never retreat, do not regret the past and are confident that they are right. It is vital for them to receive recognition and respect from others, to be in the center of attention.

Thanks to innate charm and magnetism, many people like it, without making special efforts to it.

Often they are hot-tempered, impulsive and unpredictable. Do not tolerate altercations and insubordination in important matters by close and friends. Tigers withhelpful boldly declare yourself and act in defiance of any circumstances.

They do not prepare for anything, but they succeed in everything, if money or power is the motivation. They will not obey anyone.

Tigers always gush with ideas and are in the center of events. They do not like the calm and measured pace of life. Because of their restless and impetuous nature, they often indulge in rash adventures.

Whatever the result, they are able to maintain good spirits and an optimistic attitude. Failures only increase their strength and harden.

Such people are truly bestial instinct, which allows them to get out without loss of the most difficult circumstances.

Tigers are smart and insightful. Constantly in need of energy feed from the outside in the form of new sensations and knowledge, so do not mind once again go on a journey.

In their free time they like to read or attend social events. At first, they quickly find a common language with any person due to natural attractiveness and generosity.

Further communication may be difficult due to the complexity of the character — hot temper, stubbornness and irritability.

Description of the key character traits of people-Tigers presented in the table:

StrengthsWeak sides
  • Good manners;
  • temperament;
  • wit;
  • eccentricity;
  • powerful energy;
  • courage;
  • generosity;
  • independence in views;
  • hard work;
  • activity;
  • nobility;
  • principle
  • Capriciousness;
  • stubbornness;
  • recklessness;
  • selfishness;
  • aggressiveness;
  • ruthlessness;
  • impulsiveness;
  • imperiousness;
  • authoritarianism;
  • pettiness

People born in the year of the Tiger: horoscope, characteristic and fate for women and men

As a true predator, the Tiger male is endowed with an independent and capricious character. She doesn’t reveal the hidden corners of her soul to anyone, so she often remains lonely, even in a crowd of fans. This is a bright and enthusiastic nature, always striving to be in the cycle of events.

An ardent opponent of ordinariness and boredom, who cannot fit into the rhythm of conventional life.

Tiger attracts everything connected with risk and adventures. By virtue of his rebellious temperament, he is inclined to support revolutionary ideas.

Along with generosity and tolerance can be trivial over trifles. Sharp and hot-tempered, Tiger is ready to sacrifice even himself for the sake of a righteous cause. Despite a lively mind and decisiveness, it is prone to long reflections in making important decisions.

Sometimes they become overdue.

The main character traits:

  • perseverance;
  • conservatism;
  • unselfishness;
  • equanimity;
  • composure.

Despite the strong character, inside such a person is sensitive and emotional. He is capable of strong love and passion, but he does not openly show this, therefore, in loving relationships, the Tiger is often unhappy.

It is a faithful and reliable friend.

People born in the year of the Tiger: horoscope, characteristic and fate for women and men

Women born in the year of the Tiger are almost not inferior to men: they do not accept anyone’s power except their own. They go through life on their own, hoping for no one. They are beautiful, energetic and capricious, which is able to conquer more than one male heart.

It is important for them to constantly feel and see the worship of others. By nature, they are charmer, endowed with sexuality and charm, but it is difficult to win them.

Women born in the year of the Tiger, at the same time inspire respect, fear and delight.

Tigresses are deprived of selflessness, they all seek to benefit. Such women shine like diamonds in any society, striking their extravagance and royal manners. Cheerful, energetic and confident.

They love to live in a big way, not to deny themselves anything. Outwardly, they give the impression of strong and solid personalities, in every movement of which self-esteem is manifested..

Feel comfort only next to successful men.

By virtue of the tendency to thrill even in the professional field, choose a specialty, where there is a dynamic. Women Tigers abstractly think and are overwhelmed with ideas, which helps them achieve success in research and scientific activities. Pretty creative person and ready to showcase their talents.

In all endeavors laid out to the maximum: physically and emotionally. Usually earn good money, but not able to save.

They can spend all the money on entertainment with their many friends.

Feature of the nature of female Tigress are honesty, straightforwardness and openness. Ready to say everything in the face of others, regardless of their feelings.

If you feel your case, never go back down. Do not disdain by any means, just to achieve the desired goal.

They obey no one, but they easily force others to obey. In life, the Tigress are always lucky.

People born in the year of the Tiger: horoscope, characteristic and fate for women and men

The fate of the Tigers develops interesting and ambiguous, with a series of rises and falls. Childhood is fun, measured and peaceful, it has a place for pranks and adventures.

Youth is full of conflicts, changes and emotional outbursts. At this stage it is important for the Tigers to learn self-control and endurance, otherwise in the future there may be difficulties and disappointments.

Due to the passionate nature of such people all his life pursued misunderstanding by others.

As an adult Tigers waiting for the cycle of turbulent events, they will have to solve many domestic and family problems. Even in old age, they should not expect calm — Tigers simply cannot live without fighting and passions.

The fate of the Tigers is different depending on the time of birth. Those born at night will be spared from the insidious traps of life.

Those who were born after sunrise will be persecuted all the time, therefore they are not in danger of boredom.

Since childhood, tigers have good health, but they can overestimate their strength and capabilities. In their free time they prefer to play sports. Sometimes it is easy to get sick (catch cold, cough), but quickly recover.

Excessive physical activity is contraindicated for them: it can significantly harm the body. Jogging and aerobic exercise are recommended for keeping fit.

To restore strength and vitality Tigers need a good rest.

Under this sign, successful leaders and entrepreneurs are born. They effortlessly manage to achieve high results in their professional activities.

Tigers can easily start and grow their own business. Money for them is an additional incentive to move up.

Of the professions fit:

  • manager;
  • tourist and advertising agent;
  • writer;
  • actor;
  • pilot;
  • musician.

In his youth, the career of the Tigers does not always develop safely, since they have not been able to determine their direction for a long time. After 30 years, comes a full understanding of his purpose in life and the path to follow.

The reference point is the material well-being, which the Tigers need more than other zodiacal representatives.

Advancement through career is often hampered by self-will and arrogance. If a person manages to take a leadership position, even the most careless team begins to work together harmoniously and fruitfully.

This is possible thanks to the organizational skills of the Tiger.

Male tigers are not too romantic, but not devoid of passion and emotion. For them, spiritual kinship and mutual understanding with the second half are important.

They need women with similar life positions and aspirations, ready to accept the leadership positions of the companion without complaint.

Despite strong feelings, Tigers can change. And they themselves consider the intrigues on the side to any non-binding short-term hobbies.

Family life is usually filled with violent manifestations of emotions, which leads to scandals and dramatic scenes. Not many can come to terms with the unbridled temper of these people.

Women Tigers are passionate, generous and temperamental. They are not able to stay in any one emotional state for a long time, which sometimes prevents them from personal and family relationships. Girls are popular with the male, so they begin to build their personal lives early.

Family is important to them, but not paramount.

Being ordinary housewives is not their destiny: career achievements are more important for Tigress than home comfort. Men who venture to tie the knot with similar women will have to take on most of their concerns.

Tigresses are ready to keep the household in their free time, but they are quickly bored with regularity in everyday life. Such women get along well with children, but sometimes they cannot choose the right way to raise them.

People born under the sign of Tiger are ambiguous personalities. Depending on the month and birthday, they may have different character traits in different ways.

Characteristics of the signs of the zodiac are presented in the table:

AriesDangerous and rapid Tiger, which has a lightning reaction to irritants. A person is so quick in his decisions and subsequent actions that others should be alert
TaurusToo balanced, too dependent on the opinions of others. Such a Tiger is careful, patient and consistent in all life issues — this applies to both personal relationships and professional activities.
TwinsRisky in his actions, loves gambling. Is the darling of fate
CrayfishImpressive and slow by nature. Prefers to be nocturnal and daytime
a lionJust, noble, narcissist. She wants to get the most out of life: money, pleasure, beautiful women. Often, all his wishes are fulfilled, in which willpower and creativity help.
VirgoRealistic and practical, clearly defines the goal and moves confidently towards it.
LibraA pleasant companion with good manners, able to communicate with others. At first glance, it creates the impression of a sweet and good-natured person, which is not entirely true
ScorpioExplosive and unstable, capable of unpredictable actions. In the implementation of their own plans is ready to go on their heads, forgetting about moral principles and decency
SagittariusPerspective in all undertakings, which help activity, dedication and willpower. Along with this rather timid, secretive and withdrawn
CapricornReasonable, discriminating and cautious, which allows you to safely avoid many troubles. Thanks to the thoughtfulness can soberly assess the situation and make the right decision. Due to the flexibility in communicating with people can reach career heights
AquariusClever, judicious and decent. Character flaws — overconfidence and vanity
FishStrong-willed, self-sufficient, solid in nature. During periods of outburst of anger can be dangerous. Weaknesses — periodic laziness and indecision

The compatibility of Tigers in marriage, friendship and work varies depending on the sign under which the partner was lucky to be born:

Sign on the eastern calendarMarriagefriendshipBusiness relationship
RatIt is quite possible if the Rat stops cheating and lying, and it will not be against the Tiger’s inclination to take risks and adventures. In turn, the Tiger must become more compliant, otherwise the union will bring many problems.Does not arise due to the mercantile spirit of the RatFold out well if based on honesty and hard work
BullIt is unlikely, as the Tiger implicitly envies the Bull or despises it. However, openly against the partner will not speak, for fear of being destroyed.Impossible due to incompatibility of characters and dissimilarity of interests.Will bring only losses and the collapse of the joint venture
TigerIt is not recommended to marry two Tigers. Peace and harmony last for a short time, then everyone begins to claim leadership in the family. This inevitably leads to quarrels, scandals and parting.It develops perfectlySuccessful
RabbitIt can not be called successful, despite the mutual understanding at first. In the future, mutual reproaches and conflicts begin. Tigger does not like Rabbit perseverance and assertivenessTied up for a while, problems arise because of Rabbit’s conflictPossible due to the harmonious combination of Rabbit’s prudence and Tiger determination
The DragonPromising, as these are the two strongest signs. The dragon complements the Tiger with its prudence and prudenceUsually long and strongSuccessful because they are based on mutual support and understanding
SnakeFormal relations are recommended to be avoided: they will inevitably lead to mutual misunderstanding. The wise Serpent is not perceived by the Tiger on a subconscious levelImpossible, because partners do not listen to each otherUnpromising because of the authoritarianism and the desire of both for leadership
HorseAvailable. The passionate nature of the Horse satisfies all the demands of the Tiger.Together friends argue and swear, separately miss each otherFully favorable, with minor temporary difficulties.
GoatIt will be very problematic, because in a fit of anger, the Tiger is able to destroy its companion morally and physicallyMay be tied up due to Tiger’s tolerance and condescension.Possible subject to the correct allocation of responsibilities
A monkeyQuite doubtful, despite the desire of the Monkey to seduce and charm a partner. The union lasts until Tiger is interested, but it passes quickly.Possible if propriety is respected and relationships do not go beyond what is permittedAre promising if Monkey treats its partner with respect
CockDifficult, because cock pride does not harmonize with tiger vanity. There is a constant struggle for the championship in the pair.Not of interest to both partners.Doomed to collapse
DogLikely if there is a common interest and ideas. In this case, the partners unite and move in the same direction, sometimes forgetting about the lack of loveImpossible, especially durableThriving in all areas except finance and commerce
PigIt is quite probable, as the Pig is able to condescendingly treat the disadvantages of the Tiger.Robust and long lasting, in which Pigs prudence helpsDepend on Tiger’s generosity — otherwise the Pig needs to be alert

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