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Penelope’s Cruz Horoscope

Penelope’s Cruz Horoscope

Actress Penelope Cruz was born under the constellation Taurus. Her acting talent is indicated by the location of the Sun in her zodiac sign and in Pisces. Such people have the ability to express their emotions without words.

They are very sensitive and receptive.

Saturn in Virgo says that the actress knows her worth. She is prudent enough and strives for financial well-being. Roles in the movie Penelope chooses not only on the basis of personal preferences, but from material considerations.

Penelope Cruz has energy protection given to her as a representative of a certain diaspora. This is indicated by the stars Markab and Dirah in her cosmogram. The actress feels the support of the family and her nation. It is closely connected with the culture of their country.

This factor helped her build a career in the United States.

The planets in her cosmogram also point to other talents that Penelope has not yet revealed in herself. Jupiter in Pisces points to her ability to plan, choose the right strategy, influence people’s opinions and excellent organizational skills. According to astrologers, Penelope in the future may well give up the career of an actress and do directing.

Her sense of purpose and passionate desire to achieve her goal is indicated in her cosmogram of the close relationship between Mars and Saturn.

Taurus — one of the most lazy signs of the zodiac. However, Penelope Cruz is not a typical Taurus. In her horoscope, Saturn and Jupiter represent a special power.

The influence of these planets gave the actress a high performance, perseverance and willpower.

The actress is a good housewife. She loves to keep order, cook and play with children. This is indicated by clearly expressed female planets in her horoscope — the Moon and Venus.

Unfortunately, in her horoscope there are also negative aspects. Neptune is pronounced and is connected with the star Antares. This may indicate an accident involving toxic substances and poisons.

It also indicates the possibility of water damage. Penelope needs to be more careful with alcoholic beverages, food and water.

According to astrologers, Penelope will not be an actress all her life, although it is in this area that she will have success and further development. In her natal chart, there is a distinct path that will be associated with art, but not with acting. She is waiting for success in almost all undertakings.

They can easily realize themselves as a photographer. The Sun in Pisces gave her a high intuition and the ability to see what is not given to others.

In addition, she can become a singer. Many factors indicate her vocal abilities in her horoscope. Mars in her zodiac sign indicates the presence of voice and hearing.

In adulthood, an actress can be a great artist. The sun in Taurus indicates its interest in such types of art as painting and sculpture.

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