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Pearls: the magical properties of the stone, to whom it suits

Pearls have healing and magical properties. It is not suitable for people with a weak character and in a depressed mood. In this case, the stone will only aggravate the pessimistic mood of its owner.

Pearls are recommended for persons with a strong and strong-willed attitude, who are not afraid of difficulties and look to the future with confidence. This mineral can be safely worn zodiac signs relating to the elements of water.

Undesirable pearls for representatives of fire signs, as it will take away their strength and energy.

According to the statements of George Frederick Kunz, an American scientist, the first mining of the mineral was made by Indian tribes of fishermen. In search of food, they opened the shells and saw beautiful pearls.

However, stone records are dated from the time of the Roman Empire. At the time, jewelery with this stone was a particular luxury.

Only wealthy people could afford to buy these jewels.

When the Spanish conquerors conquered South America, they were surprised to see temples decorated with products of unprecedented beauty. Most of the sculptures and ceilings of the cathedrals were decorated with this mineral.

Pearls: the magical properties of the stone, to whom it suits

Mineralogists distinguish the following basic physical properties of pearls:



White, pink, yellow, black

4 on the Mohs scale

Translucent to opaque

The main characteristics that determine the quality of pearls are luster, color, shape, size.

Glitter stone is best seen in bright daylight on a white background. The stone should have a deep luster, which gives the impression that there is another inside.

Pearls: the magical properties of the stone, to whom it suits

Nature has awarded pearls with a variety of colors and shades of different colors.

Pearls: the magical properties of the stone, to whom it suits

Among all the varieties of pearl shapes, spherical pearls are the most expensive. Recently, the popularity of irregularly shaped stones has returned.

Pearls: the magical properties of the stone, to whom it suits

The size of river pearls is in the range from 3 to 11.3 mm. Sea minerals are slightly larger in size — 5–22 mm.

Pearls: the magical properties of the stone, to whom it suits

Pearls: the magical properties of the stone, to whom it suits

Depending on the origin and place of assembly, there are three main categories of pearls:

Pearl type


This type of stone is produced by freshwater mollusks. It has an oblong shape, often uneven, with the presence of mounds.

It is for this reason that the price of the river type of pearls is lower than others. The popularity of this mineral is associated with a large number of different shades.

Sea pearls have a regular, spherical shape and are used in the most expensive jewelry. Sea pearl deposits are located in Sri Lanka, China, USA, Russia, Ireland, Iran

This species is valued less than the sea, but it does not practically differ in its external data. Artificial cultivation of the gem began in the XIX century.

The mineral is produced at coastal plants in Japan under conditions that are optimal for mollusks. Through the sash shells placed the necessary base. In one there are up to several dozen pearls.

Pearls: the magical properties of the stone, to whom it suits

In addition to the magical properties, pearls are an excellent healer. It will help cure chronic ailments or prevent the development of new diseases. Mineral is recommended to eliminate the following pathologies:

  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • kidney ailments;
  • liver disease;
  • hypertension;
  • nervous system disorders;
  • weakness, apathy;
  • gum disease;
  • eye ailments.

The mineral helps its owner to relax after a hard day’s work, relieve tension, fatigue, heaviness in the legs, and forget about irritation.

The stone is used to strengthen the immune system, protects against viruses and bacteria. To do this, put a few pearls in a glass of water overnight.

Such water has powerful healing power due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects on the body.

Mineral has magic and reliably protects its owner from envious, gossip and offenders. The stone helps to get rid of such negative features of character as pride, hatred, aggression, vanity.

For a long time, people knew about the properties of pearls, which miraculously helped to preserve youth and beauty. According to legend, Cleopatra used daily pomegranate juice, in which there was a pearl, as a means for rejuvenation.

In addition, she constantly wore jewelry made from this stone.

It is important to remember: you can not pass on jewelry from generation to generation.

It is not recommended to transfer jewelry, as this can convey to the person all the negative of the previous owner.

There is a belief that a person with a pure soul can wear this mineral. For a dishonest, greedy, envious host, pearl jewelry soon begins to darken.

This process is also explained by the fact that the stone can foresee the disease at its hostess. In this case, the mineral fades and darkens.

In the old days, during the wedding, the spouse or his relatives gave the bride a string of pearls. This amulet should protect the girl from committing rash acts that could negatively reflect on the reputation and honor of the family.

In addition, the mineral helps to meet new people, to find common language with them, to establish contacts and friendly relations.

According to the rules, pearls must be worn in pairs. And it can be interpreted in several ways.

In the first case, the word «couple» implies a pair of jewelry. The second rule says that the mineral is recommended to be worn only by those who have a life partner.

In addition to beads, be sure to wear earrings with pearls. Otherwise, the owner of jewelry risks becoming a widow.

When wearing pearls it is necessary to take into account the peculiarity of the character. This stone is more suitable for strong willed people. It is impossible to wear the mineral to those who are weak in character, vulnerable and lonely individuals and that, since this will contribute to the aggravation of the depressive state and negative personality traits.

The exceptions are widows, widowers and divorced people. For them, black pearls will help to find happiness and find a loved one.

In addition, the black stone will protect its owner from envy, the evil eye, misfortunes and misfortunes.

For family people, pearls help strengthen relationships and restore former tenderness and care.

It is not recommended to wear the mineral to those who work with children: teachers, educators, teachers.

Astrologers say that pearls are stones with powerful energy, which not everyone can withstand. Therefore, it is important to consider the compatibility of the mineral according to the sign of the Zodiac:

Zodiac sign

Pearl Compatibility

Pearls do not fit this zodiac sign. This is due to the fact that the patron saint of Aries is the Sun — an antagonist of the Moon, which patronizes pearls. Representatives of this sign should prefer large, bright and memorable stones.

For Taurus there are no contraindications for wearing pearls, as the representatives of this sign have a calm and balanced character. If a Taurus woman carries with her a talisman with pearls, then she becomes more sensitive and attentive to others, less frustrated by close people.

Gemini has a fussy and active character, which sometimes leads to the commission of rash acts. Pearls protects against committing a hasty action.

The stone will protect its master from the evil eye, envy and gossip. Wearing pearls helps women to decide on a profession and make important decisions.

For those who were born under this sign of the zodiac, pearls will help to cope with high blood pressure, calm and relax. For a Cancer woman, a stone will add sexuality and reveal love

Leo pearl does not fit, as it is the solar sign of the zodiac. Black pearl is contraindicated for representatives of this sign due to the fact that this mineral muffles the natural power of Lviv

This stone is suitable for Virgos, especially for those whose work involves risk. In this case, the pearls will protect their master from the dangers. You should not wear a stone for Virgins with weak temper, as it will aggravate their negative features.

Scales can safely wear jewelry from this mineral. It will help to cure heart ailments, position others around the representatives of the sign, pacify pride and vanity.

Stone girls will help unmarried girls to meet their other half

These signs are only black type of stone. Light shades of minerals are not recommended to wear due to the fact that the Scorpions are under the auspices of gloomy Pluto and hostile Mars.

The stone will help the representatives of this sign to meet the other half, to receive a charge of vivacity and positive energy.

Light stone is not recommended for Sagittarius. You can only wear pearls during the period of lucky stripes to maintain balance

The mineral will help the strong and stubborn representatives of this sign to gain pacification and learn to objectively assess the situation.

Sociable Aquarius pearls best suited. He protects their representatives from envy, revenge, gossip.

Stone helps to maintain emotional calm.

It is not recommended to wear the mineral in a bad mood, as this will contribute to enhancing the negative manifestations of Aquarius. Pearl helps women realize all their cherished desires

Mineral fish helps to fight excessive impulsiveness. Decoration with this mineral enhances intuition and protects from unhappy love, to which addicted women of this sign

Despite the fact that pearls are fastidious, compliance with simple recommendations will keep it in good condition for a long time:

  • Products should be wiped from dust, sweat and dirt after each wear. For this purpose, suitable soft cloth, which was previously moistened with filtered water.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the open sun, as this can cause pearl cracking.
  • Every year it is necessary to change the thread on which the necklace is strung. After wearing the bead, you should tie a knot. This will help avoid damage to the place where the pearls touch.
  • Cleaning at home should be done very carefully. For these purposes, suitable shampoo, olive oil or jewelry paste.

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