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Pavel Globa’s horoscope for January

The horoscope of Paul Globa in January of the year

Pavel Globa is one of the most experienced astrologers in Russia and the CIS as a whole. His prediction will help you to start the year correctly and join its rhythm without any problems.

Large planets, including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, as well as the small but important Pluto, will not change their mood in January of the year. Only on January 2, will Uranus pass from the state of retrograde to its normal state. This will have a good effect on the general mood and on the performance of people who have everything in order with academic performance in the workplace. If you do not have any debts in finance, as well as at work or in school, then January will be a very productive month.

Otherwise, you should get rid of these debts as quickly as possible in order to change your life for the better.

In January, the Moon and Neptune will be of particular importance to you. Strong Neptune in Pisces is the source of your energy supply, without which you would not be yourself. It will be a very stable month for you, but the Moon will be stronger than usual after January 20, so at the end of the month try not to go too far.

Do things carefully, carefully and without excessive emotionality.

At the beginning of the month, problems will come in portions and as expected. Do not be afraid to deal with them quickly. At work you are waiting for new interesting cases, the respect of employees and the attention of the authorities.

Perhaps you can get a welcome boost right now. It is only necessary to put some pressure on ourselves, to force ourselves to be more demanding, but at the same time maintain diplomacy.

The best protection from negativity and envious people for you right now is kindness. Neptune is still strong, so its relevance in January will be very inappropriate for you. This means that you are strictly forbidden to break the rules in January.

The first month of the new year can deprive you of strength for a long time, but only if you use energy incorrectly. Do not allow yourself to show your negative — people may misunderstand you. Someone will declare war on you.

Venus will also increase its importance to you. This planet will make the transition from the Capricorn Sign to the Sign of Aquarius in the middle of the month, but this will not affect your luck, destiny, thoughts. As long as Venus is moderately active, you can calmly rest.

It will protect you from enemies and from the harmful effects of negative programs. This is your reliable assistant in the fight against uncertainty.

To strengthen your energy, you will need a good rest in January of the year. Jupiter will try not to let you do it normally, because its relevance and stay in Scorpio will be inopportune. Try to listen more not to the voice of the heart, but to the advice of people who are dear to you. Common sense will win the sixth sense in January.

Jupiter will constantly saturate you with doubts. Because of this, the mood can constantly jump up and down.

Toward the end of the month, when you enter the working track, you may be overtaken by new emotional turmoil. Try to plan as little as possible during this period, devote more time to business that you simply cannot postpone. Take care also of yourself — women should go to the hairdresser, to the beauty salon.

Men better buy something from clothes.

Uranus and Neptune will be for you the most relevant planets in January. Perhaps your dangerous habits will return to you, which you will need to get rid of again. This is not necessarily about smoking or alcohol — perhaps you have some kind of emotional habit: for example, constant doubts and worries.

Keep it simple so that the world around you also becomes more understandable.

The relevance of Uranus is bad for your desire to be careful. Neptune, on the contrary, will help preserve everything that you have already achieved. It will be a very ambiguous time for you, so try to rest properly at the very beginning of the month.

Be careful with value judgments. They will disappoint you, depriving of objectivity.

Refrain from jealousy and jealousy in January. These two feelings will be very dangerous for your love and financial luck. Try to distinguish love from energy binding, and a simple desire to self-realize and earn more money — from greed.

This will be a very difficult month, but its importance to you will be perhaps one of the most obvious.

Your best friend Pluto will be very stable, as always. This is very good for teamwork and any teamwork as a whole. Saturn will also be relevant to you, which means the approach of some troubles in love. One way or another, this planet is predictable, so you should beware of flirting in the workplace, as well as treason.

If you do not love a person, it is better not to deceive him or lead him by the nose.

Do not go around the bush, say everything in the face of people, but sometimes restrain yourself, so as not to lose the respect of loved ones. Raising money is the most important topic for most members of your Zodiac. In January, you need to revise some personal rules and priorities, while maintaining a common goal.

Look back, because your enemies are activated and will try to prevent you.

Possible monetary losses associated with past errors. The past will put pressure on you, so do not dwell on it. Now you need to live in real time and only in it.

You should not risk it in vain: even though Mars will be relevant and strong throughout the month, it will not be able to help you get out of trouble. His positive energy will be aimed at improving performance.

Try to spend more time in the fresh air in January, do more sports and exercise your body. You need to always be in good shape, not only physical, but also moral. To start the day well, you need to set goals correctly and not be afraid to go all the way, no matter how difficult you may be. The morning of every day will be the best time for any work.

By the evening throughout the month you will be very tired.

The reason for this incomprehensible fatigue is the activity of the sun. It will be active only until January 19th. Then it goes from the Capricorn Sign to the Sign of Aquarius, so it will completely lose all its strength. It is here that you will need to go on stage, dismantling all your capabilities and skills.

The end of the month will be an extremely good time for a change of scenery, for traveling or outdoor activities.

Scorpios will have to temper their passion and ardor. The fact is that the stars and planets in January will not forgive you for uncontrollable emotions and actions. Your task now is to get out of the captivity of doubt and begin to act in accordance with the previously adopted rules and plans. In January only Mercury will be relevant for you, which will be powerless only up to the 10th day inclusive.

The first ten days of January will be serene and carefree for you.

You should not take too much rest at the beginning of the month, because from the 11th the idyll will be abruptly destroyed by the transition of Mercury from the Sign of Sagittarius to the Sign of Capricorn. This will increase his energy, and, consequently, the likelihood that you will suffer defeat in all spheres of life. You may overlook important details in something that will throw you back — to where you started.

The moon will be for you the most relevant space object in January. Due to the constant change of its energy, you will often need to change the plan of action. It is worth starting with dangerous days. January 1, 2, 20, 21, 29 and 30 The moon will be quite strong, so it will easily deprive you of good luck these days.

You should not risk it either on the most dangerous days of the month — January 25 and 26, while the Moon is in Taurus. These two days and all you can get out of the rut. Be extremely careful.

January 31 is the best day of the month for you. On this day there will be a lunar eclipse, therefore, problems will recede backwards. You will be free more than ever from the shackles of lunar influence. On January 15 and 16, the Moon will be in Capricorn, which will also weaken it to a minimum.

On the 10th and 11th, the stay of the night luminary in Scorpio will make your life easier, as well as the stay in Leo on the 3rd and 4th numbers. On other days, you can not expect much luck or turmoil.

Jupiter and Mars will fight to be in charge. The laws of prosperity for you will act a little differently than for other people. You will need to revise your plans for the month a little, but this will need to be done at the very last moment.

You do not need to react too violently to changes, because they will guide you along the right path. January is the most important month of the year for Capricorns.

Mars in Scorpio will be strong until January 25th. From the 26th day you will have difficulty in the sphere of love, because the search for the second half will not bring any special results. You will be more disappointed in people. Jupiter will remain calm in the Sign of Scorpio, so you will need to listen more to your intuition in January.

She will not deceive you if you trust her in the most difficult moments.

Mercury will rule the world. The laws of luck will cease to operate from January 1 to 10, while the planet will be deprived of strength in the Sign of Sagittarius. Your transition to the Capricornus Mercury will mark the beginning of a positive period for you.

It will be very timely, because around this time everyone starts to work and study. Business people will very well feel the strengthening of Mercury, because it is the best financial assistant from all possible.

The numbers will rule the world for you from the middle of the month to the very end, while Mercury will hold the first place in importance. It is necessary to correctly evaluate everything that happens around, because no one can provide you with timely assistance. On the other hand, the whole of January will be very important for you by the fact that all events will be very instructive.

You will be able to gain wisdom and experience to successfully start and complete cases.

Pisces will have to get out of the shackles of idleness from the first days of January. The moon will not always be strong or even moderate, so the stability of Saturn and its relevance is very bad news for you. Try to stick to the plans.

Risks are not for you now — they will prevent you from staying on top of success.

Watch your thoughts, because they are material. Think more in a positive way, but do not forget about the productivity of your work and your actions. Do not do anything just like that, because the stock of your forces will be very limited.

By the end of January, you will feel tired, which can not be cured. Only success will help you to abstract away from the thought that you need rest again. Try to achieve your goal, not leaving a single chance to your opponents.

Learn to manage your life in January. This is the same year when it is necessary to act not always openly or not always covertly. We need a happy medium, and in almost everything.

Pavel Globa wishes you to find this middle and to achieve the best results in love, affairs, finances and work. All in your hands. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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