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Past Life Horoscope: What Zodiac Sign Can Tell About Your Karma

Past Life Horoscope: What Zodiac Sign Can Tell About Your Karma

According to Buddhism, each of us is born and dies far from the first time. Only the body itself changes, but not the soul. Astrologers are confident that your Token can tell a lot about past lives.

If suddenly your karma is negative, then remember that you can always change the fate with special practices, meditations, rituals. Your Zodiac will tell you what you were in your past lives.

If you were born under the Sign of Aries, then most likely in previous lives or in the last one you were lonely people, and also terribly lazy, unprincipled and greedy. Perhaps you betrayed some of your relatives.

Taurus — these are the people whose karma is almost completely clean. In past lives, you have been terribly unlucky. Almost always you gave more than you took, so in this life many of you have an irresistible craving for fame, wealth, power.

The twins in the past life were very powerful people who could not justify the hopes of those who relied on them and depended on them. Also, you could in the past life be terrible gossipers, liars.

You were most likely alone in your past life. Your karma has been almost completely purified in the past life. There is the possibility that you were still poor and in very poor health.

Lions are karmic debtors. You were a hypocrite and always tried to get what you wanted with the most sophisticated methods. Many, or even almost all, attempts to obtain wealth and power were unsuccessful.

You have enough karmic debts, because in a past life you could be extremely cruel. You could cause physical and moral damage to a large number of people.

Scales were the laziest in past lives or in the last of them. You did not know how to admit your mistakes, and you saw only a way to assert yourself in front of other people.

Perhaps your life is quickly cut short, so your karma is almost completely clean. You were selfish — this is your only blunder, for which you will probably be paying in this life.

Sagittarius in past lives were poor, but very clever and modest. You were underestimated, but you strictly adhered to the rules of good tone, not expressing discontent. Your karma can be considered the purest of all.

Capricorns, most likely, were representatives of power in a past life. You have disappointed a very large number of people. They believed and supported you, but you closed your eyes to it and chose to become rich at their expense.

Aquarians were very dark personalities. You survived at the expense of other people’s troubles, but you almost fixed everything in the same life, therefore now you are almost completely pure in karmic terms. You lived in solitude and did not honor morality.

The fish in the past life were very famous people whom everyone loved or even adored. It was largely undeserved due to the huge number of defects with which you did not want to fight.

Karmic redemption and purification is something that each of us must pass through. It is on this that the fateful moments in the life of the Zodiac signs depend. Try to see in everything not problems, but opportunities. If your life is not easy, you can change it.

Any karma, even the worst, does not mean that you are doomed to torment. Everybody has a chance for happiness. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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