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Overview of compatibility by date of birth and name in love

Methods for calculating compatibility by date of birth and name

A very common reason for parting — «did not agree on the characters.» Because of it, so many love unions are falling apart, which could be quite promising in the future … Could it be if the partners were aware of compatibility by date of birth and name.

It is her, as well as the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love by year and date of birth and name we will consider in this material.

Overview of compatibility by date of birth and name in love

Who needs a calculation on the compatibility of partners?

Today, more than ever, the problem is urgent, when lovers, after a long period of beautiful courting and relationships, begin to experience difficulty in communicating with each other. Endless conflicts and differences gradually destroy the relationship.

As a rule, the reason for this is the inability (or unwillingness) of one of the partners to accept and understand the position of the second participant in the relationship. When one person firmly stands guard over his life principles and does not take others into account — separation inevitably follows.

Often, in these situations, there is not enough good compatibility between partners. People simply do not match each other due to the nature of their character or mentality.

Those who have already managed to encounter such a thing in their lives, strive to protect themselves in advance from repeating old mistakes and begin to select a partner not only looking at his character, but also studying in detail the compatibility numerology of partners by date of birth and name.

How useful is the method of calculating the compatibility in a pair?

We all dream to find our soul mate, true love, which we will be able to carry with us throughout life. If you want to find out exactly if a particular person really suits you or if you don’t get involved with it more correctly, we recommend that you pass the numerological compatibility test.

Based on its results, you will understand how lucky your relationship promises to be in the future and what is the probability of living a long and happy life together.

Pay your attention! Although compatibility between two people is an important component of long-term and happy novels, you also have to remember that sometimes even with inherently poor compatibility it is possible to reach compromise solutions and build fairly happy relationships in the future.

Compatibility by name and date of birth is a numerological prediction, which is based on the analysis of the values ​​of the life numbers of a particular person. Numerologists have long established that each of the numbers correspond to their specific characteristics, regulated by the influence of one of the planets of the Solar System:

  • The unit is filled with solar energy;
  • Two — corresponds to the energy of the moon;
  • Troika — refers to the Martian energy;
  • Four — meets the energy of Mercury;
  • The Five is personified with the energy of Jupiter;
  • Six — a manifestation of the goddess of beauty and love of Venus;
  • Seven — relates to the energy of the planet Saturn;
  • The eight — the personification of the power of Uranus;
  • Nine — it is patronized by the planet Neptune.

At the same time, the influence of numbers will differ, based on the area of ​​vital activity in which the object of prediction works. By numerical expression, you can get information about innate abilities, inclinations, karmic tasks and, of course, the most suitable partner for you in love and relationships.

Overview of compatibility by date of birth and name in love

How to calculate compatibility by date of birth and name for free

First of all, to make a prediction of the compatibility of partners, you will need to calculate the personal number of life. The process of calculating the latter involves casting the name to a numeric value.

In this case, in the numerology of each of the numbers, specific letters of the alphabet correspond, namely:

  • Unit — corresponds with the letters A, I, C, b;
  • Two — with letters B, Y, T, S;
  • Three — associated with the letters B, K, Y, b;
  • Four — respond letters G, L, F, E;
  • Five — corresponds to the letters D, M, X, Yu;
  • Six — is associated with the letters E, H, C, I;
  • Seven — her answer is the letters E, O, H;
  • Eight — refers to the letters Ж, П, Ш;
  • Nine — causes an association with the letters W, F, O.

Consider the example of the name Alexander.

The name Alexander itself represents the personification of the sum of numbers:

You probably know that each number in the numerological forecast corresponds to a single expression. So, the number of the name of Alexander is 9 (3 + 6).

But this information is not enough to determine the compatibility of partners by date of birth and names. To get the most accurate prediction, you will need to identify another value.

To do this, you need to sum up all the numbers of the date of birth of a person.

For example, take a sample date of birth

Then we get the number of fate as follows:

And to get the number of life, you need to add the number of fate to the number of the name and then we get:

the number of the name (9) + the number of fate (4) = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4

Deciphering love compatibility numbers

When you calculate your personal life number together with the number of your partner, you will have an excellent opportunity to establish your potential compatibility from a numerological point of view. The obvious advantage is that on our website you can find out the compatibility of names in marriage and love by date of birth is completely free!

You will just need to learn which of the life numbers are combined more favorably with other life numbers.

  • One — the harmonious relations will be in which the second unit is involved, as well as the triple, the seven and the nine. As for the five and six, more friendly alliances are possible with them. With deuce, hot passion can flare up, which, however, is not very long-term. The most favorable option is when a unit is combined with a troika: such relationships are very productive, because the representatives of both figures are inherently creators by nature.
  • Two — is a rather contradictory symbol due to the impact of the planet Moon. For individuals with this number, it is common to fall in love often, but also often burn themselves on their feelings. The two need an alliance with morally stable people who are well versed in their feelings and needs (for example, eights and fours).
  • The triple is a symbol of creative energy, but on the other hand it is in dire need of rationalism and practicality. And based on this, the top three are better to choose their fourths and fives as partners. But the second trio as a lover will not suit her.
  • Squatted fours not bad in the company of twos, threes and nines. In the interaction in the Nine and Seven, the possible development of conflicts that will provoke domestic difficulties and unwillingness to adhere to compromise solutions.
  • People-fives are the creators of comfort and convenience, all of the above is appreciated by the sixes. Also successful will be the union with the three. As for units and sevens, it is more likely that they will establish a strong friendship.
  • The six — numerologically is the most real personification of love, which is able to attract through its perfect forms of manifestation. It is a symbol of a very powerful passion, sweeping away everything in its path. It should be noted that, in principle, the sixes can create harmonious alliances with almost all other numbers.
  • Seven perfectly fit the second seven and one. In the relationship with the nine will be the format of the relationship of the student and teacher: for girls with a vital number of seven, the desire to learn from the representatives of the stronger sex with the number nine is characteristic. And men often fall in love, but often unanswered.
  • For eights, love relationships are more in the background, because they always have a goal in front of their eyes. Of course, they also encounter love in their lives, however, it often ends quickly. In maintaining the relationship of the eight helps the absence of violent emotions.
  • Nine — for the last number in the numerological series, the second partner-nine is most suitable. Together the nine will be easier to synchronize and adapt to the needs of each other.

Also, be sure to take into account that the horoscope of compatibility given above by date of birth and name is not final, because it does not use the person’s last name, place of birth and many other indicators. Only an astrologer after a detailed study of the natal chart of both partners can make the most accurate forecast.

Overview of compatibility by date of birth and name in love

Overview of compatibility in love and marriage by date of birth and names

In order to use this method, you must first calculate the codes of birth — your personal and your loved one, compatibility with which you check. This is done elementary, you have already done this action in past ways — this will require the addition of all the digits of the date of your birth until you get a one-digit number.

For example, take for sample the date of birth February 8, 1981.

Then the calculation of the birth code will be as follows:

But, as we already know, all numbers in numerology should be reduced to ono-valued ones, which means that we get: 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2

The number of the life path has been released 2. Now you know your birth code, you need to calculate the birth code of your partner and then you can begin to interpret the results of various combinations.

Two units. A variant of a very harmonious couple, in which both of its members are born leaders who do not want to compromise.

Work on flexibility, if you want to maintain such a relationship.

Unit with deuce. Similar to the previous version, in this pair of partners also constantly fight for the palm.

Advice for you — to give in more often, so that your relationship has a future.

One with a troika. This is more a variant of the excellent friendly compatibility between people, and the fact that they will get something more, most likely, is not necessary.

Unit with four. It is also an unfortunate combination for love, however, it is quite possible to establish harmonious business ties between representatives of these digital vibrations.

Unit with a five. Relationships in this pair are possible, but they will not be very stable due to the heightened emotionality of the partners.

Although in this alliance there are real feelings and passion, but they are expressed to such a strong degree that they become provocateurs of constant suspicion and conflict situations.

Unit with a six. Here you can talk about high compatibility in love.

A very harmonious couple, in which there are sincere feelings, and mutual understanding, and trust.

Unit with a seven. Option perfect pair. Its participants have common goals and have the same attitudes.

They will have a successful marriage.

Unit with eight. Numerology experts promise a fairly harmonious development of such relations, but only if the lovers learn to be content with what they have and will not try to change each other.

Unit with nine. Great combination: you are soul mates who harmoniously understand each other.

Deuces with deuces. In this case, you can talk exclusively about a friendly relationship.

Overview of compatibility by date of birth and name in love

Twos with three. A soulful combination, to which the numbers promise a good future.

You can without a doubt create a family and give birth to offspring.

Twos with fours. Ambiguous compatibility option.

On the one hand, a positive perspective is possible, but only if both members of the union can give one to the other.

Twos with a five. This is a bond without commitment, but not the relationship that ends in a happy marriage.

Twos with a six. The perfect combination of numerology, the prospect of a stable, harmonious relationship, filled with love, tenderness and mutual understanding.

Twos with seven. Both members of the union understand each other well, but they are likely to have exceptionally friendly relations.

Twos with eight. A very strong couple in which love and mutual respect reigns — both lovers are ready to move mountains for each other.

Twos with nine. Low compatibility in terms of creating a family.

Threes and threes. Stunning compatibility option. Such people will never be bored with each other, because they literally «breathe» their beloved person.

Over the years, gain mutual similarity.

Threesomes with four. Although people have completely different characters, the creation of harmonious love relationships is still between them.

Three with a five. The ideal union in which there are similar goals, the same life principles.

Partners will never annoy one another.

Three with a six. Successful relationship with high compatibility for marriage bonds.

Troika with seven. But this couple is not so lucky. Both partners have a desire to get rid of any responsibility in their relationship.

They say more than they do.

Three with eight. Option difficult and destructive communication.

In such a relationship, one of the partners is desperately trying to achieve freedom, and the second does not want to obey.

Threes with nine. Excellent couple, based on common interests and views on life.

Partners, if desired, will be able to create a strong and loving family.

Four with four. A very contradictory combination: from one position relations can be quite good, but on the other — one of the partners will suffer all the time from lack of attention and love.

Four with a five. The option of a complete non-match.

Dynamics and statics can not come to harmony, while one partner seduces the movement, the second — seeks to find peace and quiet.

Four with a six. Between people with the specified numerical vibrations is really the creation of a happy future.

Overview of compatibility by date of birth and name in love

Fours with seven. Excellent mutual relations with harmonious addition to each other.

Four with eight. Happiness is quite possible in this pair, but only on condition that the partners cease to constantly “pull the blanket over themselves.”

Four with a nine. Difficult «lapping», but if it is passed, then a happy future is foreseen.

Five with a five. An inharmonious couple with no happiness.

Five with a six. In order for something to come out, an enormous effort will be required.

Five with seven. The option of successful compatibility is likely a happy life together.

Five with eight. Low compatibility in terms of character, which prevents the development of love.

Five with nine. Variant of a beautiful combination, spiritual harmony.

Six with six. An incredibly difficult couple, in which the similarity of partners is fraught with quarrels and conflicts.

Six with seven. The combination of heart and mind, does not differ viability.

Sixes with eight. Non-harmonic compatibility.

Due to different life values, the partners will not be able to find mutual understanding.

Six with nine. Fifty-fifty compatibility.

In this pair, everything depends on desires and joint efforts.

Sevens with sevens. Option satisfactory compatibility.

In general, the pair is not bad, but there is a lack of mutual trust.

Sevens with eight. This is a short-term couple.

In it, one partner thinks about a career, and the second about family and offspring.

Sevens with nine. The perfect combination that can be destroyed solely by domestic difficulties.

Eight with Eight. The option of good compatibility, however, all able to spoil the minor turmoil.

Eight with nine. This is an unsuccessful couple due to too many different life goals and attitudes.

Nines with nine. Beautiful couple, filled with harmony and sincere feelings.

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