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Overview of compatibility between two dogs in a pair

Is compatibility between two dogs successful?

The union between people born in the Year of the Dog has good prospects. Man-Dog and woman-Dog have many similarities, which positively affects their compatibility.

Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful couple and find out what features their union has.

Overview of compatibility between two dogs in a pair

Male Dog and Woman-Dog — compatibility features

A man and a woman born in the year of the Dog can create both a harmonious and happy couple, and completely destroy the relationship because of their negative qualities, which are multiplied by two. But, fortunately, they have a lot in common:

  • Sociability;
  • Discretion;
  • Family loyalty;
  • Reliability;

Based on these qualities, two Dogs can easily build a strong and happy family and achieve complete understanding. This relationship will be based on mutual respect and support.

Both partners are distinguished by reliability and loyalty, so the question of treason in such a pair is simply irrelevant.

Spouses are usually very compliant and non-conflicting. And for the sake of preserving family harmony, they are ready to sacrifice their ambitions and compromise.

Their feelings are tender and stable, although the fire of passion between two dogs rarely flares up.

If the man-dog and the woman-dog decide to be together, then most likely they will go together hand in hand to the end. Their union is based on devotion to each other and their family hearth.

The longer they are together, the stronger and more stable their union.

The relationship between the two dogs is conservative and unchanged, they are not characterized by vivid emotions and violent passions. Some will find them boring and monotonous.

But Dogs are quite satisfied with this state of affairs — they get joy from affection and communication with each other.

Relationships in this couple are based on honesty and trust. This is not surprising, because the dog is an honest and fair animal, which will never tolerate a lie or a betrayal.

The union between the two dogs is so strong that it is almost impossible to destroy it.

People born in the year of the Dog usually suffer from self-doubt. Therefore, having met your soul mate, it is not easy for them to take the first step for rapprochement.

Their relationship develops gradually, and partners tend to look closely at each other for a long time. They are in no hurry to get married until they are completely confident in their choice.

Sexual compatibility men-dogs and women-dogs

The sexual life of two dogs is distinguished by conservatism and a lack of experimentation. It can be said that this side of the relationship does not play a significant role for partners at all.

But this situation suits them perfectly.

Often, sex becomes for them only a means for the birth of offspring. But children in this pair, as a rule, a lot.

Man and woman Dogs become caring and loving parents who are willing to sacrifice everything for the happiness of their children.

A man born in the year of the Dog

For a man born in the Year of the Dog, such qualities are characteristic:

  • Intelligence;
  • Honesty and fairness:
  • Generosity;
  • Nobility;

This is an example of a real man who adheres to the code of honor and is faithful to his principles. He is distinguished by courage and inner nobility, integrity and frankness.

You can always rely on this person. In any situation, he tries to help those in need.

The man-dog simply cannot remain indifferent if trouble has happened to someone.

Men-Dogs all their lives strive for an unattainable ideal. They set a goal and try with all their might to achieve it.

And when the goal is finally achieved, in order not to get bored, they immediately set themselves another more difficult task.

Usually, these are well-educated people with a developed intellect who can reach heights in their careers or business. But man-dog treats money indifferently — they are never his goal.

Often due to lack of self-confidence and timidity, he may miss the opportunity to earn or get a higher position.

A man born in the year of the dog treats women respectfully and gallantly. From his youth he is in search of his only one, therefore he avoids fleeting novels.

The family is his main priority, so the man-dog seeks to find a faithful and reliable companion of life who has maternal instinct.

Overview of compatibility between two dogs in a pair

As a rule, male dogs are pessimists, disheartened by their own failures. Therefore, it is very important for him that the partner constantly provide him with moral support.

Woman born in the year of the Dog

A woman who was born in the Year of the Dog is full of tenderness and charm and is incredibly attractive to men. But with all her softness and femininity, she has a logical turn of mind and incredible strength of will.

She avoids noisy gatherings and does not like to attract attention. Therefore, some will find it a bit closed in itself. But in fact, the woman-dog is simply not inclined to trust people and is very careful.

Having got acquainted with the person closer, she will fully show her friendly character.

The woman-dog has a very sensitive and kind soul. She is constantly worried about other people’s misfortunes and hardships.

At the first opportunity she tries to come to the rescue and provide support to all those in need. Therefore, there are always many friends around her, who are valued and loved by those around her.

The choice of a life partner for a woman-dog is very responsible. Her ideal will be a reliable and responsible person with a balanced character.

All her life she will be faithful to her second half, will be honest and faithful to her husband.

Woman-Dog will become a reliable companion of life, a good mother and mistress. She was not used to sitting idle, so cleanliness and order always reign in her house.

What problems can a woman-dog and man-dog couple have?

The main problem in the relationship is the desire of both partners to lead. Sometimes it is very difficult for them to yield to each other, so often two Dogs “bark” and “bite” among themselves. They constantly try to remake each other in order to achieve their ideal.

Critical remarks and reproaches are not uncommon in this pair.

To avoid this, partners need to set a common goal towards which both should strive. This can strengthen their relationships and avoid conflicts.

They also need to learn to control their negative emotions and to show positive, otherwise such insensitivity may cause a break.

One of the serious problems in the relationship of this couple is their penchant for pessimism. To avoid depression, partners should stop focusing on negative thoughts and learn positive thinking.

And in order for life to play with new colors, you need to try to diversify it, fill it with interesting adventures and vivid emotions.

Overview of compatibility between two dogs in a pair

Often the cause of conflict couples becomes the financial side of life. Despite the fact that Dogs are very hardworking and usually earn good money, they do not know how to properly manage the family budget.

Most of their income goes to charity, help to needy friends and relatives. Often, a couple just turns out to be without a penny.

To avoid this, partners should become more practical and learn how to spend money wisely, avoiding unnecessary expenses. They should discuss in advance who will earn in the family and how the family budget will be distributed.

In order to preserve harmony in the family, a woman-dog and a man-dog need to learn to empathize and help not only others, but above all, their second half.

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