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Name Compatibility: Do You Match Each Other?

Name Compatibility: Do You Match Each Other?

How often do people make mistakes when choosing their second half. And someone has been devoting a long time to searching for the perfect life partner. It is very easy to solve the heart question and find the right person to create a serious relationship in our time.

Astrology, numerology, palmistry and other esoteric sciences, which allow to know in advance the love compatibility of men and women, rose up against the injustice of fate. We suggest you determine whether you and your other half fit each other by name. Using name compatibility you can easily identify the future of any pair.

To check the compatibility of names in love, you will need to take a pen and a piece of paper in the box. Write your full surname, first name and middle name. Each letter must be in a separate cell.

Under your name, write the name of your loved one so that the first letter of his name begins under the first letter of your name, the first letter of the name — under the first letter of your name, and so on. Let’s give an example with two names:


Names are compatible in the following cases:

  • If the majority of the letters in the vertical row coincide according to the principle of vowel-consonant. In the above names, for example, these are the first letters of the last name (I and P).
  • If there are matches in the vertical rows (for example, O and O).
  • If the number of letters in the name, surname and patronymic of a man and a woman is about the same (the difference is allowed not more than one letter). In the above example, the name of a woman is one letter more than the name of a man — this indicates good compatibility in love.
  • If last names, first names and middle names begin with vowels or consonants. In this example, only the letters of the name match.
  • If the name of the man has at least one letter, which is found in large numbers in the name of the woman. In the above case, the letter I is most often found in the full name of a woman. She is present in the middle name of a man — this is a good sign.

According to these criteria, you can determine the love compatibility in a pair. If in all the above parameters for calculating the compatibility of the name in the pair are the same, then this union can be considered happy and strong. But even one coincidence indicates good compatibility.

If the names do not match for any parameter, then this indicates disharmony in the pair. Such a union may well be long and strong, only the partners will not understand each other, which ultimately this will lead either to separation or, quite possibly, to an intolerable marriage.

Using this method of calculating compatibility by name, you can determine the nature of the relationship. In the pair will dominate the one who has more letters in the name. Equality reigns in those pairs where there is approximately an equal number of vowels.

The fewer vowels in the full name, the less weight in the union will have a person.

Compatibility by name will allow you to determine the future of your relationship and draw the appropriate conclusions. Of course, you should not completely trust this calculation. Remember that even the most different in nature people can happily live with each other for more than a dozen years. That’s just their fate will always be tested for strength and strength of feelings.

Partners in such unions have to adapt to each other and for a long time to find a common language. If a pair of good compatibility, then lovers are much easier to create a happy marriage. Nothing can prevent their family well-being.

Which path you choose is up to you. Love, be loved and do not forget to press buttons and

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