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Moon in Aquarius — personality characteristics and detailed description

What to do if in your horoscope Moon in Aquarius

What can a person expect if in his natal chart the Moon is in Aquarius? There is no short and unequivocal answer to this question, therefore we will consider the opinions of astrologers and share recommendations.

Personality summary

People who have the Moon in the constellation of Aquarius in the map, are united by similar character traits and behavioral traits. Even without reading the horoscope, you can easily recognize these personalities by their habits.

Moon in Aquarius - personality characteristics and detailed description

What is characteristic of them:

  1. Very friendly and friendly character. In every person they find something cute and see in him first of all a friend. “I trust a priori until a person proves the opposite” is their life motto. The most interesting thing is that they are rarely disappointed: as if people are trying to justify their trust and do not let them down.
  2. Sincere and honest. Lying to them is something out of the ordinary. Never deceiving, even if telling the truth, means hurting yourself and forgetting about your own interests. Therefore, you can be friends with them without fear of a trick.
  3. Often originals have extraordinary thinking, capable of unpredictable actions. You seem used to their calm and balanced behavior, when suddenly there is an incredible surprise, after which you have to recover from the shock for a long time. But surprise will be more positive.
  4. Sociable and social, can not long be alone, need to communicate with other people, as in the air. Without like-minded people and friends can get bored up to depression.
  5. Despite the desire to communicate, they do not tolerate boundaries and frames, freedom is valued above all. Friendship is friendship, and this man will live only by his own rules. Therefore, if you are their friend or relative, without being offended, quietly let them go “to the cave” to be alone with yourself for a while.
  6. As for family relationships, everything is not so simple. If at the time of human birth, the Moon was in the constellation of Aquarius, he is doomed to seek his love for a long time. All life rushes about in search of a bright ideal, and relationships often do not withstand everyday problems and troubles. Standard and clear, familiar to ordinary people relationships, just does not happen. These are either creative unions, or codependency, or simply total confusion.
  7. They are very fond of everything new, they quickly catch fire from someone’s successful idea. Catch up any undertakings of like-minded people. If you have conceived some crazy project, do not even doubt that support will come from this particular person.
  8. In a relationship with the opposite sex behaves extremely unpredictable. Everything is fine and he cannot live for a minute without a partner, then suddenly he suddenly withdraws and withdraws into himself, becoming completely indifferent and indifferent.
  9. Such emotional unpredictability can sometimes flow into imbalance, which ultimately leads to serious psychological problems. Astrologers warn: if you do not work through this part of the personality, the case can end badly. Stars promise such a person a premature demise at the hands of an outsider.

The person with the Moon in Aquarius is extremely bright, extraordinary, at the same time with a kind and calm disposition. It makes friends easily and finds like-minded people thanks to notorious oratorical abilities and perfectly developed intellect.

Detailed description

The energy of the moon in the constellation of Aquarius is considered neutral. Therefore, a person with such a natal chart can be thrown from side to side in search of balance.

But the emotional background depends only on him, and not on the location of the planets.

Moon in Aquarius - personality characteristics and detailed description

The key characteristic is described in three words: emotional inner distance. Outwardly, a person always seeks to abstract from others in the sensual sphere, does not show his experiences and emotions.

But not because of insincerity, but because it considers it personal.

Astrological characteristics are as follows:

  1. Positive qualities: a wide soul, sociability, hospitality and incredible friendliness, caring for others and a desire to help, bright creative thinking, a desire to improve everything around, independence, a great sense of humor, goodwill and great intellectual potential.
  2. Negative qualities: there are many ideas, but there is not enough energy for their implementation. Unrestrained words and emotions, excessive haste. The tendency to invent their own expectations and disappoint when they are not justified.
  3. Men’s traits: most often in life looking for only free relationships, without commitment.
  4. Female traits: “I want to create, I want to get up,” the tendency to be self-centered, the desire to conduct psychological experiments on people, in relationships, may seem indifferent, what repels the partner.
  5. The body’s weak points: the heart, veins, legs, nervous system.

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Natal chart

If your map says about the Moon in Aquarius, you need to understand what this characteristic means.

Moon in Aquarius - personality characteristics and detailed description

Its meanings are as follows:

  • Whatever happens in life is a necessary experience from which you should learn. It is necessary to learn to treat any situation neutrally, without tinting it with positive or negative shades of feelings.
  • Recognize that freedom is important to you, and the framework and boundaries create strong tension and psychological discomfort. Take this trait of yours as part of yourself and stop reflecting on this.
  • You have an excellent intuition: use it. Never try to rely only on logic in your decisions, use all your senses. Premonitions are not deceived ever. You are even able to develop extrasensory abilities if you wish.
  • You have a lot of energy. So that she does not stagnate and make you go crazy, share with other people. Help, inspire, support, suggest ideas. Teamwork will help not only others to get a little bit of your enthusiasm, but also you — to achieve results in any business.
  • It is very important for you to be able to control yourself and not to succumb to the provocations of the aggressors. These will be necessary — do not pay attention.

In general, in the horoscope of a person whose Moon is in Aquarius, there are no sharp negative moments. Rather, guidance, recommendations on how to behave in order to live harmoniously and happily for a long time.

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