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Monkey Compatibility

Compatibility Monkeys: the opinion of the astrologer

Monkey compatibility is very ambiguous. But when a couple of people born under this sign come to me for a consultation, one thing is for sure — they are very similar.

This does not guarantee a happy relationship, so I will give my recommendations in this article. They will help you keep feelings and establish mutual understanding with your partner.

general information

A pair of two Monkeys is a union of two bright and extraordinary people with a bright future. Partners are endowed with tremendous conceit and ambition.

They are fully capable of building strong and happy relationships if they work on them.

Monkey Compatibility

What can I say about the characters of the partners and their relationship to each other:

  1. Their life together will always be filled with vivid emotions and impressions. They do not like to be bored, strive for diversity and activity. These are the real «lighters» that illuminate everything around them with their light and fire.
  2. Partners share similar traits. They do not like to sit still, they are always busy with something. They strive to be in the company of people as much free time as possible.
  3. They love to chat, desperate debaters, love to debate and defend their point of view.
  4. They are very impressionable, their imagination is well developed, they love to dream. Often engaged in brain training and visualization.
  5. They are well developed creative abilities. They capture any information on the fly, they are quick-witted, all theoretical knowledge is easily turned into practical skills.
  6. Mutual understanding in a pair is usually at a high level, although partners lack sincerity and trust. Both love to cheat and manipulate the elect, which is often revealed and leads to conflicts.
  7. Their relationship resembles a constant game, rivalry, in which everyone strives to be more clever, cunning, quirky.

In general, it can be said that Monkeys create a couple based on strong feelings, their relationship is saturated with emotions. Even if they leave, the minutes spent together will remain in the memory of both for a very long time.

Love compatibility

Monkeys are quite difficult to build relationships with people born under other signs. Not everyone will endure a noisy and restless nature, considering the capricious temper and the flighty side to be huge flaws.

Monkey Compatibility

They themselves consider themselves to be perfect, and when they get to know each other, they immediately find a soul mate in a partner. They like that the chosen one will not nag, try to re-educate and impose their worldview.

Therefore, almost immediately after dating, a relationship is established between them.

What is characteristic of the union of two monkeys:

  1. They will always compete with each other, but this does not ruin the relationship, but, on the contrary, helps partners develop and become better.
  2. About romance can not speak. Monkeys are cynical, preferring sarcasm, irony and jokes to declarations of love. This style of communication suits both.
  3. They love to lie, often embellish everything in their stories. But innocent lies are not annoying, they calmly accept this trait of the partner’s character, because they understand that they themselves are the same.
  4. There is no place for dramas in their relationship. They treat problems easily, and conflicts are quickly resolved with their inherent sense of humor.
  5. None of the partners will want to remain in the shadows, to play a supporting role. They are equal, while not fighting for leadership.
  6. They sincerely admire the partner, his achievements, his merits. Respect each other and openly show their feelings.
  7. This couple has always attracted the attention of others, people often envy such an unusual, but harmonious and calm relationship. At any party, they become instigators and are in the spotlight.
  8. Despite this, there are few close friends with Monkeys. There are lots of friends, but nobody hurries to get close to them. Therefore, the partners appreciate the support of each other, they are very good and comfortable together.

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Family and marriage

Monkeys are real careerists. Achievements are very important to them.

Both partners are endowed with purposeful and ambitious character, they do not give in to difficulties and always get what they want. Marriage for them, too, becomes one of life goals.

Achieved — put a tick.

What are the features of their relationship in the family:

  • When the Monkey falls in love, he loses his head instantly, and is ready to throw the world at the feet of the chosen one. Therefore, partners often decide to marry spontaneously, do not delay the wedding for a long time.
  • Both love freedom and respect the partner’s right to be independent. Never limit or control each other. That is why the family is not too burdensome, together they are easy and comfortable.
  • They quarrel very rarely. This is facilitated by the sense of humor of both, and the ability to give in, to seek compromises. Principle is not about them.
  • A man is able to earn enough money for a prosperous life, so he never drives his wife to an unloved job, giving her the opportunity to find herself and be realized in creativity.
  • A woman will never demand reports from her spouse, monitor, ask to constantly call and write, report on what he is doing now. She doesn’t need permanent declarations of love — she is so sure of his feelings.

Monkey Compatibility

The great advantage of their relationship is that they do not relate to marital relations, like a debt that needs to be fulfilled. Communication and common life for them is a real pleasure, the opportunity to grow, take care of a partner and enjoy each other’s company.

Relationship minuses

There are also problematic issues that need to be worked out:

  • Monkeys are rather irresponsible, which often harms their well-being and family wealth.
  • For a man in the first place is always career and achievement, not love.
  • Both are seeking benefits in marriage, so their feelings are not always sincere.
  • Monkeys always have a “crown” on their heads, they consider themselves better than others. And two people with this quality sometimes become unbearable for each other.
  • They do not want to limit themselves in anything, which may cause problems after the birth of children, when they have to endure some inconveniences and take on greater responsibility.

All these moments are not critical, so the Apes have chances for a great joint future.

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