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Monkey and Snake compatibility

Monkey and Snake compatibility according to the eastern horoscope

Monkey and Snake compatibility are rather unpredictable. Relationships promise to be very complex and fairly emotional.

Let’s try to understand the predictions of astrologers for this type of union.

General Characteristics of Marks

People born under the sign of the Snake, are very unpredictable. They very often change during life, adapting to external circumstances. These are the people who are able to get out of poverty in six months and become very successful.

For them, there are no unsolvable problems. They can fly high, then fall and rise again.

Monkey and Snake compatibility

Much in their life depends on their inner emotional state. They can suddenly become depressed, get carried away with alcohol and lock themselves up at home.

And then suddenly begin to enjoy life, quickly find a promising job and quickly build a career.

Often change their interests and social circle, they are important situation change. Life must be seething, keyed so that they do not lose interest in it.

It is the ability to quickly adjust to the circumstances that makes the Serpent long-livers and extremely successful people. They love to look good, dress in branded clothes, surround themselves with luxury and powerful patrons.

At the same time, Snakes are rather stingy. Never lend money and do not lend.

The value of money for them is very high, so they always strive for material well-being, they want to live better than everyone around them.

In a relationship, they can become true romantics. Often they are jealous, although they themselves would not mind changing, if they are sure that no one will know about it.

Despite the emotionality, the life partner is still chosen by the head, and not by the heart.

The nature of the monkeys is quite complex and controversial. They are impatient, do not attach much importance to life, so they often live in complete chaos and confusion.

But they have a wonderful memory, they are cunning, resourceful, they are well able to manipulate others.

Everything in life is achieved by no means diligence, but precisely by its cunning, flexibility, and resourcefulness. They have an excellent sense of humor, they are sociable, quite tactful.

They are loved by others and forgive minor flaws.

Monkeys can be very successful in their careers, but they rarely get lucky in love. And the matter is not constantly changing partners, but in the Monkey itself.

It is easy to captivate, but she quickly loses interest and breaks the relationship, going in search of someone more interesting. Very emotional.

Monkey and Snake compatibility

Monkey and Snake characters are very controversial. But despite such a difference, they are able to create happy relationships, confirming that opposites attract.

Both are well able to adapt and adapt to the circumstances, so the problems in the relationship can be solved easily, quickly and together. And thanks to practical and rational characters they never encounter domestic and material difficulties.

Snake Man and Monkey Woman

Parting in such a pair is almost inevitable, although at first their relationship seems quite good.

Monkey and Snake compatibility

What is characteristic of this union:

  1. They are usually met by chance, it happens in an unusual setting. Immediately there are emotions and relationships begin.
  2. The first date also takes place in an unusual place. A man will not invite her darling to a restaurant or cinema, but will try to give her a lot of vivid impressions. Therefore, they can go to a ski resort, a rock concert, or go skydiving.
  3. Passion flashes between them, so they very quickly find themselves in bed, unable to control their emotions.
  4. The first months of the relationship develop calmly and smoothly, but then the first problems begin. A man treats his darling like a real owner. He begins to control her in everything, put pressure on her and try to limit her. She will not be able to tolerate such an attitude for a long time, because she values ​​her independence and chooses freedom.
  5. The girl is very wasteful. She is able to lower a lot of money on trifles and will require expensive gifts from her chosen one. His practical and stingy nature will not be able to tolerate such a state of affairs, therefore, sooner or later, a man can simply run away.
  6. She will never be an exemplary wife and hostess, does not like to engage in life and children. And her companion really wants a traditional family with his wife — the keeper of the home.

Because of all of the above, many quarrels and disagreements arise. As a result, the relationship quickly falls apart, because it is simply impossible to reach a compromise.

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Monkey Man and Snake Woman

This union is more promising, and there is every chance to build a harmonious, happy relationship.

What do astrologers say about such a pair:

  1. The girl has a very flexible character. She is wise and can easily manipulate a man, so she always gets what he wants from him. She is attracted by the fact that he is able to provide her with everything necessary, the relationship often starts by calculation, guided by reason, and not by emotions.
  2. To interest the chosen one, a man needs to be very romantic. He can conquer her by arranging a candlelit dinner in a beautiful cozy atmosphere.
  3. If they decide to start a family, it is advisable to have children as soon as possible. The child will strengthen the relationship and will not let the couple fall apart.
  4. A woman is able to help a chosen one to succeed in life and build a dizzying career. She will direct him on the right path if he begins to listen to his advice.
  5. She will create coziness at home, become a caring mother and an excellent hostess, a true keeper of the home. Houses will always be order, cleanliness and comfort.
  6. The girl spends a lot of time taking care of herself, her inner condition and appearance. Beauty will require large financial investments, a man needs to be ready for this. But he will be willing to invest in the chosen one, because he is flattered that his woman is admired by others, he is envied by other men.

Big problems in the relationship should not be. Both partners take care of each other and do their best to make both of them comfortable and well together.

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