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Monkey and Dragon Compatibility

Monkey and Dragon Complications — Difficult Relationships

Compatibility Monkey and Dragon promises partners a great relationship. According to the eastern horoscope, this couple is excellent, in which love and mutual understanding reign.

They are open to each other, fall in love sincerely and for a long time.

general characteristics

Monkey and Dragon are well able to negotiate, so problems with mutual understanding in their pair usually do not arise. They speak openly about their feelings, therefore there are no understatements.

They never accumulate insults, preferring to pronounce all the claims at once and look for a way out in any situation together.

Monkey and Dragon Compatibility

Relations between them usually develop easily and simply, they do not have to work on them. Over time, they realize that they are made for each other, create a family, and the marriage becomes very strong.

They are very similar to each other, therefore, they are able to accept the shortcomings of a partner and not give them much importance. The atmosphere in the pair is usually very warm, comfortable for both.

They can give up only because of some insurmountable life circumstances that they cannot influence.

Surrounding this couple seems almost perfect, and this is not a deceptive impression, this is the case in reality.

Monkey Man and Dragon Woman

Despite the excellent compatibility, in real life such pairs are quite rare.

Monkey and Dragon Compatibility

What do astrologers think about the relationship between these partners:

  1. A man seems to his companion very frivolous. He likes to be the center of attention, joking and having fun. People adore him, he has many friends, he easily becomes the soul of any company.
  2. But over time, when she gets to know him better, she realizes that you can build a serious relationship with him. Although at first she keeps very arrogant and does not let the man close to her, gradually the ice melts and she falls in love.
  3. The surrounding dragon girl seems very arrogant. She constantly emphasizes that she occupies a high position, considers herself better than others and believes that everyone around her must treat her with due respect.
  4. This is not unreasonable. She is really very successful, she achieves great success in her career and work, she can do anything, she always reaches her goals, no matter how ambitious they are. Deals with competitors quickly and ruthlessly.
  5. Due to her ambitious nature, she doesn’t feel a lot of craving for her family, she is unlikely to want to devote herself completely to children and do housework. The partner will have to put up with it.
  6. At first, their relationship resembles a holiday romance. This is a quick and easy affair without commitment. They treat each other easily and do not make serious plans. But over time, when they get to know a better partner, feelings arise.
  7. They become not only lovers, but also colleagues, friends. They support each other in everything, rarely quarrel. They strive in relationships not to consume but to give.
  8. The problem is that the distribution of roles in the pair will be unconventional. A man will never be able to become a leader. He has to either accept the fact that women will always make decisions. Such a situation does not always suit a man, so these couples often break up.
  9. If they stay together, they can perfectly complement each other and develop together. This marriage can not be called traditional, but it can be very successful and cause the envy of others.

Only very strong feelings will keep them together. They will face social condemnation and a multitude of life trials.

It is not known what will be the final, everything depends only on the two of them.

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Union cons

There are a lot of minuses of such relations. That is why the union of Monkey and Dragon often ends in parting, painful and difficult for both.

Dragon nature is very rational and pragmatic. She is unable to come to terms with the lightheadedness of the Monkey.

It is important for her that her financial situation is stable, that she has clear goals for life, so that no unforeseen circumstances arise.

Monkey and Dragon Compatibility

The monkey destroys the orderly world of the Dragon, it lives easily, not really thinking about the consequences of its actions and tomorrow. The rationality of the second half seems to her intolerable tediousness, and she begins to choke in this relationship.

For the relationship to become truly harmonious and happy, the partners will have to work seriously on their own characters. If they learn to find compromises and put up with each other’s shortcomings, the chances of living together will happily rise together.

Compatible in bed

Sexual life of partners will be very harmonious. From a half-word, they guess each other’s wishes willingly fulfill them.

They have the same level of libido and temperament, so sex is enough for both.

It is because of the good sexual compatibility that their relationship is often — sex without commitment, which suits both. Problems begin when one falls in love and begins to desire something more serious.

Friendship and business

As for business relationships, Monkey and Dragon can be excellent partners and achieve great success together. They always have a lot of ideas and plenty of energy to translate them into life.

It is desirable that the Monkey was responsible for finances and networking with partners. She can be a great forecaster, to predict financial risks.

And the Dragon is an excellent generator of ideas.

The most important thing is not to fight for leadership, but to always remain equal partners. Then they are waiting for a great success.

It is equally important that the Dragon does not get full control over the common money. He is capable of cunning to get the total capital out of business and spend it for his own needs.

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