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Monkey and Bull compatibility

Monkey and Bull compatibility — a union of two opposites

Compatibility of the Monkey and the Bull is not considered ideal, but the couple still have chances for a happy and harmonious relationship. The main thing is to take into account all the problematic moments and learn how to solve them together.

general characteristics

Astrologers believe that the union of the Monkey and the Bull can be prosperous, if both partners reconcile with the opposite of their characters and differences in temperaments. By accepting each other with all the flaws, they will be able to preserve love and make relationships harmonious.

Monkey and Bull compatibility

The bull is very reasonable and reliable, attaches great importance to education and he constantly learns. He always knows how to act in a particular situation, adheres to conservative views on everything.

May seem insufficiently flexible and overly calm. Decisions are made slowly, because he wants to think carefully about everything, weigh all the pros and cons.

The monkey behaves completely differently. She is very active, vital energy boils in her, quickly finds a solution to any problem.

It is very practical and reasonable, never influenced by emotions. She loves to be the center of attention.

She has a well-developed imagination, a lot of creative talents.

Bull and Monkey in a relationship can perfectly complement each other and develop together. But they can also turn an alliance into an eternal struggle, full of contradictions and conflicts.

Bull Man and Monkey Woman

Their relationship often becomes very happy. The man is quite purposeful, therefore, seeking the location of the chosen one, if you really fall in love.

And the girl is clever and charming enough to make a man show himself.

Monkey and Bull compatibility

What is characteristic of this type of union:

  1. The woman in the chosen one likes his masculinity, reliability. Next to him, she feels like behind a stone wall. The sense of security helps develop, move forward and be realized in all spheres of life, without thinking about how to make money on a piece of bread.
  2. The man is completely fascinated by the mind, light character and sense of humor of the chosen one. He is never bored with her. She knows how to file herself, so everyone around is jealous that he managed to get such a woman.
  3. A girl will agree to marry him only if she sees for herself the benefits. She is rational, she has a cold mind, therefore she enters into marriage solely by calculation. She may not like a spouse, but will always respect him.
  4. The problem may be that the girl always wants to look for something better. If a man is not successful enough, she is able to find a more attractive partner for relationships and leave.
  5. She can change in the event that does not receive enough attention. Her need to pamper, groom and cherish.

If a man loves enough, he will put up with the capricious kind of sweetheart and will do everything possible to preserve the relationship.

Monkey Man and Bull Woman

Compatibility in such a pair is less favorable. The problem of relationships lies in the strong characters of both partners.

They are leaders by nature, so they will constantly compete with each other, finding out who is the main one.

Monkey and Bull compatibility

What are the features of this type of union:

  1. This is not to say that they are doomed to break. If both will experience strong and deep feelings, they will be able to solve all the problems and agree. The romance between them is fastened very quickly, at the beginning there is a lot of passion, emotions and impressions.
  2. In order for this novel to turn into a serious relationship and not end quickly, partners will have to seriously try. A man should learn to treat his wife more respectfully, patiently endure her shortcomings. In exchange, she will repay her loyalty, become an excellent mistress, wife and mother, always take care and give a lot of love.
  3. And the girl will have to put up with the frivolity and lightheadedness of the chosen one. Learn not to make scandals because of his wastefulness and rash decisions.
  4. If they learn to relate patiently to the differences in temperaments and characters, they can build very trusting, happy relationships full of love and harmony.

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Union cons

Since the relationship of Monkey and Bull is rather controversial, you should be aware of the disadvantages of the union in order to successfully resolve all conflicts that arise.

What can cause problems in their relationship:

  • Jealousy. Monkeys are not the most loyal partners. It is worth the Bull to lose vigilance, as they begin to twist the intrigue on the side. The reasons for jealousy will always be enough. To prevent this from happening, the Bull cannot relax for a minute, always give the partner enough attention.
  • Conflict. The partners are radically different temperaments, which often causes quarrels. To the bulls, the mad rhythm of the Monkey’s life seems too fast; It is extremely important for him to stop sometimes in order to be able to concentrate, retire, be alone with himself.
  • The monkey wants constant communication and attention, it is not always able to leave the other half alone. But to learn how to do this is extremely necessary to prevent frequent quarrels.

Very often, they quarrel on the basis of the desire for leadership. Both want to command and make decisions.

In such situations, it is the woman who needs to learn how to give in. She must become more flexible and wise if she wants to maintain a favorable atmosphere in their pair.

Sexual compatibility

In bed, usually all is well. But only at the first stage. And over time, the difference in temperaments makes itself felt.

A monkey wants sex often, a lot and all the time. The bull is more calm, it has low libido, so the constant desire of the partner over time begins to tire.

Such a situation over time leads either to a break or to a betrayal of the Monkey, which seeks to satisfy its sexual needs on the side.

The problem can be solved if the Monkey learns to sublimate sexual energy into creativity, sport, work. But for this you need to be quite conscious and mature person.

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