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Male Taurus — with whom a happy marriage is possible

Male Taurus — a successful marriage between lovers

Men born under the sign of Taurus, endowed with sensuality and prudence. They, like no other zodiac sign, are serious and thorough in choosing a partner. What is the difference between the Taurus man and other representatives of the zodiacal circle?

How to win his position and keep attention? Consider the article.

Male Taurus - with whom a happy marriage is possible

Love Taurus

Prudence and wisdom Taurus determines their actions in everything, so the man goes to the connection consciously and only in the case of the benefits of the relationship. Taurus thinks a hundred times before deciding on a responsible step.

Sometimes it gives in to the characteristic “does not grumble, does not calve”. However, having decided to communicate, Taurus will overcome any obstacles, just to be close to the chosen one of the heart.

Is the Taurus man selfish in love relationships? If love suddenly blinds him, he may lose his head and change his usual life priorities.

He will not listen to the advice of friends and relatives, calmly ignoring any arguments and facts. If Taurus decided something for himself, it remains unchanged..

Tauruses are under the auspices of Venus, it gives them sensuality and love of beauty. However, we should not forget that they are representatives of the elements of the earth, which is expressed in a practical approach to life and even romance.

Taurus is more inclined to analyze than to indulge in romantic dreams.

Therefore, Taurus unions with representatives of their element — Capricorn and Virgos — can be strong and stable. The union of Taurus with Taurus is not so lucky, as both tend to delay any situation to the point of absurdity.

Unions with signs of the land in Taurus do not differ fervor and passion, but are based on full mutual understanding and trust. Passion can only be found with representatives of other signs.

Business acumen and practicality are characteristic of any sphere of life interests of Taurus. This also applies to amorous affairs — Taurus will certainly find the key to the heart of the girl she likes if she sets a goal.

Who can resist the daily gifts, drowning in flowers and gentle words? The combination of romance and practicality is an exclusive feature of Taurus men..

In bed, Taurus does not shine with fervor, but they can and know how to get maximum pleasure from themselves and satisfy their partner. If Aries is inherently stormy onslaught, then Taurus prefer a long marathon of refined caresses and incredible tenderness.

Features and preferences

If you met a man Taurus, be ready to receive all sensual pleasures. He has a rich imagination, so the pleasures will always be different or alternate constantly.

You will visit an expensive restaurant, spend a romantic evening in a prestigious hotel, visit a theater or an art exhibition, enjoy a visit to the massage salon.

Everything related to sensual pleasures is in the sphere of interests of Taurus.

Family Taurus will never refuse to rest in a sanatorium or other place where they care about the health of the body. Baths, saunas, oriental massage — everything will be in abundance.

Taurus himself loves to enjoy life, and everyone around him also begins to feel a taste for simple earthly pleasures.

Male Taurus - with whom a happy marriage is possible


If your chosen Taurus, be sure of its reliability and devotion. Having resolved to marry, Taurus rechecked his desire a hundred times.

Being true to himself, he will not change his intentions because of stupidity or under the influence of an emotional outburst. Taurus does not like changes in life, so divorce is excluded for them, especially if they have a well-established life and comfort.

Taurus chooses his wife carefully and thoroughly:

  • she must be a wonderful hostess;
  • be able to cook hearty and tasty food;
  • look good and take care of yourself;
  • love children and be caring.

The ability to cook well is important for a male calf, as a tasty meal is his weak point. Apparently, the saying about the path to the heart through the stomach concerns representatives of this sign.

Delicious food, a cozy home, peace and quiet — the basic needs of Taurus, not excluding sex.

Cheerfulness Taurus can smooth any family troubles, however, you should not test it for strength — it can infuriate. This is extremely rare, as Taurus prefer not to notice minor troubles.

The desire for external and internal comfort determines all their actions: you should not take them out of balance.


Consider the compatibility of signs with Taurus — how does he get along with other signs of the zodiac?

With Aries Taurus can create a strong alliance, as this fire sign fills him with enthusiasm. However, permanent earthquakes can unbalance and bring dissonance into relationships. Aries can not sit still, and Taurus is nicer than peace and quiet.

Life together with Aries will be filled with constant clashes on various occasions. However, it is Taurus that can create for Aries the most favorable conditions for living and working — he knows how to calm him down.

Taurus with Taurus — an amazing alliance. Under favorable conditions, this couple will jointly accumulate savings in the bank «for old age» and will spend it in full material well-being. Both hard workers, well aware of the aspirations of a partner, are united in the general aspiration of financial well-being.

However, violent passion in this union will never be, since there is no source for it. But mutual understanding and admiration will be strengthened as the material state grows.

With twins Taurus strong relationships do not develop, although there is a mutual attraction. The twins are worn by the wind and are few at home, which does not suit couch potatoes Taurus.

Keep Gemini can only interest in the ability of Tauruses to turn any ideas into money, and Gemini has a lot of ideas.

With crayfish Taurus has a lot in common, and this union can be successful for many years. They both aim to create a cozy family world in which there is a place for a comfortable home and a small garden.

However, agreement in relations is possible only in the case of pacification of stubbornness and self-will, which is quite possible if there is a common goal. The pragmatic Taurus has a calming effect on Cancer’s violent imagination, which gives the latter a sense of spiritual comfort and a strong shoulder.

With leo Taurus relations will not develop, even with mutual interest. The reason is not the ability to share power. None of them wants to give up the position of primacy, so compromises are impossible.

Taurus initially treats the marriage partner as a property, with which the proud Leo will never be able to put up with it. Also, this alliance is impossible for another reason: Leo is capable of hurling money earned by Taurus right and left, which leads the latter to fury.

Astrologers advise avoiding Taurus union with the Lions.

Joint horoscope with the Virgin promises to be successful until the end of earthly days. A passionate passion is meaningless to expect, but affection and mutual respect are guaranteed. The union will be marked by complete financial well-being and material stability.

This union will pursue a single goal — the achievement and strengthening of the financial side of life.

With Scales and Sagittarius no union is possible — neither short nor long term. Absolutely opposing views on life and the complete lack of understanding with Libra dooms the union to ruin.

With Sagittarius in Taurus only physical attraction, no more.

With scorpions Taurus is provided with a fun life in the most negative sense of the word. Scorpio is in opposition to Taurus on the zodiacal circle, so it’s not even worth looking for well-being in a relationship — it will end in sacrificing one of the partners to another.

However, in life there are such couples, and they have very talented children. God works in mysterious ways.

Union with Capricorn deserves special attention. Taurus can ignite the heart of Capricorn, and fill the soul with a sense of the joy of being.

This is one of the most stable and long-term alliances to the grave. Ardent passion in this union does not happen, however, mutual trust and respect is growing from year to year. The partners completely coincide with life goals and priorities, and they are confidently striding into the future.

However, only under one condition — the official consolidation of marriage bonds and joint housekeeping.

Male Taurus - with whom a happy marriage is possible

With Aquarius Taurus relationship does not add up due to lack of peace. The endless adventures of the restless Aquarius lead Taurus to a boiling point. This is the most unfavorable tandem, which is only possible.

Air castles, which Aquarius constantly creates in their imagination, lead practical Taurus to a state of apathy. The frivolity of Aquarius is unacceptable for Taurus, it is categorically denied as unnecessary.

With Pisces possible harmonious long-term union. Taurus feels that he has caught a goldfish in the net, and this fish is not going to swim away from the nets.

They both love comfort, expensive things and material well-being. Despite the fact that Pisces is by nature lazy, the hard work of Taurus alleviates this shortcoming.

Taurus can control the Pisces’ propensity to waste money, so there will never be family poverty. Even with the common love of the holiday and fun, the family budget will not run out — Taurus will take care of this.

The fish, in turn, can arrange the Taurus with the best care and care — they are very merciful and compassionate.

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