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Male Gemini — characteristic in a relationship with a woman, compatibility in love

Male Twins — a restless extrovert, characteristic in relationships

Gemini is distinguished by the duality of character and perception of life. These are sociable and inquisitive personalities who need a constant change of impressions. What is attractive man Gemini for a woman, and what to fear in a relationship with him?

Consider the character of Gemini men, the features of behavior in family and love relationships.

Male Gemini - characteristic in a relationship with a woman, compatibility in love

Restless extrovert

This is not the person who agrees to go with the flow of life and hide from the problems in the deep pool. The twins have a strong-willed character and are not afraid of difficulties.

This intellectual is able to cope with any life problem and find a way out of the impasse.

This guy is always a welcome guest in a friends house. Cheerful joker, witty prankster and instigator — with him any party will pass with a bang.

The bright temperament of Gemini attracts the opposite sex, and it seems to girls — this is it, the dream of love. In addition, the Gemini guy easily finds a common language with any representative of the zodiacal circle.

It seems to everyone that they have known Gemini for several years!

  • condescension to other people’s shortcomings;
  • ability to negotiate with everyone;
  • ability not to complicate life;
  • the ability to have people;
  • the ability to quickly navigate in any situation;
  • the ability to instantly make the right decisions.

The quick mind of Gemini demonstrates genius in seemingly hopeless situations. This person is able to find the only right decision that can change circumstances in a moment.

In this case, the Twins always act decisively, but never go beyond the edge of unacceptable. That is, it is impossible to call them frivolous adventurers — everything is clearly thought out.

  • cling to several cases at once;
  • do not finish the job started;
  • quickly lose interest in difficult matters;
  • tend to give empty promises;
  • overestimate their capabilities.

It is impossible to believe the communication of Gemini, because a sincere desire to help is not always supported by the opportunity to do it. The tumultuous activities of Gemini gives the impression of constant employment, however, do not hesitate to remind them of themselves once again.

Gemini can forget about a lot on the go — such is their nature.

Male Gemini - characteristic in a relationship with a woman, compatibility in love

A male Gemini is always the initiator of a romantic relationship, if the girl liked him. He takes the fortress by storm, against which it is very difficult to resist.

But do not think that the Gemini man is able to put pressure on someone, he is too gallant and brought up and in relations with a woman does not allow rudeness. Twins instantly calculate the prospect of a relationship and rarely make mistakes.

However, if the fortress does not want to surrender, the Gemini guy may sharply lose interest in his undertaking — there are a lot of pretty girls.

What girls like twins? They will be greatly interested in a developed intellectually pleasant person, around whom a flock of fans winds.

This stirs the imagination of Gemini and makes one show interest in the object of numerous attention from the male sex.

The inconstancy of Gemini creates problems in long-term relationships: they cannot be trusted. The desire to change sensations leads Gemini through life and throws into a whirlpool of romantic adventures.

Today, a man swears in love to the grave to one of the fair sex, and tomorrow he is at the feet of another. The duality of nature does not tolerate any restrictions, as well as constancy.

Compatibility in love — with Aquarius, Leo, Libra. There may be business relations with a calf, with Aries — a business romance.

These people prefer spontaneity in their actions and do not recognize patterns and limiting frames. No one knows what guides the Gemini man when meeting with the next passion. It seems to him that he met the love of all life.

But this impression is deceptive: as soon as a restless heartbreaker gets to know a woman closer, she loses all attractiveness and interest.

It is impossible to call a false Gemini man, because he is always sincere in expressing his feelings. However, for girls, this type of guys is a certain problem — they absolutely can not be trusted.

It is a red tape and womanizer, a voluptuary and a heartthrob. It is more convenient for him to play the role of a lover for secret meetings, than to limit oneself to the framework of legal relations.

Unsuccessful alliance — with Sagittarius, Pisces and the Virgin.

Girls who are prone to jealousy should learn one rule — trying to reshape Gemini in their own way is impossible. No one was able to change the tendency to change impressions, and consequently, to the constant desire to flirt right and left.

A girl must either come to terms with this feature of the temperament of Gemini, or leave.

Male Gemini - characteristic in a relationship with a woman, compatibility in love

Family relationships

Does the Gemini guy never legally marry? Hymen leads him to the altar of family relations, but on condition that the woman fully corresponds to the temperament of a loving husband.

In addition, the future spouse must be ready to bear the burden of responsibility for the family and to have a strong-willed character on their fragile shoulders. But the husband of Gemini can become an excellent father, caring and loving.

This quality does not take away from them. Otherwise, everything will depend on the behavior of the spouse.

Characteristic Gemini will be incomplete without mentioning their frivolous attitude to finances: they are not capable of withholding money and are not inclined to hoarding. This task should be solved by the wife.

Also, the wife will take all the responsible decisions in the family. Gemini can suggest a creative way with regard to finance — how quickly to make money.

But they are not always capable of bringing this creativity to life — they lack patience.

It is impossible to call ambitious Gemini, however, they can be hard to endure failures. At this point, the spouse needs the moral support of the second half.

Fortunately, Gemini does not have prolonged depressions due to mood swings. Do not be surprised if the husband goes to the nearest store for bread and returns in a few hours — he did meet an old friend on the way!

This should be treated with understanding, otherwise the life together will turn into one big scandal.

The wife of Gemini has little interest in life, since the sphere of his main interests lies outside the walls of the house. Do not count on help with the housework — Gemini does not understand this.

With age, the Gemini man may settle down, but not enough to lose interest in violent communication. But the husband of Gemini will never make claims about the unprepared dinner on time or the full laundry basket of unwashed laundry: he will not even notice it.

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