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Male Aquarius: life position and the main secrets of the person

Male Aquarius: character, life principles, compatibility

Representatives of the Zodiac Aquarius can be described as strong, independent and active personalities. They are sociable and charming, which allows them to easily make new acquaintances and attract people to themselves.

Man aquarius clever and perceptive, so he is well versed in people and never judge them superficially. Such persons have non-standard thinking and prefer to live by their own rules, which are often incomprehensible to others.

Male Aquarius: life position and the main secrets of the person

Character and behavior

Despite sociability and openness, the man Aquarius prefers to lead the image of a loner. He may have many acquaintances, but there are practically no real friends. It should be noted that such men know how to be friends, and they try to build equal relations with others.

You can always rely on them in difficult times. The limited circle of relatives is explained by the fact that they do not tolerate deceitful and quirky personalities, therefore not every person is allowed into their own world.

The guys of Aquarius have many positive qualities, which include sacrifice, kindness and responsiveness. They are completely devoid of selfishness, so they are ready to give themselves all to other people and help in every way, even to the detriment of themselves.

As for the negative qualities, they are practically absent. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac can show a rebellious spirit and self-doubt only in extreme situations.

Due to extreme autonomy and originality of thinking guy Aquarius they often do not observe traditions and social norms if they consider them to be wrong. He has his own principles and principles, from which he is not ready to give up even if they seem stupid and incomprehensible to others.

Male Aquarius: life position and the main secrets of the person


Most of the representatives of the zodiacal sign Aquarius at any age remain boys, which is manifested in their behavior, worldview and appearance. As a rule, they have big, expressive eyes that are truly a “mirror of the soul”, because they always vividly reflect the mood and emotions of a guy.

The lips are usually thin, well-defined, smooth nose, straight, not wide eyebrows and high forehead.

The man Aquarius has a tall, slim and proportionate physique. His gait is always light, but swift, which makes it seem like he is always in a hurry somewhere.

The man makes impression of the intellectual and the intellectual on associates.

Insofar as Zodiac sign Aquarius has rather simple, and even unmemorable facial features, he tries to stand out from the crowd with his behavior and clothes. Guys do not like strict outfits and business suits — they prefer a simple youth style:

  • non-standard jeans;
  • loose sweaters;
  • t-shirts.

When choosing clothes, Aquarius is not guided by such criteria as quality and convenience — originality and extravagance are more important for them. In their wardrobe you can hardly find a monophonic thing of a modest color.

The habit of bright dressing is preserved in men for the rest of their lives, so even in adulthood they look like happy boys.

Male Aquarius: life position and the main secrets of the person

Attitude towards career and finance

In the professional field, Aquarius man can achieve great success, thanks to the sociability and natural talents. But, unfortunately, he does not strive to conquer the top of the career ladder, because does not differ purposefulness and performance.

The guy prefers not to burden himself with difficulties and responsibilities, and material values ​​are not particularly important for them. Because of this characteristic, representatives of this sign mostly live fairly modestly, and only a few achieve financial well-being.

To achieve success in his career, Aquarius must choose the right profession. It should allow free thinking, not burden with rigid rules and, ideally, have a flexible schedule. Monotonous work quickly annoys the representatives of this Zodiac, so they do not linger for a long time on one enterprise.

Men do not have to consider creative professions, they will be able to fully realize their potential in the field of health care, biochemistry or in the metallurgical industry.

Aquarius man does not aspire to luxury, therefore is not inclined to the accumulation of finances. He easily part with the money, and not rarely spend it on completely unnecessary things. This sign is not rarely engaged in charity, and willingly provides material assistance to friends and relatives.

It is noteworthy that so lightly Aquarius treats exclusively with his money, and with strangers — he is more responsible and economical.

Male Aquarius: life position and the main secrets of the person

Romantic relationship

Charm, sociability and openness help Aquarius to conquer women’s hearts. In his youth, a man usually does not seek a serious relationship, but is content with fleeting connections.

However, meeting a beautiful girl, every time it seems to him that she will be the only one with whom he will connect his fate. But, unfortunately, the feeling of being in love is quickly passed, and the guy rushes in search of a new passion.

In order to interest a man of this zodiac, a girl should have an active lifestyle and extraordinary thinking. Insofar as at of love, as in the work, Aquarius is impermanent, his darling will have to put a lot of effort to remain interesting for the partner. And this applies to all spheres of relations, including intimacy.

Representatives of this zodiacal sign like to experiment in bed, they know how to please their partner, but often he quickly “exhales”.

To create a happy relationship, Aquarius should choose girls born under the signs of the Zodiac Gemini, Sagittarius or Libra. Also, a successful alliance can develop with Aquarius and Leo.

The worst passions for men of this sign are Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio.

Male Aquarius: life position and the main secrets of the person

Relationship to family and children

Man sign Aquarius not in a hurry to burden themselves with marriage and to acquire children. But if he finds the perfect for himself, by his standards, a couple, then he will make an offer, and quite unexpectedly for his chosen one. For family relationships to be strong and happy, a spouse should first of all be a good friend for her husband, since communication is important to him.

She also needs to provide support in difficult periods, to praise for achievements.

In matrimonial life Aquarius tries to show all its positive qualities. He strives for equality in the family, so he will not shift all the household chores to his wife, on the contrary, he will take an active part in arranging life and maintaining cleanliness.

With the material support of the family, problems may arise, since a representative of this sign does not seek wealth, however, the household will not have to starve.

Characteristic Aquarius, as a father, is very positive. The interests of children are always in the first place for him, he takes part in their upbringing with pleasure.

A man knows how to interest a child and take it in some useful way. In addition, he seeks to instill healthy habits into the child and develop positive character traits.

Despite the fact that Aquarius is not one of those people who devote all their free time to children, they have very warm, friendly and trusting relationships.

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