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Lunar sowing calendar for May 2019 for the gardener and gardener

May lunar calendar for gardeners and gardeners

I have been gardening for a long time and I know all the secrets of this process. Today I would like to tell you how the lunar calendar affects the planting of plants, how to use it properly.

Lunar calendar features

The influence of the moon and all its phases on plant life is not new. Experienced gardeners and gardeners have learned to use these periods in order to carry out the work on their plots as efficiently as possible.

The lunar calendar is created just for the convenience of planning all the works.

Lunar sowing calendar for May 2019 for the gardener and gardener

Garden and garden work in May

May is a very busy month for preparatory and landing work. Before you can start planting and sowing, it is necessary to prepare the soil after the winter. For this, organic or mineral fertilizers are applied to the soil.

It is important not to forget that it is no less important to fertilize the soil in the garden than the soil on vegetable beds. In addition, there are several urgent matters that must be carried out in May, and in its very first numbers.

Loosening and fertilizing the soil

In the spring, it is very important, because after winter it is heavy and very dense. If you plant plants in such a soil, they will be sorely lacking oxygen.

After careful loosening of beds and tree trunks, urea is added there, because nitrogen is very important for plants during growth.

Planting greenery and frost-resistant crops

The earth is still quite cold, especially in early May. But the seeds of dill, carrot, parsnip, turnip and celery are not afraid of cold weather, even small frosts. You can plant the same and legumes.

If the soil is warmed up to at least +5 degrees, then white cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi can be planted in it.

Pruning trees

During this period, living branches are very easy to distinguish from old and dried ones, so you should immediately prune. If to tighten with this business, then it will be too late — leaves will bloom in the trees and flowering will begin.

It is especially important to remove all dead wood from cherries — because of the abundance of old branches the tree will hurt. Therefore, it is necessary to remove literally every single old lifeless branches.

Greenhouse preparation

This is done so that the soil quickly warms up to + 10-13 degrees. Then there it will be possible to plant what is planned. In a well-heated greenhouse, seedlings will appear in a very short time.

If the greenhouse is intended for tomatoes, then humus (1 bucket) and mineral fertilizers (150 g) in the complex are brought into the soil — this amount is taken per 1 sq. M.

Strawberry processing

Be sure to remove all dry leaves. If the strawberry bushes were too high above the ground, then they need to be slightly deepened.

Pest Control and Disease Control

This period is favorable for this work. After all, it will take a little more time and flowering will begin, then it will be impossible to poison insects.

Biopreparations, for example, lepidocid, have proven themselves particularly well. It is effective against almost 100 names of harmful insects and at the same time it is almost not afraid of bees and beneficial insects.

Weed control

If during this period to carry out a deep digging of the soil with the turnover of the reservoir, then the number of weeds will decrease many times. In addition, the soil will be enriched with oxygen to a sufficient depth, it will better preserve the moisture and some of the pests that have perished in the soil will die.

Lunar calendar for May 2019

May 1 — on this day I do not advise pruning trees, and also engage in the destruction of pests. But you can perfectly deal with vaccinations cuttings. You can engage in planting strawberries, raspberries, other berries.

In addition, on this day it is favorable to remove unnecessary mustache from strawberries. From garden plants you can plant onions (seeds), carrots, beets.

May 2.3 — to treat trees with drugs, but you should not be in a hurry with pruning. Prepare the beds, weed them and loosen the soil.

Works with seeds are not recommended.

May 4, 5 — perfect for planting fruit trees and berries, it is impossible to transplant any crops. Excellent plant potatoes, work with strawberries and strawberries.

No need to plan transplants, only loosening and thinning.

May 5 — new moon, so all work in the garden and the garden should be postponed.

May 6.7 — mineral granular fertilizers are applied. Seedlings and flowers are fed with liquid fertilizers in the form of irrigation.

Lunar sowing calendar for May 2019 for the gardener and gardener

May 8.9.10 — plant any seedlings, grapes, plant trees. Do not treat with insecticides.

In the garden there were great days for the planting of plants — the work is carried out with pepper, tomatoes and eggplants. Greenhouses and greenhouses sow lettuce, pumpkins, zucchini and cucumbers.

May 11,12 — it is recommended to replant cultures with an excellent root system. You can pour all that is already planted, feed manure or compost.

But planting, planting and transplanting is better to postpone.

May 13 — pruning and dropping of cuttings is shown. Work in the garden is carried out with the soil, but not with seeds.

May 14 — an active feeding of plants, making compost, processing from insects.

May 15,16 — branches can be trimmed, a crown can be formed, but it is impossible to spray them. It is perfectly possible to plant seedlings, divide perennials, plant cabbage and melons.

I recommend to carry out any work related to flowers.

May 17, 18 — these days it is necessary to plant all the seedlings that are planned in the greenhouses. Cabbage is transplanted to a permanent place, you can sow, if necessary, radishes, lettuce, onions for greens.

May 19 — full moon, work in the garden and the garden is impossible.

May 20 — it is possible to process trees for the purposes of prophylaxis, and to apply fertilizer. It’s good to plant potatoes and onions on this day.

May 23-24 — Do not feed. If potato seedlings have already appeared, you can sprinkle from the Colorado potato beetle.

May 25 — loosening the soil, fertilizing it. You can also water this day.

May 26,26 — you can carry out any work that has not yet been carried out.

May 28 — you can not spray the garden and pruned branches.

May 29.30 — you can spray and trim the branches, but it is not recommended to water it. You can start weeding the beds.

May 31 — you can plan a transplant and loosening of pristvolny circles. In the garden, any work with the soil is recommended — loosening, weeding, watering, planting.

Garden and gardening works on the signs of the zodiac

On each particular day of the month, the moon passes some kind of zodiac constellation. All signs of the zodiac in different ways influence the development of plants.

  1. Aries — on such days it is better not to plan the planting, but you can work very well with already planted, adult plants.
  2. Taurus — on the days of this sign, any kind of work with trees and shrubs is favorable. Among garden crops, the days of Taurus are most loved by onions — you can plant it, thin it out, water it, and weed it.
  3. Gemini — the best time to control pests and diseases. In addition, you can plant any legumes.
  4. Cancer is not a time to harvest, but very good for all sorts of plantings and the care of vegetable plants.
  5. The lion allows only carrying out weeding and loosening.
  6. Virgo is practically the same as Leo — nothing is possible except weeding and loosening.
  7. Libra can rightly be called the best sign. You can without any restrictions perform any work in the garden and in the garden.
  8. Scorpio is a great time for harvesting, but not for planting.
  9. 9. Strelets — landing is better to postpone, and all other work carried out boldly.
  10. Capricorn — you need to plan work with root vegetables and legumes.
  11. Aquarius — this sign prohibits any landing.
  12. Fish are the same, neither landing nor transplanting is possible.
  13. 1 quarter of the growing moon — planting annuals and those vegetable crops that produce leafy greens. You can plant melons, cucumbers, flowers.
  14. 2 quarter of the growing moon — fleshy annuals are planted with seeds inside — these include tomato varieties, some types of zucchini, as well as pepper. Excellent can plant flowers and cereals.
  15. 3 quarter of the waning moon — they plant both annuals and biennials. In the same quarter, it is best to plant any winter crops, tree saplings and shrubs, grapes — the plants planted in this quarter of the moon will have the best roots.
  16. Four quarters of a waning moon are great for landing and storing. But you can not divide the roots and bulbs, propagate plants. All plants planted in this quarter, give a powerful root system — roots and tubers.

Features of the position of the moon

The full moon lasts about 3 days and this period is characterized by the fact that the strength of the plants resides in the terrestrial part. Roots at the same time have low viability and survival.

Landings and transplants are not carried out, as well as vaccinations, nip, pasynkovanie and pruning.

Lunar sowing calendar for May 2019 for the gardener and gardener

It is best to weed weeds, thin out thickened shoots, mulch the soil, fight pests and collect seeds. Especially favorable to carry out work with the soil.


  • May is a very busy month for everyone who has a garden.
  • The lunar calendar is a unique chance to correctly plan the most important works.
  • The passage of the moon through different signs of the zodiac has a different effect on living organisms — plants.

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