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Lunar haircuts calendar for January 2018 favorable days

January 2018: lunar calendar haircuts, review

January is a very busy month. In January, women have a lot of makeup, irregular rest, as well as drink alcohol.

All this is not the most favorable impact on the condition of the hair. Therefore, it is important to take timely measures to improve their condition.

This will help you lunar calendar haircuts for January 2018, which indicates favorable days for this, depending on the phase of the moon.

Lunar haircuts calendar for January 2018 favorable days

Overview of favorable days for haircuts and hair coloring

January 1, 14 15 lunar day

Today it is necessary to abandon the haircut, but you can ask for help to recovery procedures. Hair coloring on this day will negatively affect your mood.

January 2, 15-16 lunar day

During this day it is recommended to visit the trichologist. Coloring curls January 2 will negatively affect the state of your energy field.

January 3, 16-17 lunar day

Today you can safely perform any haircut. As for staining — on this day it is recommended to focus on the most natural shades to improve your life.

January 4, 17-18 lunar day

If you cut your hair today, you will make them stronger and add obedience to them. The staining procedure is also permissible, but reject fundamental changes in the image.

January 5, 18-19 lunar day

If you cut your hair today, you can encourage yourself and add yourself additional luck. An ideal coloring option for today is the ombre technique.

January 6, 19-20 lunar day

On this day, it is recommended to pay special attention to the bangs. Painting curls today will improve your appearance.

January 7, 20-21 lunar days

Today, a haircut that does not require special styling. Dye hair on this day can be safely brunettes.

January 8, 21 lunar days

If you cut your curls today, you will be able to please yourself and your relatives. As for staining — its effect will be short.

January 9, 21-22 lunar day

If you are trying to eliminate any negative effects on yourself, you should definitely cut your hair today, and you should not dye your curls, because you will not be able to get the desired shade.

January 10, 22-23 lunar day

This day is completely unacceptable for any manipulation of hair. Dyeing curls should also be postponed until some other day.

January 11, 23-24 lunar day

If you cut your hair today, you will add to your defenselessness in front of your enemies. Instead of dyeing today, it will be more beneficial to perform a perm.

January 12, 24-25 lunar day

A very good time for a haircut — with its help, you will improve your financial situation. Hair coloring is also quite acceptable today.

January 13, 25-26 lunar day

Today’s trimmed hair risks becoming stiff. It is more correct therefore now to execute a toning of hair, but not coloring.

January 14, 26-27 lunar day

Be sure to go to the beauty studio today for a new hairstyle — so you add yourself more female attractiveness. With regards to coloring — today you will achieve the perfect hair color, but at the same time worsen their structure.

Lunar haircuts calendar for January 2018 favorable days

January 15, 27-28 lunar day

Performing a haircut on this day will eliminate the headache. Do not dye your hair in dark colors today if you do not want to visually add yourself a couple of years.

January 16, 28-29 lunar day

Performing a haircut today, you will improve your financial situation. It is worth to wait a little with coloring, otherwise the hair will lose its shine.

January 17, 29, 1 and 2 lunar day

Today is a completely neutral day for haircuts. Using henna in the process of dyeing you make your hair stronger and more elastic.

January 18, 2-3 lunar days

You should not visit the hairdresser today — you will not be satisfied with the result. Hair coloring on this day will add luck and help you achieve success in life.

January 19, 3-4 lunar day

In no case do not cut your hair today, because with them you can accidentally cut off good luck and well-being from yourself. As for coloring, today we can safely lighten curls within several shades.

January 20, 4th and 5th lunar day

Today, if you wish, you can try pyrophoresis — that is, treatment with the help of fire. Thus you will add smoothness, silkiness and rich mirror shine to your curls.

January 21, 5-6 lunar day

On this day, it is recommended to perform hair extensions instead of a haircut. You should refrain from dyeing, otherwise you risk severely spoiling the structure of your curls.

January 22, 6 and 7 lunar day

Today is the right time to pamper your “feathers” with a useful nourishing mask. And about the coloring — on this day you yourself have to decide whether it can be done or not.

Here the stars can not help you.

January 23, 7 and 8 lunar day

Today is a very good time to perform any haircuts — they will enhance your intuitive abilities. As for staining — the day is completely neutral for him.

January 24, 8-9 lunar day

Give up hair cutting today if you don’t want to focus on all your flaws. It is certainly possible to dye your hair today, but others will not notice the effect of dyeing.

January 25, 9 and 10 lunar day

Today, you can experiment with unusual hairstyles, for example, shave whiskey, if you want to make your image more glamorous. Having painted curls today by means of an elyuminirovaniye you will secure to yourself the most bright and saturated shade.

January 26, the 10th and 11th lunar day

Today recommended unusual ragged haircuts. If you are dreaming about career growth today is to dye your hair in a chestnut tint.

Lunar haircuts calendar for January 2018 favorable days

January 27, 11-12 lunar day

With a haircut today, you can strengthen your immune system. And having executed coloring of ringlets — fill the life with various unusual and amusing adventures.

January 28, 12 and 13 lunar day

Today, you can trim damaged hair — so you can clean your energy field. And the implementation of coloring on this day is justified by astrologers, while you can choose absolutely any color.

January 29, 13-14 lunar day

Transfer the trip to the hairdresser from this day to some other one in order to protect yourself from conflict situations and quarrels at work and at home. Also today it is unacceptable to dye hair in order to avoid negative consequences.

January 30, the 14th and 15th lunar day

This day, according to the lunar calendar, is absolutely not suitable for changing your hairstyle. Having decided today on the coloring of the curls, you risk to add yourself to be apathetic, and also lower your vitality.

January 31, 15-16 lunar day

A very good time to cut curls — it will help you to communicate with representatives of the opposite sex. And having painted curls today you will noticeably change, add yourself charm and feminine charm.

Now you know which days of the first winter month of 2018 should go to the hairdresser, and which days to do other things. Adhering to the recommendations of the lunar calendar, you can not just get the desired effect from the hair or dyeing, but also significantly improve various areas of your life.

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