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Lunar hair coloring calendar for 2019 — by day

Lunar hair coloring calendar for 2019

The influence of the moon on human health was noticed in ancient times. The moon shone affects the fluid medium, causing certain changes in the body. However, my friend and I did not pay attention to this information, considering it unreliable.

Then one day my girlfriend visited a hairdressing salon on the first lunar day, which she later greatly regretted.

Lunar hair coloring calendar for 2019 - by day

Not only that the hair did not stain, so a month later she also broke up with her lover because of her rival. Now we always check the lunar day on the calendar, so as not to cause trouble.

What does the lunar hair coloring calendar for 2019 recommend? Consider this question in detail.

I will also tell you about the phases of the moon and their meaning for humans.

Moon phases

Astrologers distinguish 4 phases, each of which lasts a week: two before the full moon and two after the full moon. From the beginning of the month to the full moon, the disk of the moon goes into growth, and then begins to gradually decrease.

About two days of the moon in the sky is not at all visible — these are the days of the new moon. After that, a thin sickle of the month appears in the sky — the moon begins to arrive and grow stout.

Note! The New Moon and Full Moon are considered special, transitional, days in the lunar calendar.

New moon It lasts only a few hours, this time lays the energy basis for the entire current month. The body is as weak as possible, no changes should be undertaken with its appearance.

On this lunar day, it is important to draw up an action plan for the current month. It is believed that everything conceived on the first lunar day will certainly be fulfilled in the current month.

On a note! If the baby is trimmed on the first lunar day, the boys will bald early, and the girls will have brittle and sparse hair.

Mow babies at full moon or moon growth.

From the second day begins the first lunar quarter. The sickle of the month is still very thin, but begins to confidently arrive with each new day. Up to the full moon, the body receives a huge supply of vital energy, any manipulations with the hair are successful:

  • curls stained well;
  • haircuts are successful;
  • firming and nourishing masks give great results.

Three days of the full moon — 14, 15, 16 — have a strong influence on the mental state of a person. During this period it is better not to visit beauty salons, because you can be tempted to drastically change the image.

In the full moon, the brunette can repaint the curls in white, which is something bitterly regretted later. However, if the decision on a radical change in appearance was made before the full moon, then it was at this time that it must be turned into reality: courage will only benefit.

In the decreasing month, you can make a short haircut and not worry that the strands quickly grow. In the lonely days of the moon, the hair is cut especially if they wish to fix the haircut for a long time.

However, too often, a haircut on a waning moon is not desirable: hair follicles will be greatly weakened. During this period, it is more beneficial to carry out procedures to strengthen the hair roots.

Lunar hair coloring calendar for 2019 - by day

Hair coloring

The best days to change or refresh hair color are the days of growth of the lunar disk. During this period, the curls well absorb the coloring matter and stained with high quality. The paint does not wash off for a long time and has an intense shade.

In addition, the body is full of strength and energy, positively perceives any positive changes.

On a note! The days of the coming month in the constellations of Leo and Virgo are favorable not only for coloring the curls, but also for attracting financial success.

Painting curls in a decreasing month is a waste of time and money. The paint will wash off very quickly, and the mood will deteriorate.

The energy decline of the body will adversely affect the condition of the hair: after painting, they will look lifeless and dull. But this still does not matter: the hair can break and fall out strongly, and the tips of the curls will begin to split.

Note! Changing the image in the days of the waning moon can attract failures and problems in the financial sector, relationships and health.

It is better to take care of your health on a waning moon, and as soon as the new moon ends, feel free to go to the stylist and hairdresser.

Particularly unfavorable days to decline are the periods of passage of the disk through the signs of Cancer and Pisces. It is better to devote this time to rest or pleasant idleness, but visiting a beauty salon is simply dangerous. What can happen?

A spoiled mood is guaranteed.

Characteristic of lunar days

Eleventh lunar day just created for a visit to the hairdresser: the haircut will be successful, painted curls for a long time retain their shade. Just a haircut during this period contributes to the improvement of the body and even the extension of life.

If you do not like short haircuts, astrologers recommend cutting just the ends of the hair.

On a note! Haircut and coloring of curls on the 11th lunar day enhances charm and appeal.

Also, hair color and haircut on the 11th lunar day will bring financial success, will help to restore damaged relationships with colleagues and relatives. The color of paint is not important at all: you can choose any shade to taste.

Second phase of the moon generally favorable for any experiments with hair: it will attract positive energy from space. The paint on the curls lasts a long time, strands grow quickly and look attractive.

This time is well suited for wellness treatments with hair and skin. The most auspicious day to visit the barbershop is the moon in the constellation Leo.

Is it possible to replace staining simply by bleaching or tinting? Sure you may.

Any work with paints and clarifiers will benefit.

Full moon considered a special time for the well-being of women. Emotions are revealed in full force; the psyche is tense, like a taut string. Moon fluids flow in a powerful stream and fill the entire body of a woman with unprecedented energy.

Hair coloring during this period will bring the most incredible result: the hair will absorb the lunar energy and keep it for a long time.

Just a powerful energy feed from the lunar luminary will protect the curls from the negative effects of chemicals. Therefore, coloring the hair in the full moon is the most desirable from a security point of view.

In the full moon, it is customary to cut the hair (or just the tips of the curls) so that they are thick and healthy. According to the observations of women, haircuts cut at full moon cease to split.

Note! It is not recommended to dye hair on days of lunar and solar eclipses.

The first l. d — if you decide to dye your hair on this day, then use only natural dyes — henna, basma, walnut peel, tea brewing.

Second ld — at this time it is best to use shampoos, skins and mousses.

Hair coloring basma (or other natural means) will attract financial success.

Third l. d. — You can use paint, but you can not lighten curls and discolor. Well suited and natural dyes.

Fourth ld — to attract well-being and good luck, you need to paint curls in a natural color or close to it.

Radical image change is not recommended.

Fifth l. d. — you can easily lighten the curls.

The sixth ld — it is impossible to paint curls even with natural dyes.

Hair should rest.

Seventh ld — a change in image will attract sexual success.

You can safely change the tone of curls and make any haircut.

Eighth ld — give the locks a rest.

Any manipulations with hair will negatively affect your reputation.

Ninth l. d. — clarification of 1-2 tones will bring success in life.

Tenth l. d. — recommended natural dyes.

Eleventh l. d. — shades of pure gold will attract prosperity and success.

Twelfth d. — natural dyes and tinted shampoos are recommended.

Thirteenth l. d. — unfavorable day for hair coloring.

Fourteenth l. d. — tint mousses and foams are recommended, a cardinal change in the color of the curls will attract great trouble.

Fifteenth l. d. — on this day, the curls are stained 2-3 tones darker.

Sixteenth ld — You can make the curls a little darker.

Seventeenth l. d. — boldly lighten the curls. Hair coloring in shades of red will bring incredible success.

Eighteenth l. d. — you can safely conduct experiments with color and a combination of different tones.

Nineteenth l. d. — It is allowed to use natural dyes or a chemical dye with a tone as close as possible to the natural hair color.

Twentieth l. d. — hair coloring is not recommended.

Twenty-first l. d. — You can lighten the curls, coloring in red tones will bring good luck.

Twenty second ld — You can apply dyes that are close to your natural hair color.

Twenty-third ld — On this day, you can apply any paint, but you should paint the curls yourself (without the assistance of outsiders).

Twenty-fourth l. d. — it is possible to paint the curls a few tones darker.

Twenty-fifth l. d.— give the curls a break from any manipulations.

Twenty-sixth l. d. — recommended hair coloring in natural shades.

Twenty-seventh ld — you can safely experiment in hair color.

Twenty eighth and twenty ninth lunar days — it is not recommended to paint curls.

Lunar hair coloring calendar for 2019 - by day

Lunar hair coloring calendar for 2019 - by day

Moon and zodiac signs

Moonlight travels across the sky through 12 zodiac signs. This was noticed in ancient times and created special zodiacal maps.

The passage of the moon through a zodiac sign in a certain way affects the health and fate of a person.

Capricorn, Taurus, Leo and Virgo — Your curls will quickly restore their structure after the negative effects of oxidizing agents, the use of curling or ironing. These signs of the zodiac contribute to the improvement of hair and strengthen the roots.

The secret of effective healing curls during these periods lies in the ability to absorb healing substances faster than on any other day of the lunar month.

What days are considered unfavorable for coloring, cutting and curling hair? Constellations Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Aries considered the most unfavorable for the manipulation of curls.

When the moon shines through their homes, it’s better not to touch your hair at all. What can happen to curls if disturbed in these unfavorable days? The tips will begin to split, the hair will fall out, dandruff may appear on the scalp.

Better not to risk it.

Sign Libra not suitable for a fundamental change in the image and color of the hair in the opposite natural tone, Aquarius is well suited for this. Sign of Aquarius You must choose to dye curls in very bright and unusual shades.

Signs of the element of fire (Leo, Aries, Gemini) are well suited for hair coloring.

Regardless of the zodiacal sign and the lunar day, it is not recommended to dye hair on menstruation days. During this period, the paint is not absorbed into the hair structure, and time and money will be wasted.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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