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Lunar calendar haircuts for September 2018 favorable days

The most favorable days of the lunar calendar for haircuts for September 2018

If you dream of beautiful hair filled with health and vitality, you need to pay enough attention to them and properly care for them. Also, astrologers recommend performing the procedure of cutting and staining strictly for certain lunar days.

In this article, we present the lunar calendar haircuts for September 2018 with an overview of favorable days.

Lunar calendar haircuts for September 2018 favorable days

On which days in September 2018 you can visit the hairdresser

First number

Today recommended the implementation of a haircut, which will increase your financial situation. It is also a suitable time for hair coloring, but only in natural colors.

2 number

Thanks to the haircut on September 2, you normalize the state of their curls. And the coloring procedure will have a very positive effect on your appearance.

3 number

Performing any haircut today will add you special refinement and enthusiasm. Also, the day is very favorable for dyeing curls.

If you change your hair color to chestnut, be sure to go up the career ladder.

4 number

The day is just perfect to perform a haircut, especially a voluminous one. Having painted curls today you can easily achieve a bright and steady color.

5 number

Performing a haircut today will significantly worsen the condition of your hair, so it is recommended to refuse it. As for staining, today it will also be inappropriate.

6 number

These lunar days are unacceptable to perform a haircut, but it is quite suitable to carry out diverse restorative procedures in a beauty studio. It is also worth now to deny yourself in painting, otherwise you risk losing something expensive for yourself.

7 number

The day is acceptable for haircuts — it will bring you real pleasure. The result of staining will be higher than your highest expectations.

8 number

Today you should definitely go to the hairdresser for a new haircut, which will make you happy plus a positive effect on the overall condition of the hair. And thanks to the staining procedure, you will be able to attract Mrs.-Fortune into your life and add yourself luck.

9 number

The procedure for cutting this day will work out perfectly and will have a positive effect on your mood. The day is also very successful for painting: if you stop on natural colors, then very soon an interesting romantic acquaintance will happen in your life.

Lunar calendar haircuts for September 2018 favorable days

10 number

With the help of a haircut today you can eliminate any existing pathology. In addition, the day is ideal for the various transformations of the color of their curls.

11 number

The day is neutral to reduce the length of your hair, but it is very suitable for performing various restorative manipulations. At the same time, it is worth refusing to dye curls, paying more attention to their treatment.

12 number

Today is the neutral phase of the moon, so any haircuts are allowed. But in no case can not paint curls, so as not to suffer from the mockery of others.

13 number

Refuse a haircut that will only disappoint you. Instead of staining today it is worth performing dandruff prevention.

14 number

Not the most suitable day to get a haircut, because the updated image will provoke depressive states. In terms of staining, the number is completely neutral.

15 number

For a haircut the day is favorable, various classic options are particularly suitable. With regards to the staining procedure: this day is absolutely neutral for her.

16 number

Thanks to a hairstyle today, your hair will become much stronger and docile. In terms of staining must be solved independently, because the effect of it can be very unpredictable.

17 number

The perfect day to visit the hairdresser and make a new hairstyle: you will be completely satisfied with it. Dyeing of curls is allowed, but it is more correct to stop at the head massage to improve the condition of the curls.

18 number

Today, the stars strongly advise you to visit the hairdresser. And deciding on the staining procedure, you will feel an increase in attention to yourself from the opposite sex.

19 number

Updating your image today will have a very positive effect on your image as a whole. Today it is recommended to perform elution, in which case the color will last longer than with ordinary dyeing.

20 number

The neutral period for haircuts, but very well today to pick up a fashionable bangs. Painting on this lunar day will have a very positive effect on the general condition of your curls.

21 number

The moon today is in the neutral phase for a haircut, but it would be more appropriate to resort to recovery procedures. In terms of painting the day is just perfect — you can safely change the hair color drastically.

22 number

Similarly to the previous day, the Moon is neutral, very well today various weaving of hair come out. The day is suitable for the procedure of coloring, while it is worthwhile to dwell on light brown shades, if you want to add charm to yourself in the eyes of men.

23 number

Hold off today with a visit to the hairdresser. Also not recommended today and the chemical effects on curls.

24 number

Performing a new haircut on this lunar day will turn into evil gossip. The day is not suitable for coloring, today it is better to restore the damaged structure of curls.

25 number

The day is neutral for a haircut, it is better to do styling today. The manipulation of staining is also permissible, but one should not drastically change the color

26 number

The effect of the haircut on this day will be very unpredictable. At the same time, different nutritional compositions for hair are recommended.

The day is neutral for painting.

27 number

Today we recommend you to show your imagination to the full, creating a new hairstyle. Conducting curls will provide you with various interesting adventures.

Lunar calendar haircuts for September 2018 favorable days

28 number

Thanks to any procedures on your head today, your hair will become stronger and silky. And by staining you add yourself irresistible.

29 number

If you dream of cardinal changes in your life, then astrologers advise you to make a new haircut today. In terms of coloring on this lunar day, the ombre technique is most suitable.

30 number

This lunar day is very suitable for shortening your hair — you will be pleasantly surprised at the result obtained. Performing staining manipulations now in natural tones will make your life more harmonious and add to your desired serenity.

Now you understand what lunar days in September 2018 it is worth visiting the hairdresser, and in which it is better to postpone the visit to the master until a more favorable time. We wish you always have a great hairstyle that will delight you and delight others.

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