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Lunar calendar haircuts for November 2018: favorable days

Favorable days to visit the salon: lunar calendar haircuts for November 2018

The lunar calendar haircuts for November 2018 takes into account the favorable days for going to the hairdresser. Using this information, you will know which day of the lunar cycle it is better to dye your hair, and which days — to cut it.

Lunar calendar haircuts for November 2018: favorable days

Phases of the moon and their meaning

Consider how the phases of the moon on particular days affect hair coloring and haircuts.

Lunar calendar haircuts for November 2018: favorable days

  • November 1 is an auspicious day for a haircut. Getting rid of the whipped tips, you remove from yourself the remnants of negative energy and are charged with success. A visit to the hairdresser will help to attract material well-being and increase income. But a haircut can badly affect your health, there is a risk of getting sick and catching a cold.
  • November 2 — postpone visiting a beauty salon until a more favorable day. Haircut can lead to an unstable psycho-emotional state. You will have a feeling of incomprehensible fear, and health will also be at risk. Better not to risk it.
  • November 3 — cutting your hair on this day will bring you many problems in your life. A black stripe of difficulties and troubles can begin. But at the same time the hair will grow better and grow faster, look more beautiful and healthy.
  • November 4 — Salon hair care treatments are undesirable. You can involve health problems and conflicts with other people. But the hair coloring is recommended, the new color will last long and add to your appeal.
  • November 5 — it is undesirable to cut your hair. This is fraught with serious financial losses. You may be robbed or some large and unforeseen expenses will arise. Property damage is also likely. But here the emotional state can stabilize, the nervous system becomes stronger, the emotional stress of the past week is removed.
  • November 6th is a neutral day to visit the hairdresser. Hair after haircut will get stronger, will grow very quickly, become stronger, healthier and more beautiful. The beneficial effects on the nervous and respiratory systems.
  • November 7 — be sure to go to a beauty salon. You will get a huge boost of energy, become more feminine and attractive for the opposite sex. Recommended procedures such as styling, professional hair care. But a perm is better not to do.
  • November 8 is an unfavorable day. Haircut negatively affects the financial side of your life. You risk incurring poverty and big problems with money. Especially not recommended to do perm and long-term styling.
  • November 9 — Boldly cut your hair. During the procedure, make a wish and it will surely come true. Do not be afraid to present even your wildest dreams.
  • November 10 — you will be especially attractive if you decide on this day to radically change the image. Do not be afraid of even the most daring experiments with appearance.
  • November 12 haircut will bring big health problems. But at the same time, the hair will look good: the density and volume will increase. Salon procedures on this day will add to you attractiveness.
  • November 13 — adverse effects on intuition. You can unlearn how to hear the desires of your soul, because of which you will lose the ability to feel, focusing only on logic.
  • November 14 — a haircut will bring happiness and harmony, a very good day to visit the hairdresser.
  • November 15 — hair care will bring many joyful events and bright positive emotions to life.
  • November 16 — you will become a magnet for men and useful people. There is a chance to find pleasant acquaintances and get the support of powerful patrons.
  • November 17, the day promises only trouble. You can get a haircut only if you have nothing to lose. Otherwise, refrain from visiting the salon.
  • November 18 — Get busy with things that do not tolerate delay. A concern for the appearance of postponed until a more favorable moment.
  • November 19th is a neutral day for haircuts. The phases of the moon on this day have no effect on your state of mind and health.
  • November 20 is an energetically unfavorable day. It is better to spend it at home, in solitude, to engage in creativity and restore order. Dyeing and cutting hair is not recommended.
  • November 21 — the day in which you will experience a strong fear if you decide to change your appearance. It is better not to cut and not to paint curls.
  • November 22 is a good day for trimming the split ends. You throw off negative energy and fill your mind with positive emotions.
  • November 23 — do not cut your hair if you do not want to provide yourself with a bad mood and stress for a month in advance.
  • November 24 — be on your guard: your enemies and detractors will be especially active. Better not to leave the house at all. Spend time with family and loved ones.
  • November 25 — cutting your hair on this day, you will provide yourself with happiness and harmony in all spheres of life. You can finally relax and solve most of the problems.
  • November 26 — a great risk of incurring many problems and intractable situations. There will be many ambiguities and troubles in life that will overwhelm you.
  • November 27 — you will feel full of strength and energy. Any goals on the shoulder. Feel free to go to the hairdresser, decide on any experiments with appearance, which have long dreamed of.
  • November 28th is the perfect day for a haircut. You will not only increase your female attractiveness, but also bring to life a lot of new opportunities.
  • November 29 — haircut dangerous. You can incur many problems that will not be solved.
  • November 30 is a happy day that promises quick fulfillment of any desires.

Lunar calendar haircuts for November 2018: favorable days

Watch the video with the lunar calendar haircuts for November 2018:

Consider the phases of the moon, planning any changes in appearance, and never go wrong. The “right” haircut days will help attract happiness, luck, and financial well-being.

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